Capital City Gastropub

Old Pasquales -- New Gastropub.jpg

The sign still says Pasquale's, but inside it's Capital City Gastropub

The Capital City Gastropub, the new venture from chefs Kevin Everleth and Jason Baker (the people behind The Wine Bar and Bistro on Lark) opened earlier this week in the old Pasquale's building on New Scotland Avenue in Albany.

We stopped in a couple of times this week to check the place out and sample a few items on the fun, eclectic menu.

Yes, there are pictures.

They've opened up the space a bit, and they're working on bringing in a bar soon.

Gastropub interior.jpg

The menu includes a fun take on street foods like Chicago-style hot dogs, fish tacos and poutine.

Gastropub Street Food Menu.jpg

Another thing we noticed: the vegetarian options are more interesting and varied then we've seen in most local restaurants.

Vegetarian Menu Gastropub.jpg

Here's what we tried:

Poutine with duck gravy

Poutine at Gastropub.jpg

Completely coincidentally, we brought along a Canadian. His take: "It's just like I remember -- only it seems healthier." He said the flavor reminded him of the poutine he grew up with, but it was drizzled, not drenched, with the duck gravy. While it was rich, it seem lighter than the poutine he was used to.

Brussells Sprouts with grana padano, lemon and maldon sea salt.

Gastropub brussels sprouts.jpg

These were pan fried so there was a little crispness and a bit of caramelization. The lemon gives them a nice brightness. We can see these becoming an addiction.

Caprese pizza with roma tomatoes and buffalo mozzerella

Gastropub pizza.jpg

Maybe it was being inside the old Pasquale's building that made us want to order pizza. The pizzas weren't on the actual menu yet -- they were add-ons. There were a few options -- we got the caprese. If you're looking for Pasquale's, you won't get it, but what you will get is good. The toppings are clearly very high quality and the crusts tastes like a really good homemade dough.

Pork belly banh mi with pickled vegetables, duck liver pate and braised greens

Pork Belly Gastropub.jpg

Sort of a deconstructed take on the banh mi. It's hard to go wrong with braised pork belly (with interesting flavors -- star anise, maybe?). The pate is rich but not heavy. And the pickled vegetables provide a needed acidic counterpoint to all that fat.

Roasted Vidalia Onion with roquefort cheese, honey and baby arugula

Gastropub onion.jpg

It's like a bloomin' onion, but waaaay classier and, well, not fried. You'll need to share this dish -- or at least we would.

The beer and wine list is small now -- about 30 wines and beers.

Gastropub beers 2.jpg

Gastropub wine list.jpg

The bar is coming soon and they'll also be expanding the wine and beer lists.

Yes, The Wine Bar and Bistro is an AOA advertiser.

Find It

Capital City Gastropub
261 New Scotland Avenue
Albany, NY

Open daily at 5 PM


I'm so glad you posted this with that picture of the Pasquale's sign! Most of the posts I've read about this place don't mention that and since I'm not from Albany, I could just see myself driving around like an idiot totally unable to find it.

Finally something other then pizza and Chinese in my neighborhood. Looking forward to checking it out and if it's anything like the flavors at the Wine Bar and Bistro, it will be amazing.

Great to see all of you last PM Mary! Temporary signage is on the way soon!

I cannot WAIT to try this place.

I'm troubled, however, by the thought of the new, bigger pants I'll need to buy after eating poutine and working my way through their beer list every day for a month. Hm.

Great veggie options on the menu, and fish tacos! Definitely have to try this place. The photos of food are making my mouth water.

Poutine? Yes, please!

The menu looks great, but it still looks like a take-out spot. Never liked eating at pasquale's for the same reason, despite loving the pizza. Open square room with a bathroom tile floor just doesn't feel like a restaurant to me...

Oooohh that food looks good. I am looking forward to trying it out! We REALLY miss having Pasquale's in the neighborhood, but are excited for this new menu.

Having said that, I'd read earlier they were going to still serve Pasquale's-style pizza at first, so I am bummed to see the pizza is not the same...

NOOOOO.... not deconstructed Bahn Mi....

I had been looking forward to this so much because the pork belly and duck pate are simultaneously more stylish and more toxic than the usual ingredients. But plain old "Fancy Pork" would have been fine. Until another Bahn Mi place opens up, I hope they will close up that roll and add a little pickled daikon for the desperate.

Huh! Seems a bit pricey for that neck of the woods, but I guess they're competing with Tap and Tea. I'm excited to miss it, but I'll miss Pasquals!

My mouth is WATERING!

Welcome to our Hood......and
very best wishes for
$$$$$$ success!
Coming to see you on Monday!!!!!!
Your neighbors ,
Maryellen, Elena and the
birthday celebrant........Hennie

I know we'll check it out despite my disappointment over my last Wine Bar experience as well as the closing of Pasquales.

I've been to the CCG a couple of times already and the food I've tried has been very good.

I tried one of the pizzas of the day today - the one I had was a charcuterie meats pizza - and it was superb. Loved it. Two of us shared that pizza, and an order of the fried brussels sprouts (which are addictively good), and we were full by the time we were done . . . and the bill was reasonable (just over $20, total, for a meal for 2 - including tax, but not tip).

A few days ago, I had the Wagyu beef hot dogs (you get 2 of them) and they were delicious and filling (if you're not into very spicy, though, watch the rocket peppers placed on top - you might want to either take them off or at least be wary of them, as they really are hot). I also had a taste of their deconstructed take on banh-mi , and liked that quite a bit, and shared an order of their poutine, which was also really tasty.

Please try the pizza before you bemoan the loss of
Pasquales pizza. Our pizza is absolutely sublime. I promise.

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