Shovel. Shovel. Shovel.

There were a few days this week when it felt like we were shoveling snow constantly.

New AOA associate editor Liz set up a camera as she shoveled her driveway in Niskayuna. You'll see one of the many reasons we're happy she's decided to work with us -- she's a machine!

Earlier on AOA: Snowfall totals from around the Capital Region after Wednesday's storm


I couldn't help whistling the Benny Hill song again.

Maybe we should all pitch in $5 and buy Liz a used snowblower. That was exhausting just to watch.

I am envious of her flat driveway, however. Ours is on an incline and it's a killer.

I can't get it to it because I have a Mac?

@Mr. Galt: Sorry about that. I don't think it's a Mac problem -- I've watched many a Vimeo player clips on Macs.

What browser are you using?

Video Production Tip #27: Everything's funny when sped up.

Thanks for the tip, Greg. I switched from Safari to FireFox and it worked fine. Pretty funny vid, fer sure.

Wow. Go, Liz, go!

I'm excited to announce: my husband and I have invested in a snow blower!

I appreciate the comments on the video. Once I shared them with my husband it helped my cause greatly :)

aw that's too bad Liz. About the snow blower I mean. It's too bad when people pay to go to the gym then pay for a snowblower or leaf blower or any other silly powered yard tool. I know that when I shovel a driveway, I don't need to go for my 6 mile run!

Here's another tip: park your car close to the road so you don't have to dig out the entire driveway. '

My mother is 73 and single with her own house, and she is just now considering buying a snowblower. Take that all you young whipper-snappers.

This is the funniest thing I have seen!! You go girl - you may own a snowblower now but I doubt you'll even put gas in it! That was obviously way too much fun! Kudos to All Over Albany - they have a real worker bee there!!

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