Gillibrand-Farley debate, Albany's new strategy for potholes, sewers known and unknown, 158-year-old business changes hands

Gillibrand-Farley debate
+ Kirsten Gillibrand and Republican challenger Chele Farley debated Thursday for 30 minutes at NYC TV station in their matchup for the US Senate. Donald Trump was a frequent topic. And Gillibrand in response to a question about running for president: "I will serve my six-year term." [ABC7] [NYT] [AP/TU]
+ Jimmy Vielkind: "This debate is the opposite of Cuomo-Molinaro. Spirited discussion of issues. Real clashes. Both Gillibrand and Farley are speaking quickly and fluently." [@JimmyVielkind]

Albany potholes
The city of Albany's DGS commissioner says his department has been pursuing a new strategy for fixing potholes. [TU]


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Gubernatorial election
From a Daily Gazette editorial calling for an upstate-focused gubernatorial debate: "Even if [this week's] debate had been conducted properly by its hosts and even if both candidates had adhered to every rule and stuck strictly to the issues and the questions posed by the moderators, the debate still would have been completely useless to those 8.2 million people living in upstate New York." [Daily Gazette]

State comptroller election
A profile of the matchup between Democrat incumbent comptroller Tom DiNapoli and Republican challenger Jonathan Trichter. [TU]

Elections oversight
+ A state appeals court ruled to allow subpoenas issued by the state Board of Elections independent counsel in an investigation of campaign spending by state Senate Republicans. [TU]
+ That same counsel, Risa Sugarman, was accused Thursday by a co-chair of the state Board of Elections of disproportionately focusing enforcement on minority candidates -- to which she responded, "Shame on you for even bringing that up!" [TU]

Schoharie limo crash
The head of the NTSB tells Liz Bishop that the federal agency has yet to get a thorough look at the crash wreckage as it waits its turn following examinations for the criminal case. [CBS6]

Colonie teacher's aide accused sexual contact with student
Colonie police say a North Colonie Central School District teacher's aide is accused of having sexual contact with a five year old, and it's possible there may be more victims. [TU]

Albany County felony assault conviction reversed because of judge's comment
A state appeals court has reversed a man's conviction on felony assault because of a comment made at sentencing by the (now-retired) Albany County judge in the case. [TU]

Colds nights and homeless people
Saratoga Springs is without a full Code Blue shelter location until November. [CBS6]

Albany man still missing
An Albany family is holding out hope for a 53-year-old man who was last seen in the South End two years ago. [TU]

Municipal budgets
+ The Colonie town board approved an override of the tax cap, opening the way for a 5.48 percent tax increase in the proposed budget. [Spectrum]
+ A sticking point in the Schenectady city budget, which includes a small tax cut: proposed pay raises for a group of city employees. [Daily Gazette]

North Greenbush sewer hookup amnesty
The town of North Greenbush's lack of reporting on new sewer system connections -- including at the plaza that includes ShopRite -- has prompted Rensselaer County to do a review and issue an amnesty on late fees. [TU]

Combined sewer overflows
A look at the project the Albany water department is starting to filter out "floatables" from combined sewer water headed for the Hudson River. [News10]

Poesten Kill dam
The city of Troy is moving to take down the Mt. Ida Lake Dam on the Poesten Kill -- and it's not sure if it will be replaced. [TU]

Downtown Schenectady buildings
The city of Schenectady and Metroplex are cleaning up the former Edison Tech Center buildings downtown as they more toward redevelopment. Metroplex says a contractor has removed 20 tons of stuff so far. [TU] [Daily Gazette]

Menges & Curtis
The 158-year-old Menges & Curtis pharmacy in Saratoga Springs has new owners. [Saratogian]

Schenectady Distilling Co.
The new Schenectady Distilling Co. -- located in Glenville -- starts selling its own products today. [Daily Gazette]

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