Healthy Living Market opening in Wilton

healthy living market south burlington

The Healthy Living Market in South Burlington, Vermont.

The Vermont-based Healthy Living Market and Cafe announced today that it's planning a new store at the Wilton Mall, aiming to be open next winter.

The market will occupy the space left empty by the former J.C. Penney at the mall. The company says the store will be about 35,000 square feet. (For comparison: the new ShopRite being built in Albany will be 65,000 square feet.) The company says it's planning to hire about 140 people.

The company touts its store as "a one-stop destination for natural groceries, fresh organic and local produce, locally sourced meats and poultry, crusty artisan breads, a world of cheese, health and beauty products, a complete vitamin/supplement department, freshly prepared foods and a broad selection of microbrews and wine."

We hear from a Vermonter that Health Living is like a Whole Foods or Fresh Market, but with an emphasis on local food. We also hear that its nickname around Burlington is "Wealthy Living," because it does tend to be high-end.

This will be the company's second store. Its first opened in South Burlington 26 years ago. If you've ever been to that store, we'd love to hear about it.

Full press release after the jump.

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- Healthy Living Market and Café comes to Saratoga -
Saratoga Springs, NY -The anchor space at Saratoga Springs' Wilton Mall left vacant by J.C. Penney five years ago will be filled by Healthy Living Market and Cafe, a natural foods supermarket based in South Burlington, Vermont. Construction is scheduled to begin this summer and an opening date is tentatively set for mid-winter. The market will provide around 140 jobs to the Saratoga Springs community and bring a new level of culinary possibilities to the area.
Healthy Living Market and Café will occupy the approximately 35,000 square foot space and offer shoppers a one-stop destination for natural groceries, fresh organic and local produce, locally sourced meats and poultry, crusty artisan breads, a world of cheese, health and beauty products, a complete vitamin/supplement department, freshly prepared foods and a broad selection of microbrews and wine.
When looking to open a second location, Katy Lesser recognized a vibrant, growing community in Saratoga Springs. "We took a long time to find the ideal place for our second location," she explained. "The energy and spirit I see in Saratoga Springs matches the kind of environment we love to support; a community that's passionate about a certain quality of life, where good food and agriculture play important roles. We're anxious to begin partnerships with businesses and farmers, schools and organizations in the area, and start working to become part of the community."
Healthy Living offers a vast array of the best all natural, organic and local foods. The market at the Wilton Mall will include a Café for dining in or taking out, featuring an eclectic menu, made fresh daily, including vegetarian and vegan options for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and a full barista area for a wide variety of coffee and tea drinks. The Learning Center will offer cooking demonstrations, hands-on cooking classes, and community lectures that focus on wellness.
For more information on Healthy Living Market and Café, visit Job inquiries can be directed to after July 1st.
About Healthy Living Market and Cafe
Founded in 1986 in South Burlington, Vermont, Healthy Living Market and Cafe is Vermont's largest independently owned natural and organic food retailer. Family owned and operated by Katy Lesser CEO, her son Eli Lesser-Goldsmith acting COO, and daughter Nina Lesser-Goldsmith director of The Learning Center, Healthy Living has grown from a tiny health food store to a full-service supermarket, cafe and Learning Center with a staff of over 150. The company forged relationships with local farmers over 20 years ago, and has focused on local agriculture, helping farmers bring product to market. Memorable customer service, staff happiness and growth, and community outreach are major parts of the mission. The family first purchased a small health foods store in 1986 and over the last 26 years grew the store to a full-service market, café and learning center with a staff of 150 employees.


I think this is great news for our region. More competition (even at the high end) in the grocery space can only mean better prices, offerings, and service overall. Also, it's a big win so those of us in the northern end of the region don't have to schlep to TJ';s for good stuff. Added bonus for those south of the twin bridges: less fighting with your northern neighbors for coveted TJ;s parking spots!

Laugh Out Loud at: "WEALTHY MARKET".

This sounds a bit like Fresh Market, but, we'll take it!

I wonder what magicsauce / energy & spirit Saratoga Springs-area people have that no one else has? Is it the siren song of Malta/Tech Valley?

Yeah,. I'd say the look of the place inside and the layout remind one of the Fresh Market.

But Healthy Living is bigger and has way more small-source/farmed foods and other healthy/organic options, plus a large selection of natural bath/body/beauty products, including some you just can't get around here, some you can't get in a store anywhere within a thousand miles. And they have a cafe and coffee counter with really good stuff at both, and they have a classroom to offer classes and events.

Also, they have an electric vehicle refueling station outside that looks like a small tree, very artsy and unique. Somehow doubt that's a feature they'll include here, if only because they won't have their own private parking lot with a good spot to pull up and use it.

I, for one, am kinda psyched that we're going to get one, 'cause driving all the way up to Burlington is a bit of a pain.

Between this and the Penzey's, I'm in foodie nirvana. I should just give them both my paychecks and set up cots there so I don't have to leave. :)

I moved to Saratoga about five years ago and I've found that finding local and organic foods very difficult. I have to travel to Latham to Fresh Market or Albany to Honest Weight co-op for groceries! I was truly hoping whole foods would open here but after seeing what Healthy Living has to offer, I am truly excited and pumped to be there on day one!

Since I just moved here from Winooski, Vermont (about 10 minutes from said Healthy Living Store) I'll weigh in..

Healthy Living was better known for its Farmer's Market than the store itself. I remember seeing lots of events there, but I didn't shop there often because of the prices.. I'm afraid even when looking for organic food, the prices will be a large(r) deterrent due to the abundance of Price Choppers in the area.

But I'll take a taste of Vermont in Wilton, for sure.

This past weekend I was at Heathly Living while visiting my son and daughter at college in Burlington. It is gorgeous! Lots of bulk items,a huge cheese section as well as produce. We were there on Sunday around noon and there were tons of ready to eat food, tables and chairs for eating and a guitarist playing music near the tables. We also saw a separate glass enclosed classroom with lots of kitchen equpment. Outside there were lots of solar panels on the building itself. The prices were by no means discount but the vibe of the place and the quality of the items for sale is unlike anything we currently have in the Capital Region. I can't wait for their grand opening in Wilton!

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