AOA Startup Grant 2018

Children's book about chiropractic care

Dr. Bianca Treski, Active Family Chiropractic

A children's book that would teach kids and parents about the immune system and chiropractic care.
 I am a chiropractor in Albany and I focus on correcting the structure of the spine to help the body function better. What I have discovered is that very few people understand the importance of taking care of their spine. When I advise people to also have their children's spines checked, they look at me like I have lobsters crawling out of my ears. People think that if their child doesn't complain of pain that they have a healthy spine, which isn't necessarily true. While I can only reach one person at a time, I realized that putting out a series of children's books on spinal health would reach more people in a form that would make sense. My idea to do the books was fueled after seeing a series of "money" books put out by Dave Ramsey to teach children about the value of money, how to save it, etc.  I do not know of any books out currently that help children understand the importance of their spine.

Description of your proposed project:
 I want to start with a children's book about the immune it works and how the spine relates to immune system function. After this book is published, I plan to release more all based on the body and how the spine interacts with the body. I want to do this to help educate both parent and child on the importance of spinal care. There are a lot of misconceptions about health, and my goal is to dispel these misconceptions and to help people understand their role in their well-being. The project should be funded because this project could change the health of our nation. The funding will go toward securing an illustrator for the book and will also cover some of the publication and marketing costs.

What's next:
How would this funding help you grow your idea and help you move it into the next phase? This is important. The funding isn't for finishing a project -- it's for helping it move on to something bigger or better. The funding will help start the series of books. I plan to write at least 5 books and need assistance starting the first. As this will be my first time undertaking a project like this, I am excited at the impact it will make and hope that it can help change the health of our children for the future.

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