ShopRite Albany slated for spring 2012

shoprite albany construction otb

ShopRite in progress.

Update: This location is opening April 26, 2012.

Officials from ShopRite and the city of Albany will officially announce today the plans for a new ShopRite in Albany. The all-but-official project is being constructed at the back of the OTB Tele-theater property on Central Ave just to the east of Everett Road.

The supermarket company says it's planning for a spring 2012 opening. We stopped by the site yesterday -- the frame of the building is up, but there's still a lot of work ahead on the interior. (The current tele-theater, which stands very close to the new supermarket building, is slated to be demolished for a new OTB facility.) [TU]

The Albany location will be ShopRite's second store in the Capital Region. It opened a Niskayuna location in October. That new store -- right in Price Chopper's corporate backyard -- has set off what looks like the beginning of a supermarket war with Price Chopper, with competing sales, services, and even a lawsuit.

The (re)arrival of ShopRite in the Capital Region brings more competition to the supermarket scene here and that's almost never a bad thing for customers. This spot in Albany will be especially competitive -- Price Chopper and Hannaford are just up the street. There are rumors ShopRite is planning a total of four stores for this area.

More details from the press release are after the jump -- as are few more pics of the construction site.

From the press release:

ShopRite Supermarkets, Inc. will officially announce the opening of its 65,000 square foot ShopRite of Albany store in Spring 2012.
In addition to a broad array of groceries, fresh produce and locally sourced products, the store will have the services that ShopRite customers have come to expect including: a fresh bake shop; fresh meats; fresh seafood; full-service floral department; and pharmacy, as well as a broad selection of ethnic foods and natural and organic products in every department. The store will also offer a wide array of prepared foods including a Gourmet Coffee Bar, fresh salad and Mediterranean Olive bars and a selection of Japanese and Chinese specialties for dining in or taking out, as well as fresh-made sushi.
For the convenience of its customers, the ShopRite of Albany will offer ShopRite from Home delivery service and will have the free services of an on-site Dietitian to help customers shop for healthy choices or specific diets. A unique feature of the ShopRite of Albany will be the presence of a Wi-Fi lounge, where shoppers can have lunch or enjoy a cup of coffee while browsing the Internet on their personal devices.
The new store will feature the latest energy-saving and sustainable technologies in refrigeration and lighting, including glass doors on the dairy and freezer cases, LED and T-8 lighting and environmentally friendly refrigerant systems. The ShopRite of Albany will also feature an on-site bio-digester, which will significantly minimize food waste and electric car charging ports in front of the store, which will be located in specially-marked parking spaces.

shoprite albany construction backhoe

shoprite albany construction riser

shoprite albany construction close

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Find It

ShopRite Albany
711 Central Ave
Albany, NY 12206


Sorry for the random thought, but, the OTB has enough money to demolish their building and build a new one? If the economy is bad, why are people throwing their money away betting on horses?

Now just bring us a Wegman's...

More importantly, for those of us who us Central Ave on an almost daily basis, this will now create ANOTHER traffic clusterf*ck on top of the one at Westgate and at Central and Allen. They already put up the new traffic lights so I hope they are designing a turn-only lane or Central will be one giant parking lot most of the day.

The new Honest Weight Food Co-op (on Watervliet Ave. Extension) will practically be in the backyard of this ShopRite. How many food stores does one area need?

By the way, I recently learned ShopRite is the only unionized grocery store in the area.

As much as I'm looking forward to a shiny new supermarket, Save Pine Hills is right. The traffic flow between Everett Rd and North Allen is already horrible... I've been sideswiped (in a hit-and-run) at N. Allen going west, and rear-ended while at a red light at the Everett Rd. intersection going east.

Now they are adding another light and probably a lot more traffic. "Traffic clusterf*ck" is spot on.

No, No No!!! to the proposed ShopRite on Central Ave. in the VILLAGE OF COLONIE. Talk about traffic, Central Ave. at Everett is nothing compared to Central in the Village. We the residents surrounding this Commercial area will be unable to reach our homes or get out of the side streets.

Why does it have to be on Central Ave?
The planning board needs to get a beter plan, and put the supermarkets where they are needed.Not where the traffic is congested, and there are already two markets.

Fully agree with Carol and mg. Also, the Village's homepage says "A Place to be Proud of" but it no longer feels like a Village. I feel like our Village way of life is being threatened! I live on Birch and I feel like I put my life at risk every time I get out of my own driveway because cut through traffic from Wolf Road to Central is sooo heavy and cars go so fast! A new big box store in my neighborhood will make bad things so much worse!!

I think ShopRite coming back to the area is a good thing. They brought new jobs to our area and they are giving us competition. These other local grocers are robbing us becuase they think we have no where else to go. Now we get fair prices. Also, the workers at ShopRite are extremely friendly. I am PROUD to be one of them (:

Who is "we"? There are still a lot of people who have nowhere else to go.

I'm happy Shop Rite is across the Street from me.
I'm disabled and always forget to buy Milk at Price Chopper
which is too far to walk back to.

Beverely Joesph, Will you be coming to ShopRite now? We will be looking forward to seeing you on April 26th.

I really like this store and truly wish one would come to Troy

I wish Shop-Rite would come to Greenville, since we have to travel to Hudson at the expense of a bridge fee and gasoline to travel there. Or we have to go to Catskill to Price Chopper for fresh fish and better prices!!! For senior citizens on a fixed income this is expensive.

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