The new All Good Bakers storefront

all good bakers storefront

It's right next to Mr. Pio Pio.

Nick and Britin Foster -- the couple behind the local organic bakery All Good Bakers -- met about 10 years ago. And ever since then, Britin says, "We've dreamed about opening our own place."

And now they are. Right on Quail Street in Albany. Yep, that neighborhood.

But it's a good thing. Because if the neighborhood is going to turn around, it'll need people like Nick and Britin.

all good bakers counter

All Good Bakers built a following for its breads, rolls, and other baked goods through a stand at the Delmar Farmers' Market. And after the market closed for the season last year, All Good continued to supply its customers via a community-supported bakery arrangement (like a CSA for bread). But with the market off for the season, Britin says people kept asking where they could find All Good Bakers -- and without a storefront, that was kind of hard to answer.

They had already struggled to find kitchen space for the CSB -- Britin says there aren't many options in the area if you need to rent a commercial kitchen. Then they came across the space at 160 Quail, the former location of Guido's Frozen Desserts (and if you remember far enough back, the original Pepper Jack's).

All Good Bakers toast
What's a bakery without toast?

It's not huge, but it has a big front window, space for a few small tables, a counter and good kitchen space. "We were lucky to find a kitchen with retail space," Britin says, "It almost doesn't make sense not to [open a storefront]."

They passed their final code inspection Tuesday and are opening this Friday at 11 am.

all good bakers looking through front window

The neighborhood

When we stopped by the space last week around noon, Britin mentioned that 15 minutes earlier she had caught a guy peeing against a building around the corner. And, no joke, as she's telling us the story, a guy walking past the storefront puked a little bit on the sidewalk.

"We had some reservations about the neighborhood," she says, "[But] we also want to take part in what's happening here." She points to the Hudson River Coffee House and Sunspot Cafe, which have both opened on Quail in the last year, as signs that things are changing.

And they can imagine a better future for the street. Britin says she'd like to see the city plant trees, fix the sidewalks, and put out recycle bins. She says the recent attention on the neighborhood could be good for them.

"If it was cool and funky here, maybe the students wouldn't want to trash it."

They'd also like to be an outlet for healthy food in a neighborhood that's otherwise short on them. "We want to provide healthy food to people without access," Britin says. "Our stuff is a little more expensive than others, but we want to find ways [to make it affordable]." One idea they're going to try: selling half loaves.

They also say in addition to using organic ingredients, they're now able to source almost all their flour from New York State.


all good bakers nick and britin

Getting to this point hasn't been easy, navigating all the permits and other things you have to do when opening a small business. "It's almost like having a kid," Britin says.

But says Nick, who's the primary baker, "It's every chef's dream."

Sitting at the small table in the front of the shop last week, looking out the window, Britin's eyes got a little teary as she imagined their first day.

"It'll be really neat to have people walk through the door and buy our stuff. It'll be really cool."

All Good Bakers is initially planning to be open three days a week -- Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

AGB is sharing kitchen space (and rent) with Gatherer's Granola. Britin says they'd like to give other small, local producers an opportunity. If you're looking to rent kitchen space, it might be worth talking with them.

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Find It

All Good Bakers
160 A Quail Street
Albany, NY 12203


I am really jazzed to check this place out. I walked by last Thursday and didn't see anything about hours. I'll be sure to go there as soon as possible! Yay small business!

Couldn't happen to better people! I hope everyone supports them!

Yea Nick and Britin!

They are the kind of local entrepreneurs we need--dedicated, mission-oriented, committed, and hardworking.

Also really nice, polite, generous, and personable.

All good wishes to this new endeavor!!

YEAH Britin & Nick!
I can not wait to enjoy their goodies whenever I'm in Albany. They are truly master bakers and their presence will automatically improve the neighborhood. They give back to others in need, nourish their customers, source their ingredients locally and do this all while being as sustainable as they can be.

Amazing people with big hearts with a gift of making gooooooooood baked goodies and bread.

Congrats Nick & Britin! See you Friday

Chris, From Scratch Club

Folks like you are the backbone of this country. Best of luck to you and I love the spelt bread.

Congrats to the Heldeberg Market's favorite bakers!! You rock!

Fantastic news! It's a short walk from my place so I'll be checking it out without a doubt! Supporting local businesspeople is one of my favorite activities.

Plus, I'm lazy...if this means I get tasty homey loaves of bread without having to do any actual kneading myself, I'm all for it.

can't wait to stop by this weekend!

Congrats Nick and Britin !!!!! looking forward to shopping by :)

AWESOME AND CONGRATS! LOVE LOVE LOVE local family owned business and if there is ever a time I (or my business) can be of help to you all PLEASE do not hesitate to ask! :)
Vikki - Owner Sonrise Diaper Service and Retail Store

Hooray good for you, good for Pine Hills and good for us! and good luck! We'll be there!

Yum! Fabulous news for those of us at the downtown UAlbany campus!!

In the flurry of opening the shop, we didn't get a chance to comment here. We just want to thank all of you for your encouraging, thoughtful comments. It means a lot to us that you believe in what we're doing. Our family is adjusting to the new, long hours required to bake everything fresh the three days we're open. Nick and I (B) have been doing everything ourselves so even though we're open only 3 days, we put in 10-20 hour days 4 days a week (I have to be home more w/ our daughter so Nick works extremely long hours). The adjustment hasn't been easy for our little family, so going back and reading these comments is inspirational.

We're serving vegan & vegetarian sandwiches ($3-$5) now and a panzanella salad ($4-$5). Our menu changes each weekend based on what's available from our farmer friends. We hope you'll make a point to stop in and see us for an affordable, healthy, locally-sourced lunch!

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