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To celebrate its move to a new space on Delaware Ave in Albany, All Good Bakers is teaming with Bake For You on a contest to create a DelSo cookie (as you know, DelSo = Delaware South). They're taking suggestions on Facebook. The winning idea will be sold in the bakery -- and the person who suggested it will get a free batch of cookies.


Actually it's a *DelSol* cookie (maybe because it works as a pun, Del Sol, the sun in Spanish, or to avoid getting sued by Silvia, for sure). I'll still eat it.

@-S: I'm pretty sure that's a typo. The email we got from Britin at AGB references a "DelSo" cookie:

In honor of All Good Bakers move to Delaware Avenue, BAKE FOR YOU and All Good Bakers are teaming up to make the "DelSo" cookie. A cookie that will symbolize all that is good and sweet in the Delaware area neighborhood! To enter, post your ideas for a cookie on either of our Facebook pages that will embody all that is "DelSo"! DEADLINE is Monday 2/27/2012.

The best ideas will be perfected and tested. The winner will announced sometime next week and will receive the first batch of DelSo cookies for free! All Good will sell the new DelSo cookie in our shop!

A galleta del sol sounds pretty good, though.

Hmmm...I'll have to clarify this w/ Linda at Bake For You, she called it the DelSol too, but I figured that was a typo since the area is Delaware South. We would never want to step on Sylvia's toes!!! We figured she coined the term and it was for general public use for the area?? It fits so well :) Our only intention is to celebrate the neighborhood! I'll perform some due diligence.

Okay, just talked to Silvia via FB and we're good w/ the DelSo name! Wish we had thought first to msg her, but she is delighted and will note the contest on her blog as well. Keep the ideas coming! to incorporate the taste of Spectrum popcorn and mint brownies with NWBB blackend green beans?

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