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yaktraxAfter taking a skittery walk over the glazed sidewalks last night with the office dog, we were intrigued when chrisck suggested Yaktrax:

To walk on ice and icy snow--get a pair of Yaktrax to give you great traction. They slip onto any pair of shoes or boots and are inexpensive. I got a pair last year (at EMS, but you can also order online) because I walk my dog on Albany sidewalks and was nervous about slipping on the ice. ... They are that good in terms of safety. This is a great gift for anybody who has to navigate icy surfaces--like walking to a bus stop. Very good for senior citizens

So, we decided to check them out. And they look very useful!

They're basically like tire chains for your shoes. It would seem easy enough to slip them on for a walk and then slip them off when you get to your destination (and very easy to store under your desk or someplace). And they don't look dorky, either! In fact, they're kind of badass.

The cheapest pair is $19.95, but it sounds like it's worth spending the extra $10 for the "pro" pair. (Either that, or you train your dog to retrieve them when they slip off.)

We just checked the website for EMS -- and it reports that all three local locations currently have Yaktrax Pro in stock.


In another post Jackers added the info that I forgot--the velcro straps are totally worth the extra $10. (Because losing stuff is never economical and I know from experiece that you will lose the non-velcro version.) But your investment will last you through many winters.


I'm not sure if Jackers or chrisck have an interest in Yaktrax stock, but I've used them for a couple of years without having to resort to velcro. Didn't lose them or anything.

But your mileage may vary.

They ARE good, but a pain to get on and off. If you have to go in and out of buildings with linoleum floors (or, I guess, any non-carpeted floors), they may be more hassle than they're worth because of all the yanking and tugging to get them on and off. The alternative is to keep them on one pair of shoes and just change shoes (also kind of a hassle, but maybe easier than tugging the chains). Don't ever walk on floors with them inside because you will slip! Learn from my mistakes...

These prevented my annual fall(s) on the ice last year. I definitely recommend them. I could see how these might be a pain if you have a lot of places you need to go into on your outing. For a winter ice walk these are solid.

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