Colonie police car hits pedestrian, State AG wants to reinstate charge against Abelove, Raniere renews bid for bail, Albany County to use federal funds for immigrant assistance

The state attorney general's office wants to reinstate a perjury charge against Rensselaer County District Attorney Joel Abelove, for allegedly lying to a county grand jury in 2017 to keep from being prosecuted for official misconduct in a probe of a 2016 fatal police involved shooting [TU]

Police car/pedestrian
A 61-year old man was hospitalized on Wednesday after being hit by a Colonie police car while crossing Route 9 near Fiddler's Lane. [TU] [Spectrum]

Prosecution of marijuana cases
David Soares is expected to announce a new policy on prosecution of marijuana possession in Albany County. [TU]


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Teen charged in Ballston Spa threat
Police have charged a 17-year old girl with making last week's shooting threat at Ballston Spa High School, but say they don't believe the student was prepared to carry out the threat. [TU][Gazette]

Gun range
A Schenectady gun shop owner wants to build a rifle and pistol range in West Glenville, near land that may soon become a police training range. [Gazette]

Code Blue
Saratoga's Code Blue shelter is opening early this year and won't be closed any nights throughout the winter.[Spectrum]

Immigrants in Albany County Jail
In a move that is the first of its kind in the state, and possibly the nation, Albany County is planning to use $170,000 of a $4 million federal surplus to assist detained migrants being held in the county Jail with legal immigration fees.[Spectrum]

New York's 3rd parties
How last week's elections are affecting third parties in New York State. [TU]

Lawyers for NXIVM leader Keith Rainere are renewing a motion to have the alleged cult leader released. Raniere is asking to be granted bail and be held under house arrest in Clifton Park until his March sex trafficking trial. [WNYT][TU]

Albany County 911 dispatch
A plan to move the Albany County 911 dispatch to the county Nursing Home site is back on the table. [TU]

Police scam
Schenectady residents are being warned about a phone scam where a caller claims to be from the city police department and requests money for police equipment. [Gazette]

Amazon in NY
+Sara Foss: Bezos "took New York to the cleaners" on the Amazon deal. [Gazette]

+Chris Churchill: "What Bezos wants, Bezos gets."[TU]

Luna gets an appeal
+A Rensselaer County Court judge has issued a stay pending appeal for Luna, the dog that bit another dog and its owner earlier this month. Luna was set to be euthanized [Record][Spectrum]

+How the decision on whether a dog can be put down differs depending on where in the Capital Region the dog lives. [TU]

Stockade streets
Residents of Schenectady's Stockade neighborhood are taking on an approximately $53,000 streetscape project to repair sidewalks, deal with dead or dying trees and fix dangerous traffic conditions in the neighborhood. [Gazette]

South Troy against the world
Why Chris Churchill is rooting for South Troy. [TU]

Troy tree
Trojans are searching for a good Christmas tree. [Record]

The Capital Region is waiting for the storm. [TU][AOA]

Stuff going on today

Possessing Harriet
Thursday: The State Museum will be hosting a staged reading of Possessing Harriet. It's "a new play by Kyle Bass inspired by the real story of an enslaved woman, Harriet Powell, who escaped from her owners, and a conversation she had with a young Elizabeth Cady (later Stanton), who later became a fierce advocate for women's rights." (It's a public event that's part of this year's Researching New York Conference.) Thursday 7 pm -- free

Designed for Hi-Fi Living
Thursday: Janet Borgerson and Jonathan Schroeder will be at The Tang Museum at Skidmore about vinyl records in midcentury America. "Few accounts of Cold War cultural diplomacy mention vinyl records or their liner notes, music, and cover art. This presentation explores the contribution of midcentury American vinyl records, as media artifacts, to the imagination and construction of consumer lifestyles, modern US identity, and global citizenship, and examines resonating soft power concerns of the 1959 American National Exhibition in Moscow." Thursday 6 pm -- free


Thursday-Friday: The Kinetic Light collective will be staging the dance performance DESCENT at EMPAC. Blurbage:

DESCENT reimagines the story of Greek mythical figures Venus and Andromeda as an interracial love story with choreography that conjures the aesthetics of August Rodin's sculpture Toilet of Venus and Andromeda. Performing in wheelchairs, dancers Alice Sheppard and Laurel Lawson traverse a stage built with hills and curves. The duo climb to the summit of a ramp where they precariously balance on its edge and let gravity take over as they barrel back down, moving together and apart. Through emotional peaks and valleys, DESCENT explores themes of disability, race, and beauty to reveal how mobility is fundamental to participation in civic life.

Thursday and Friday 7:30 pm -- $18 / $6 students


Ric's Thanksgiving 101 | Different Drummer's Kitchen
Thursday: "Looking to add a little kick to your Thanksgiving menu? Rely on flavor expert Ric Orlando to teach you how to add some global flair to your classic turkey..." Thursday 6 pm -- $75


Thursday: The Ballroom Thieves at the Massry Center
"Rock band in a folk suit." With: Odetta Hartman. 8 pm -- $25

Thursday: Groovin' at Proctors
Tributes for acts from the 60s and 70s. 7:30 pm -- $22 and up


Apparently nobody in Albany County government could think of a use for the federal surplus funds that might benefit....residents of Albany County?

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