Good place to shop for appliances?

kitchen stove dialsAnnie asks via Facebook:

I was wondering if you guys (or your readers) could recommend the best place to find deals on kitchen appliances as well as any good contractors in the area. My fiance and I just bought our first house so we'd love a good point in the right direction!

We've had a handful of contractor questions in the past. But we don't think we've ever had a question about where to buy appliances.

A lot of people might default to one of the big box stores -- but the Capital Region also has a handful of local appliance stores. So, there's some choice.

Have a suggestion for Annie about where to shop -- or even just suggestions about what to look for? Please share!


I've had good service and good deals from everything I've bought from Earl Feiden's in Latham. They installed a slide-in Jenn Air stove and did a really nice job with it.

Lowe's has good prices, but depending on if you need something installed, you may want to look elsewhere. The guy who installed our dishwasher didn't connect the drain hose under the sink. If I hadn't noticed before running it for the first time it would've been a small disaster.

Green's on Central Ave in Colonie.

Local business selling appliances, and now (made in USA) furniture, for decades. Bought an A/C there. Great service and product. Avoid big box stores at all costs.

We have been pleased with Green's on Central Avenue -- they advertise on local TV. Good selection, knowledgeable staff, no hard sell, and prompt delivery (even to us in the boonies).

We had some very bad experiences with Feiden, and have stuck to Cocca's ever since with no regrets. I like their extended warranty, and they were easy to work with as far as getting quotes, etc. FWIW, they also didn't seem to have so many issues taking my (black) husband or my (female) self seriously and offering good customer service. Your mileage may vary, of course.

Home Depot missed TWO scheduled deliveries to bring me a washer. And when they finally did show up, their dudes didn't have the tools necessary (screwdriver!) to actually install it, nor the right length hoses.

Upside was that their customer service department paid out the wazoos for the repeated problems, so the final cost to me was all but free.

Almost worth the hassle.

As a new home owner, often price ends out winning above all else. In that case Lowe's usually has the best prices with free delivery and take away of old appliances.

I've gotten very good deals and very good service from Earl B. Feiden on multiple purchases over the years.

If you are looking to buy multiple appliances at the same time, tell any local dealer that when you go in. They'll often give better deals than anything they have advertised.

I absolutely love Adirondack Appliance! They have the best kitchen appliances and they carry Blue Stars! I also have to add that they are super invested in our community, supporting many of the culinary challenges that are part of charitable fundraisers. I just like to support great people and companies that give back!

My husband and I have bought all of our appliances at Cocca's. We have price compared and we always end up there.

We had great luck at Marcella's in Schenectady.
Huge showroom. Knowledgeable staff. When we had problems with a refrigerator handle three months after delivery they fixed it immediately at no charge.
We worked with several staff people and they were all wonderful. We had a limited budget and they were able to direct us to features, model years, etc. that they really felt were best for us--and we have been VERY happy.

If you can, wait until Black Friday. Some of the most ridiculous deals you'll find that day are on appliances. Never fails -- every year.

John D, Marcella in Schenectady. It's been a while since I've needed to buy appliances, but I've always had great experiences there.

And they've been very honest; I was going to a replace a refrigerator that was not old, but had a reoccurring problem. The salesman could have very easily sold me a refrigerator. I was frustrated and didn't need convincing...and he knew it. Instead, he suggested a possible source of the problem (which the repairman had overlooked) and said if that didn't correct, then he'd be glad to see me the unit I was looking at.

I highly recommend Cocca's on Railroad Ave. in Colonie. In the 17 years I have lived in the area, I have purchased a refrigerator, oven, dishwasher, freezer, two washing machines and two dryers from them, and I have no complaints.

The sales men are knowledgeable and don't try to sell you more than you need. Instead of selling me the pretty matching dryer to my washing machine, they recommended the not so pretty but same capacity dryer for $400 cheaper. It's in the basement...I don't need pretty in an unfinished basement.

They have a price gaurantee, and they actually mean it. Just go in there knowing what you want, the best price it sells for, and they will match it. A three year warranty (2 years on top of the manufacturers) is included. I don't know about you, but it annoys me to no end when you have to pay extra money for an "extended warranty". You also get free delivery, install (check with them about gas appliances), and removal.

Not a homeowner, but Sears Outlet always seems to have tons of fridges, diswashers, stoves, washers, dryers. Looking at some of the tags, they're not all scratch and dent - some are just overstock, last year's model, etc..

I also want to put in a vote for Feiden. We bought a bottom-end washer/dryer and they still treated us as if we were shopping for the latest/greatest.

Marcella's in Schenectady. I haven't been to their new showroom on Broadway (I used to go up the hill to the old showroom) but their prices are good as is their delivery/installation.

I like Cocca's extended warranty too, but at year 2.5 on a 3 year warranty on a GE dryer, the igniter failed which is probably the most common failure in a gas appliance. The appliance repair service Cocca's uses showed up a week later, took a look and said, "Yup, it's your igniter", "I'll be back in a week with a new one since Cocca's doesn't allow us to carry any parts inventory". Needless to say, it took another three *&#%$#g weeks for the part to show up. Having no dryer for a month isn't fun. Neither is Cocca's service policy. Just my 2ยข.

As you can guess by my name here, I buy a lot of appliances. Al Green from Green's Appliance has been my go to place for 8 years. He is very honest and direct, he will steer you to the models that are reliable and a good fit for your needs, and his delivery people are capable and experienced. I don't even price shop anymore as it was always a good price when i checked.

Obviously it also keeps your money here in the Capital Region by buying from someone local too.

Parisi Appliance House in Schuylerville. Call first. It's a small place -very- but the owner is awesome and will service what he sells. He will also get you just what you want at a good price. Can't say enough about him. But I will warn you, the store isn't fancy. And I am not kidding about calling first. He's sometimes out installing or making service calls.
Parisi Appliance House
118 Broad St Schuylerville, NY 12871
(518) 695-4052

So I had the opposite experience of -R.'s with Cocca's, though it was a few years ago now. We bought a set of appliances from them (all GE, each one crap in its own way), and from day one the refrigerator was a problem. At one point it genuinely failed, and without being asked, they brought us a loaner fridge while the other one was taken back to the shop.

Also bought a refrigerator from Green's this year for my office and they were fine.

Marcella's in Schenectady. When our newish refrigerator door seemed a little off, we called them. The person who answered the phone told us no problem, that he would send his son to fix it on the way home. It was fixed that day, no charge. We've bought refrigerators, a stove, washers, dryers, and even audio equipment there and have never been disappointed. Do your research first and go in with prices to match.

I just had a good experience with Feiden's in Latham, my first time buying from them. Bought a new frig, stove, and dishwasher. The salesman was helpful finding appliances that met my needs, but not more features than I wanted. And the installation guys were just terrific.

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