Occupy Albany: Photos from Day 1

Occupy Albany 2011 Assembly Sebastien Barre.jpg

Day one of the occupation


The Occupy Albany protestors began their encampment across from the Capitol yesterday and overnight last night.

After the jump, a look at day one of the protest from AOA, Bennett Campbell and Sebastien Barre.

Bennett Campbell:

Occupy Albany 2011 protestors Bennett Campbell.jpg

Occupy Albany 2011 teamster Bennett Campbell .jpg

Occupy Albany 2011 stealing school money Bennett Campbell.jpg

Occupy Albany 2011 skeleton.jpg

Here's a post from Bennett with more photos.

Sebastien Barre:

Occupy Albany 2011 Assembly 2 Sebastien Barre.jpg

Occupy Albany 2011 Assembly Sebastien Barre.jpg

More from AOA:

Occupy Albany 2011 State Police 2.jpg

Occupy Albany 2011 band.jpg

Occupy Albany 2011 painting sign.jpg

Occupy Albany 2011 donation hut.jpg

Occupy Albany 2011 Writing on chest.jpg

Occupy Albany 2011 writing on back.jpg

Occupy Albany 2011 All Good Donuts.jpg

Occupy Albany 2011 Robin Hood poster.jpg

Occupy Albany 2011 John.jpg

Occupy Albany 2011 Keep things unfair.jpg

Occupy Albany 2011 protestors .jpg

Occupy Albany 2011 kid with sign.jpg

Occupy Albany 2011 Jeffery .jpg

Occupy Albany 2011 Charmaine.jpg

Occupy Albany 2011 Luigi.jpg

Occupy Albany 2011 occupiers at night.jpg

Occupy Albany 2011 at night.jpg

Sebastien swung by the site today. Here's a look at the morning of day 2.

Earlier on AOA:

+ The faces of Occupy Albany.
+Toward occupying Albany, via consensus


What do I see?

A bunch of people with different messages and some and contradictory.

Many doing 'creative' messages to draw attention to THEMSELVES rather than a goal

A crowd that someone right now is figuring out how to easily manipulate them to make money...

Good going disorganized attention seekers!

James, all of your criticisms could also be leveled at early Tea Party protests. Since you seem to be a fan I'm having some cognitive dissonance here.

I gotta say, that looks like fun. I know that's not the point, to have fun, but...

I'm not opposed to higher taxes for the millionnaires. At all. And let's try to eliminate the bs loopholes and shadows these guys hide behind (face it: it'll be a never-ending battle, but hey, it's a job for someone (maybe me?)!).

I haven't had health insurance in years! It sucks. No working/recently laid off person should be terrified that a broken bone could cause bankruptcy. Let's fix that up, too.

And it definately seems that the only people who get ahead are those who have some help (tuition, a free place to crash after age 18, a crappy college car, cosigners on reliable cars, downpayments on homes.. ). I didn't get any of that. And I get frustrated a lot.

But... I'm sick of having my household limiting over-time each year because we (ok: he) wind up taking home less money in the end, you know, essentially working for free. If the work is offered he should be able to earn his wage!

I know a guy, a waiter, who cries that his life sucks. He finished community college but dropped out before earning his BS. He lives in a creepy apartment and whines a lot via facebook.

So, I mentioned to him over the summer that my boyfriend's place is hiring laborers: $20/hr, chances for apprenticeships and promotions and good benes. And flexible hours so maybe he could finish his degree and do what he really wants to do. His response: "I'm not shoveling rocks in some 'freaking' quarry."

OK, dude, then keep waiting tables for $3/hr plus tips. But don't whine that we/he should pay more taxes because you want but don't want to work for it.

Now this story doesn't prove anything except that maybe a little good old-fashioned hard work (or maybe a couple of rocks to the head, in my pal's case) might do some folks some good.

I went down with my family on Saturday morning to check it out. I met some great people who were itching to get involved and shape their community.

Yes, without a doubt, on the surface is appears as though there are 32 flavors and then some of issues. They aren't mad about one thing. They are upset about entire system that has systematically marginalized the working class.

As someone who has studied grassroots organizing, it's both frustrating and fascinating. If you can't make it to the park, do check out the livestream.com broadcast of their General Assembly meetings at 5:30pm weekdays, 3pm weekends. You'll see them flesh out messages and run meetings with remarkable skill. Better than any other reality show on TV.

ya know what they need? more drums. more tambourines. maybe some interpretive dancing. And definitely more body paint/markers.

@colleen - all that would be well and good. But if they want to be taken seriously, what they really need.... is more cowbell.

@Paul--how could i forget cowbell. i apologize. ;-)

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