Mexican Coke at Price Chopper

mexican coke at price chopper


Via Fred comes this pic of a Mexican Coca-Cola display at the Slingerlands Price Chopper this afternoon:

Made with Real Sugar
Product of Mexico 355 ml

The price for one of the glass bottles: $1.39.

Soda snobs have long touted the superiority of Mexican Coke -- made with sugar from sugar cane -- over the domestic swill, made with high-fructose corn syrup. It was once hard to find in the US (you could often score it at places like taquerias in the Southwest and California), but a Costco started carrying it a few years back. And recently it's spread to more big box stores and supermarkets (apparently with Coca-Cola's blessing).

This is the first time we've heard of it being carried in a Price Chopper or Hannaford. (Daniel spotted some during the opening of the new Fresh Market in Latham.) Until now, Coke drinkers looking for the good stuff had to wait for the kosher-for-Passover version.

(Thanks, Fred!)

Earlier on AOA: We enjoyed a Mexican coke with our taco from Tortillaville in Hudson.


They have them at the guilderland price chopper as well, in the organic/natural snack foods section.

Madison Ave. Price Chopper, ditto.

I thought I was special down here in Jersey -- I found a little taquería down the road that had some in the cooler, then I found out the Wegmans up the road stocked it as well (I just wrote that off as another Wegmans perk, though.) Guess it's a bit more widespread than I thought.

It's interesting to hear about the broader trend of increased distribution for Mexican Coke.

But I have to be honest. When I first saw this display in the Price Chopper, I thought, "This wouldn't be here if it weren't for The Fresh Market."

Although I find it difficult to believe that even the well heeled of Slingerlands are going up to Latham to buy fancy sodas. Whether or not this is the result of competition in the marketplace may never be known.

Regardless of the reason, I salute the effort.

0.355 mL? That's not very much Coke to enjoy.

Editors: No, we guess it wouldn't be. Fixed. Thanks.

I looked at the Mexican Coke at The Fresh Market last week, and it's imported from Mexico, but it's made with HFCS rather than sugar. Not all Mexican Coke is created equal.

@Jenn: That's disappointing.

Here's to reading labels.

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