A good veterinarian for dogs?

otto puppy earsBrian asks via Twitter:

Help! I need a vet in Albany / Troy area! My pup needs to see the doctor. Please recommend a good veterinarian.

This question has come up before for cats, but not dogs -- which is a little surprising given how many people seem to have dogs.

Got a suggestion? Please share! And please include why you like going to that vet.


Albany County Vet Hospital on Western across from Stuyvesant Plaza is great.

Dr. Anne Marie Carmichael-McDaniel at Sand Creek Animal Hospital is so good with my dog. She so scared of going to vet, but the vets and vet tech are so good helpful!

Bloomingrove on rt 4 in North Greenbush. It's a beautiful facility, all the doctors are very caring and great at pinpointing somewhat ephemeral issues ("He's just not quite right...") but they don't force expensive treatment and therapies down your throat. Dr. Stone is phenomenal and I can't say enough good things about his "petside" manner.

My dog and cats bounced around from vet to vet as we moved around the Capital District over the years (they were just getting check-ups, who needs to commit?) but this is the first time I've stuck with a vet after moving out of the immediate area.

Shaker Vet in Colonie. Dr. Wolfe and his staff have been serving the area since 1973 and they're very patient and knowledgeable The staff is warm and does their best to accommodate you and your pet. Ask for Dr. Hutchins, she's been great with our Akita. Just be sure to call ahead and show up early because they have a large client base and it gets busy sometimes, especially in the evenings. Sometimes they'll provide help or advice over the phone which can save you a visit (and some money).

Ben Becker, on Veeder Rd in Guilderland (nearish Crossgates). He is well known in the area for his work rehabilitating wild animals and his work with strays, but what I like is that his practice is built on taking care of animals rather than seeing how much they can charge you for the latest in technology.
Our friends went to the big animal hospital in Latham, the 24 hour place, their dog was there for 2 overnights while they did tests to figure out what was wrong and evaluate him, It turned out to be an infection of one of his organs (they thought it was cancer initially), so he was treated with antibiotics and recovered nicely. The cost of the evaluation, not discussed ahead of time? About $3,000. Its nice to know there is a 24 hour place, and we have used it for that reason, but when it is stuffed with every kind of the latest testing and diagnostic equipment..., well they are going to use it and you are going to pay for it.

We absolutely adore Dr. Tyler Hotaling at Parkside Vet on Morton Ave in Albany (463-0418). He is open minded and really cares about what he does. The staff at the office is really great too. We started taking our cats there when we adopted them in October, he has shown just as much compassion towards them as he does with our dog. I can't recommend him enough.

Miller's Animal Hospital on Rt. 4 in North Greenbush
-Flexible with appointment times (I've called all times of the day and they allways fit my cat or dog into their schedule that day if needed.
-Family environment, we have come to know everyone there. Staff must be happy, they have been there forever.
-I never feel "beat" when the bill comes. They are more than fair.

River Road Animal Hospital on River Road is the best in the area.

Everyone at Bloomingrove is amazing, I highly recommend them.

I'll second the Parkside recommendation. My late Pomeranian was a bit "difficult" when it came to doctor visits, but they were wonderful in handling him. I will definitely bring my next dog to them.

Seconding Dr. Carmichael at Sand Creek Animal hospital. I like the other two vets, there, too. My dog is ok at the vet, but I have a cat who has literally ripped out the vet office's screens from their window and has to be sedated for basic exams - he's nuts. They didn't even bat an eye and took good care of him, and my other pets, too.

Another vote for Bloomingrove! Dr. Stone and Dr. Coger are very good and caring vets. Dr. Coger also supports a more holistic approach to dog/pet care.

I second the recommendation for Parkside Vet on Morton Ave(?) in Albany. We've been with both our dog and cat a handful of times. Our past two visits, one an emergency of sorts, were with Dr. Nina Caires- she is great. She listens well to worried pet owners and is very compassionate, though I suppose most vets are.

Their prices seem reasonable to other places I've been, but I've only been to a couple of others (which weren't in the area).

Good luck!

Bloominggrove has been great for our pup. Not only a good vet, but they also have a wonderful groomer.

Bloomingrove for sure! We adopted a 10 year old lab this year and she's had a few health issues since we got her. Everyone at Bloomingrove (especially Dr. Green) has been attentive, caring, and always get her feeling better. I never feel like they're running tests just for the money and always feel like they genuinely have her health as their priority.

Bloomingrove is the place to go! They are amazing! From their grooming to pet sitting to the vets. Always a wonderful experience. They truly love every animal.

I had gotten multiple recommendations, including Parkside and Normanside Vet, ended up going with Delmar Animal Hospital. So far I really like our vet, but I think it takes an ongoing issue/emergency to find out if they are really right for you.

From @Jason_Weather via Twitter: "I highly recommend Ballston Spa Veterinary Clinic; it's worth the extra few minutes in the car."

I have heard a lot of good things about Parkside over the years. I take my dogs to the Village Animal Clinic out in Voorheesville. It's a bit of a drive, but Drs. Cheever and McCarthy are two of the best vets I've ever had. I'm really picky when it comes to vets and usually visit 3 to 4 of them when I move. Dr. Cheever is often called upon by the ASPCA to act as an expert witness in abuse and neglect cases across the country. She has a wonderful bedside manner. Dr. McCarthy is a great surgeon and a true dog lover. When we had to end the suffering of our beloved Golden Retriever late on a Saturday night, Dr. McCarthy came to the emergency clinic to help us be sure of our decision and administer the medication himself. I can't say enough about what a wonderful clinic they run. There prices are really reasonable too, by the way.

We take Otto to Bethlehem Vet in Glenmont. It's a two-doctor practice -- Dr. LaForte and Dr. Kearney -- and we've gotten to know them both. They seem to be very thorough and are both good about explaining things and answering questions. The staff are also very nice. And we usually don't have to wait long when we come in for appointments (if only human doctors' offices could schedule like that).

Otto had a tough few weeks earlier this year, bad enough at one point that we had to take him to the emergency vet overnight -- and then from there to Bethlehem first thing in the morning. We were literally waiting in the parking lot for them to open. They handled the situation very smoothly. Otto stayed there the whole day and overnight. From everything we can tell, he got excellent care. And when we showed up the next morning he was happy and calm. They even called us later in the week to see how Otto was doing.

I swear by Sand Creek. All three vets are great and I've never had anything but a wonderful experience. When I got my guy, I asked my friend who is a serious dog lover and owner of Head to Tail Pet Wellness in Schenectady (so, puppy devoted on every level!) where she takes her girls and she sent me straight to Sand Creek.

I'd avoid Central Veterinary Hospital. Their remodeled appearance drew me in as well as convenience to my home. In actuality, I wasn't unimpressed by the actual vets themselves, but the staff there is a prime example of the left hand not knowing what the right is doing. It's barely an exaggeration when I say every time I went there they'd either not know why I was there, or tell me my dog was due for vaccines or boosters after he had already received them. I was also charged for a "checkup" every time I went there which was annoying since it barely entailed anything.

I switched to Sand Creek Animal Hospital out of recommendation from a friend and noticed that pricing is better as well as the overall experience. The staff is very friendly and the vets take the time to go over everything with you. I was even given a lengthy printout of information regarding a vaccine I was concerned about giving my dog. Also, you can check your pet's info online via their website to see if they need any shots or checkups soon.

Dr Stone at Bloomingrove Veterinary Hospital. I was referred to him 6 years ago and I have recommended him to numerous people and the all love him.

He is highly educated, honest, nice and fair. When my shepherd was in decline Dr. Stone was there every step of the way, without being pushy or draining my bank account.

Yet another vote for Bloomingrove.

I take all of my animals to Normanside Vet. They are very affordable, down to earth and provide excellent care. I highly recommend them.

I can't say enough good things about Parkside. I currently take my dog Mia (and several cats) to Dr. Jackie Kusckar, but all the vets there are excellent. The vets and the staff know your pets and their medical problems and they schedule plenty of time for appointments. "Dr. Jackie" will always take the time to call me on the phone to talk over a problem or personally report a test result. And they are very sensitive when the time comes to make the decision to put a pet down. They help you figure out what is the best decision. Also, while they have the capability to do a lot of expensive testing and treatment, they are realistic in talking through whether the situation warrants it and what your financial comfort level is.

I wish I was as happy with my own medical doctors as I am with my pets' vet.

[Greg -- sorry Otto was feeling under the weather. We hope to see him at the golf course soon.]

I'll second (or third) Normanside Vet - Dr. Sikora treats both of our dogs and has always been amazing. They're great with same day/urgent appointments, and have been super affordable through some very difficult (and expensive) medical issues with our dogs.

We love East Greenbush Animal Hospital for our dog and cat! They have great docs and techs, they know our pets by name, and are very personable with their care. They have called us when our cat was sick after we left for boarding just to let us know he was doing ok and feeling better. Our dog is a bit of a problem child who doesn't like other dogs and they are very accommodating of her need and anxieties.

I have three very old pets, and have been to Parkside nearly 10 times since moving to the area six months ago. Dr. Hotaling has been amazing. The office will schedule extra time for patients who need it and Dr. Hotaling takes the time to really understand your pets' needs. I can't say enough about how he, and the entire office have taken care of our family. Highly recommend Dr. Hotaling and the entire Parkside office.

Anyone at Miller Animal Hospital, but we used to take our dog specifically to see Dr Brower, and he was fantastic.

We LOVE Dr Burns at Bayberry Vet in Latham!

In reading these comments, I have to say it's fantastic that the Capital Region seems to have so many vets who inspire such loyalty and enthusiasm.

Another vote for Parkside! Like chrisck, our boys see Dr.Kucksar, and she's phenomenal. (But, really, I don't think you can go wrong with *any* of the vets there!) My dog, Finnegan, is an 87lb doberman/greyhound mix who is absolutely petrified of people he doesn't know. The staff at Parkside is GREAT with him, and while he's a little afraid of them, he's a lot less nervous there than, say, Christmas dinner at my mother-in-law's house. (Yes, my dog would rather be at the vet than a holiday party - can you believe it?!) It doesn't hurt that I can "reward" (bribe?) Finnegan with a trip to Lincoln Park before/after his appointments! As for Roscoe, my cat, well ... yeah he hates it there ... but that's certainly not a negative reflection on Parkside. :)

I have to toss in another vote for River Road Animal Hospital. Dr. Snyder is AMAZING. Great hours, great office staff and WONDERFUL vet!

I would 100% recommend Dr. James Burns at Burberry Veterinary Care in Latham. Dr. Burns is super nice to both you and your pets and their prices are very reasonable. He always treated me and my cat with care and concern. I live in Ballston Spa now, but I would be more than happy to take the drive to Latham to bring my pets there.

I definitely second the NOT bringing your pet to Central Veterinary Hospital. I brought my cat there once in an emergency. I can't remember the name of the vet we saw, but she told me that my 3-year-old cat was actually 13 and that he had a bone problem that was only associated with older cats. I ended up paying more than $300 on blood tests that my cat didn't need, only to find out (after I brought him to Dr. Burns) that he actually had a urinary tract infection. I won't even mention the fact that the staff at CVH was quite rude ...

I will just back up everything great you've heard about Bloomingrove. Dr. Stone and company are phenominal with our sometimes difficult dog and cats, and they can be trusted to not only never sell you on things you don't need, but also to suggest less costly fixes that get the job done in maintaining their health. Bloomingrove's still worth a trip across the river.

I second the Village Animal Clinic in Voorheesville. Extremely reasonable prices, extremely friendly and extremely skilled.

Animal Health Center in Clifton Park Route 9 DR Gimondo is by far the very best Tell him Gizmo sent you

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