Money reportedly missing from DA's safe, Malta roundabout accidents up, mystery illness killing off local bats, libraries are hot

An audit by the Albany County comptroller has reportedly concluded that as much as $7,000 is missing from a safe in the Albany County DA's office. A 2005 audit of this same safe reported $25k missing -- but it later turned up in a safe deposit box. [TU]

A survey of residents in Albany's West Hill neighborhood, where Kathina Thomas was shot earlier this year, reports that more than half of the people there believe the area is unsafe and growing more violent. Seventy-five percent of the people surveyed had lived in the neighborhood less than three years. [TU]

The number of accidents along the stretch of five roundabouts in Malta is up, according to the state department of transportation. The number of serious injuries is down, though -- and rush hour travel times are a third of what they had been. A DOT official attributed the rise in accidents to people adjusting to the circles. [Daily Gazette]

Attendance for the ballet and orchestra at SPAC this past summer was down 9 percent, leaving the org $375,000 short of its budgeted goal for those performances. (Pop music attendance was up 27 percent.) Ticket sales for the ballet and orchestra don't even cover half the expense of hosting the two series. SPAC did end the season in the black, though, thanks to advertising and endowments. [TU] [Daily Gazette]

A mystery illness first identified in a Thacher Park cave is killing off bats in the NY/VT/MA/CT area. [Daily Gazette]

The test pilot involved in last week's crash of a WWII replica plane at the Schenectady County airport has died. [Saratogian]

Capital Region library systems report that circulation and the use of other services are up. Library officials say it looks like the slowing economy has people searching for ways to save money. [Daily Gazette]

A collision between two cars on Central Ave in Colonie resulted in one of them ramming into a gas station buidling. No one was seriously hurt. [CapNews9]


> A mystery illness first identified in a Thacher Park cave
> is killing off bats in the NY/VT/MA/CT area

Oh noooo, I hope Bat Boy is OK!

> The number of accidents along the stretch of five roundabouts
> in Malta is up,

Roundabouts, man, they are tricky, I mean, circles! Think about it!

Anyway, if you allow me some intercultural nugget on this fine Monday morning: roundabouts are pretty common in Europe, and you guys will get used to it. A few things to look for in France, for example:
- on Sunday mornings, check for skid marks leading directly to the center of the roundabout; a car is usually gloriously planted there. Or a golfer.
- in rural (and not-so-rural) areas, check for a stretch of 3 or more roundabouts with questionable sculptures at their center: mayors love to leave a little something to posterity in the form of "roundabout art".
- in Paris, do *not* forget the local rule: while entering vehicles would yield to vehicles in a roundabout (i.e: vehicles inside the circle have the right of way), this is the opposite in this already fairly dangerous city of ours. Are Parisians doing this to trim down the number of redne... huh... touri... huh... visitors in Paris? I'm not telling.

While it's not great that the number of accidents has increased, the fact that their severity has decreased substantially while increasing intersection throughput is proof-positive that the roundabout is working like a charm.

I.e., don't panic.

Well well, look at that. Looks like we have uncovered some hard evidence that supports


long time position




See Sebastien? I can do links too. As well as italics and bold. I can also recite Shakespeare, make cheesecake and dance the Charleston. Won't someone please be my friend?

These are great...haha...really i cant stand them about 5:30. NO ONE KNOWS WHAT THEY ARE DOING AND WHICH DIRECTION THEY ARE GOING>>THEY SUCK!!

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