Albany ShopRite opening in April

albany shoprite exterior March 31, 2012

These people were a little early.

The new Albany ShopRite will open April 26, the company announced today. The store is at 709 Central Ave, on the site of the former OTB Tele-theater (a new version of which is now next door). Full press release after the jump.

We stopped by the store this past week to peek in the windows. The store looked more or less complete -- in fact, we noticed that some of the aisles were already stocked with products.

This will be the second ShopRite in the Capital Region. The company opened a store in Niskayuna last year, is building another in Slingerlands, and just got approval for a fourth store in the village of Colonie. [TU]

If the opening of the Niskayuna ShopRite is any indication, the scene surrounding the Albany store will be a zoo initially.

It'll be interesting to see how it affects competition -- Price Chopper and Hannaford are literally just down the street.

Earlier on AOA: A first look at ShopRite Niskayuna


Touts Expansive Variety, Superior Quality of Foods, Services and Highly-Skilled Associates
Albany, NY, March 31, 2012 - ShopRite Supermarkets, Inc., which operates 30 ShopRite stores in New York and New Jersey, including recently opened locations in White Plains, Scarsdale and Niskayuna, NY, today announced that the grand opening of its new 65,000 sq. ft. full-service ShopRite of Albany, located at 709 Central Avenue, will take place on Thursday, April 26, 2012. The store will be owned and operated by ShopRite Supermarkets, Inc. (SRS), a wholly owned subsidiary of Wakefern Food Corp., the largest supermarket cooperative in the United States.
In addition to a broad array of groceries, fresh produce and locally sourced products, the store will have the services that ShopRite customers have come to expect including: a fresh bake shop; fresh meats; fresh seafood; full-service floral department; and pharmacy, as well as a broad selection of ethnic foods and natural and organic products in every department. The store will also offer a wide assortment of prepared foods including a Gourmet Coffee Bar, fresh salad bar, hot food and Mediterranean Olive bars and a selection of Japanese and Chinese specialties for dining in or taking out, as well as freshly made sushi.
For the convenience of its customers, the ShopRite of Albany will offer ShopRite from Home delivery service as well as the free services of an on-site Dietitian to help customers shop for healthy choices or specific diets. A unique feature of the ShopRite of Albany will be the presence of a Wi-Fi lounge, where shoppers can have lunch or enjoy a cup of coffee while browsing the Internet on their personal devices.
The new store will feature the latest energy-saving and sustainable technologies in refrigeration and lighting, including glass doors on the dairy and freezer cases, LED and T-8 lighting and environmentally friendly refrigerant systems. ShopRite of Albany will also feature an on-site bio-digester to significantly minimize food waste and electric car charging stations in front of the store, which will be located in specially-marked parking spaces.
"We want to thank the Capital Region for welcoming us to Albany and we look forward to bringing the same level of customer service, variety, value and low prices to this new location on Central Avenue," said Dave Figurelli, president and chief operating officer of ShopRite Supermarkets, Inc. "We look forward to partnering with the community to become your neighborhood ShopRite."
"On behalf of the City of Albany, it is my pleasure to formally welcome the return of ShopRite Supermarkets to our All America Capital City. Not only is this new supermarket a state-of-the-art facility, but also, it represents a full shopping experience for the customer, including home delivery, dietitian support and myriad other consumer conveniences. Congratulations to all involved with bringing this project to fruition and to the ShopRite family for becoming part of ours," said Mayor Gerald D. Jennings.
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Find It

ShopRite Albany
709 Central Ave
Albany, NY 12206


Sounds like a great store!
Now, if they could only have a Jewish style deli.
The customers will have a tough time entering, and leaving that store onto Central.
The Colonie store would have been better placed on Wolf Road to give Hannaford a run for their money, and away from Central Ave again.

hey AOA just read my mind...i was wondering when this was opening, except replace "Shop Rite" with "Trader Joe's"....

Forget Shoprite, when does a Trader Joe open?

@Lu, Rebecca: I emailed with the rep from Trader's Joe's about a week and a half ago. She said they don't have a date to announce, yet.

@mg...I Work For This Store. If There is anything you would like to see in the deli, come into the store and make a suggestion, or call 1-800-SHOPRITE and make your suggestion.

Yawn. When is Trader Joe's opening?!

The thing I missed most when the old Shop Rite on Western Ave closed (where Uncommon Grounds is now) was their black raspberry ice cream.

The store will be a zoo for the first week, afterwards it's going to be heavenly for at least a few months. After that lets see how long they can continue offering an on site dietician and a wi-fi lounge. It's Central Ave downtown and that neighborhood is going to care more about low prices than a gourmet coffee bar.

Deli is sooooooooo slow. Painfully slow will not go there.

Just went there today- it's a bit less of a zoo, Right now is the time to visit, everything is in stock.

I've got to admit that the Magic Pop rice cake machine is truly awesome.

I finally stopped by last week. I might go again from time to time for a "loss leader" (butter was $1.88 a pound), but otherwise the store doesn't have much draw for me. Yes, it's huge so it's got a ton of products to choose from, but if most of it is not on my shopping list, it's hugeness isn't a plus if I just want to run in for something. The staff is friendly and helpful and you can spot them quickly in their bright yellow shirts if you need assistance. I was not impressed with the deli and baked goods. Supposedly CIA trained chefs are running things, but what I tried was mixed in quality. Be aware that those signs "Baked in Store" means that frozen dough is shipped in and the loaves are baked in the store. I confirmed this by asking. I didn't feel any of the baked goods I tried was up to the standard of an artisan bakery, such as Placid Baker in Troy. Also, look at the labels for the baked goods and deli items -- artificial flavors and colors and preservatives. The quality of what I tried ranged -- a tasty mac & cheese and a pretty good potato salad (but see above about dubious ingredients); a completely tasteless coleslaw; and an abysmal lo mein from the Asian bar. It's hard for me to be excited about this addition to the supermarket scene. It's just a tarted up Price Chopper or Hannaford.

This is something amazing for the Capital District, I grew up in the Capital District and Shop Rite was a part of our life so this is great news of their return it was long time overdue! Those were the days of Albany Public Markets (Turned to Scot's - the first warehouse store), A & P, Star Markets, Grand Union, Great American (took a number of the old Shop Rites) just to mention a few and then there was Price Chopper (amazing place) Shop-n-Save (now Hannaford) Edwards and more! Talk about evolution and let's not forget to mention Stewarts and Cumberland Farms and Convenience Food Stores! Bumby's Bakery and Quickmart (turned into Futia's) one amazing experience with plenty of variety for sure! Can't wait to check out the new stores, too bad they can't go back in all the locations where they use to be...Western Avenue and Wolf Road among others! Perhaps they would consider coming down to the South and opening a few stores?

I really like the Albany Shop-Rite. I am finding that Hannaford is no longer carrying a few of my regular items any longer. When I asked Mgt about them, they didn't seem to care much that I wasn't happy about it. Also, Price Chopper no longer carries the ice tea I like and the ice cream is over $5 a pint, when Shop Rite often has the same thing on sale for half that price! I really like the pastries from Shop-Rite too...remember the old fashioned prune and cheese danish and apple turnovers from Phil's bakery? Just as good! So, even though the Albany store (which has its own traffic light=easy) is a few miles away, I go regularly now, until Colonie opens...can't wait for that!

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