Exit 6 construction delays

Latham Northway exit 6 SPUI rendering

The end product. But, you know, with cars.

The construction of SPUI at Exit 6 on the Northway is set to start back up in March -- and it looks there will be delays. Lots of delays.

The DOT says it will be closing three lanes of the Rt 7 bridge. That should constrict things considerably for the 45,000 cars that pass through that point every day. The DOT is also planning a handful of weekend closures of on/off ramps at the exit, starting in March. [WTEN] [Fox23]

In other words: avoid. The Exit 6 web site includes a list of alternate routes through the surrounding area.

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boy I'm glad I live and work in Albany and can commute by bike.

At least now maybe the interchange will be worth using. I've always found it easier to use exit 7 to get to places immediately around exit 6 (Latham Farms, Target, etc; Latham Circle is the one exception, but who goes there?) rather than use that clusterf*ck of an overpass.

Hopefully someday they'll demolish the whole thing and put in some light rail so we don't even need to use ****ing cars.

Oh great can't wait. I live near there and now that means all the alternate routes I take normally to avoid the overpass will be filled with people.


This looks suspiciously like the highway engineer pranks on xjcd http://xkcd.com/253

Ride your bikes! Seems like we are moving sideways instead of forward here.

Anyone else ENRAGED over how much this project is costing taxpayers? Pre construction estimates of $39,800,000 are likely low-balling the actual cost of building this monstrosity. $40 MILLION DOLLARS.

The feds keep cutting money from public transit, the city of Albany can't find cash to implement a bike plan, and people have to BEG and GROVEL for sidewalk money, yet, here's exit 6, built primarily for PRIVATE automobile traffic.

Suburbanites b*tch and moan about supposed "welfare queens" in the city, and yet, here we are, taxpayers, funding a $40 million dollar welfare project for ONE exit on the Northway.

Hey, Latham and Clifton Park - you want a better exit on the Northway to get here 10 minutes faster? Want more buildings torn down in the city of Albany to park your cars? STFU and PAY for it yourselves!!!!!!!

I totally had that set up in my basement, with my old Tyco HO racers. Only they need to put in a brick section for the cars to slide around on.

@ money money money

i love you.

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