Round 1: Albany

pizza round 1 albany
The Albany bracket.

The opening round of the Tournament of Pizza makes its last stop in Albany. The matchups: Paesan's vs. Pasquale's and Sovrana vs. Inferno.

Let's taste some pizza!

Paesan's 1
Pasquale's 2
Post game: This was a tough matchup. The pie from the Ontario Paesan's was praised for its "nice tangy sauce" and "good cheese to sauce ratio." But Pasquale's seems to have gained an edge with its cornmeal-dusted crust. Also, Pasquale's seemed be a bit greasy -- and the judges went with it. "Greasy and great" wrote one judge of Pasquale's.

Sovrana 0
Inferno 3
Post game: This can only be described as a disappointing showing by Sovrana, which normally makes a reliable pie. But on this night, it was not to be. "Soft, way too gooey, cheese barely melted," wrote one judge of Sovrana's pizza. "Not cooked through," wrote another. The judges seemed to be in agreement that this was one of the lesser pies of the entire competition. Inferno did score a few points on its own, though, with its "nice color" and "good, little chunky sauce."

So Pasquale's edges out a victory and Inferno advances after a bad day by its competitor.

The Tournament of Pizza resumes next week with second round action. The theme: pepperoni.

Previous Round 1 results: Saratoga | Schenectady | Troy.


I am so dissapointed in Paesan's! I was so sure of their victory that I ordered their white pizza for lunch with my coworker. I don't know how I feel about this. I may just have to riot.

So the residue from the traditional non-stick coating on the bottom of the crust is now a selling point? I had no idea.

Can Inferno be docked points for the way they make their employees dress?

I Love NY Pizza on Madison Ave is the best slice in Albany. Hands down.

As far as pizza from the corner of ontario and madison goes, I am of the opinion that I Love NY is by far superior to the other three options, including peasans, although I know you guys included them in the troy bracket and the two shops are pretty similar as far as ingredients I think.
Interesting to see Sovrano's go down so hard, I never get slices there but I agree that their pies are usually dependable.
I had never even heard of Inferno or Pasquales I guess I will have to look into them.
Cool series btw.

All riiiight! Glad to see Inferno getting the recognition it deserves! :)

first defazio's, then paesan's? talk about major upsets. no offense judges, but I'm going to chalk it up to having different pizza tastes. I don't want a cornmeal-dusted crust.

Enough with the Sovrano's apologia!

Judge the pie that's presented, not some beer-soaked memory of fat sloppy slices served after the bars have closed.

They've been pawning off sham slices on the Pines Hills neighborhood for years now. At this point, their legend is just an urban myth.

I love Pasquale's cornmeal-dusted crust.

Pasquale's is amazing. I think they should get bonus points for unusually toppings: eggplant and a bruchetta pie, and spinach and tomatoes... Yum!

I can't believe you didn't even give The Fountain a chance. Pasquales is included but not The Fountain?! I mean, really?!

Inferno Rocks...I don't care what these people think. Best food in the area!

Hey buster let me start off by saying you are grossly wrong about sovrana...this contest was the only sham here...poor planning for a mediocre contest. Step up to the plate..Sovrana head to head any pizza place in albany...ill be checking back.

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