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Take a Memorial Day tour of the USS Slater.

Yep, it's officially the time of year that makes us forget about February. Sunshine, spring breezes, ice cream stands. All that and a three day weekend, too? Yes!

Here's our weekly list of stuff that looks like it might be fun to check out over the weekend. Other ideas? Share with the group please.

Celebrate safely and have a great time!

Katie Haverly
Two words that make us very happy. Here's another word that makes us happy: free. You can see Katie Haverly -- for free -- tonight at 8 at Bread and Jam Cafe in Cohoes. Opening act, The Restys.

Lark Tavern
More music at Lark Tavern this weekend. Tonight The Foy Brothers are playing their brand of soul, funk and blues. Saturday night it's Sirsy .

Everybody Dance
The Crooked Lake House is having a Ballroom, Swing and Latin Dance Party tonight. There's a free lesson at 7:15, then it's $10 to dance for the rest of the night.

Saratoga Savoy is holding a Milonga/Tango Party on Saturday from 8-11. $10

Go Batty
The Albany Pine Bush Discovery Center is hosting a night hike. Why go hiking at night? To find bats of course. This Saturday you can check out the four species of bats that live in the that live in the preserve, learn about their habits and what you can do to help protect them. The hour long hike leaves from the Albany Pine Bush Discovery Center at 7:30. $2 per person, $5 per family. Kids under 5 are free. Register at

Boys and Girls Choir of Harlem
The Boys and Girls Choir of Harlem is performing at The Spa Little Theater in Saratoga This weekend. That's the one on the other side of the Hall of Springs. Tickets are $25 and you can get them on the SPAC website.

Dancing Nazis
The Mel Brooks musical The Producers is back at Cohoes Music Hall this weekend. It's a fun show and a really cool space to see it in. Tonight at 8, Saturday at 3 & 8, Sunday at 3. $23-$40.

Other Theater
The folks at Hubbard Hall in Cambridge always do a really nice job with their shows. This weekend their opening Noel Coward's "Present Laughter." Tonight and Saturday at 8 and Sunday at 2. $15-$24.

If you like Patsy Cline's music, you'll enjoy hearing Molly McGrath sing it. You can catch the Show on Saturday at 2 and 8 and Sunday at 2 at The Arts Center of Saratoga (on the corner of Broadway and Spring Street). $20.

Get lit in Hudson
Umm.. .no, this is not what it sounds like. Hudson is holding it's 5th Annual "All Lit Up" Literary Festival this weekend. From 11-4 small press authors and publishers will be selling, signing and talking about their books and magazines at The Hudson Opera House. $4 books and $2 magazines. There's a reading and reception at 5 at Hudson Wine Merchants. If you're hungry while you're in town, try the duck confit panino at Swoon.

Visit the Slater
The barbecues are fun, but if you want to spend a little bit of memorial day--you know-- remembering (and seeing something cool), check out the The USS Slater. The destroyer escort is anchored at The Port of Albany and it's open for tours. $7 for adults, $5 for kids.

Late night double feature
Here's the dilemma -- you want to see a movie, but the weather is too nice to be indoors. A-ha! The drive-ins are open! The Hollywood has some lighter fare with Ghosts of Girlfriends Past and Night at the Museum, but it's still geekfest at the twin screens at The Malta Drive-in with Star Trek (showing with Night at The Museum) and Wolverine (showing with Angels and Demons).

Firing up the grill this weekend? Why not go local with sausage from Rolf's or Bilinski's.

Hit up an ice cream stand
Your favorite ice cream stand is open! So are our favorites.


Go play some paintball! Albany Scenario Club is hosting its grand opening weekend!

The Central Avenue Farmers Market debuts this weekend. It's in The Linda's parking lot.

Okay, Swoon might be alright, but if you're in Hudson you have no excuse not to get the flan at Mexican Radio.

Here's an excuse not to get flan at Mexican Radio: that place is way too expensive for what you get, although the food is good. Give me Aztecas or el Mariachi any day.

@Joey S.
Aztecas is closed, sadly. But there's still El Mariachi at least.

And B, personally I''m a sucker for the cornmeal-crusted calamari at Mex Rad.

Joey I agree on most of the menu, but the flan could cost twice as much as still be a bargain. It's like prostitutes; sure, you can find one for $5 in the park, but you're really better off spending $100 at a good escort service.

Though I share sadness that Azteca's is gone. El Mariachi is great for drinks (tell Brian at the Hamilton St location I said hi) but the food is so-so. I've heard good things about Oaxaca.

i will take el mariachi over mexican radio any day of the week - but i will give it up for the flan there... whoah.

Thanks so much for mentioning the show tonight guys!

here are some things for kids:

Rides with Thomas the Tank Engine:

Family Fun Day in Albany - sponsored by The Junior League

@B - I personally really dig Oaxaca, but I know some folks weren't so keen on it. Oaxacan cuisine really does have its own nuances and regional differences as you might expect. It's a far cry from TexMex. I like the traditional Oaxacan tamales wrapped in a banana leaf and filled with mole and chicken. Scrumptious -- and cheap as heck.

The one black mark against them is that they don't have a liquor license. I think that I'm capable of forgiving that.

Salsa Latina, on the other hand, does.

I can personally attest to how GREAT Mexican Radio, even though its pricey. For me, it's a treat. Mainly because of the blue boombox margarita. Seriously, that thing makes everything okay. Been to the one in the city too, and that drink was the only thing keeping me from freaking out with all the people in Little Italy. (Long story, but I went to Little Italy not knowing in was one of the street festivals, and had way too many people pushing and bumping into me. Thankfully my friends dragged me out of there and as we turned the corner, saw the city's Mexican Radio. They made sure I was mellowed out before going back into the streets. It was a great time inside! Outside... whoa, too many people. Why I love Albany - feels like a city but without the people.)

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