180,000 square feet

That much-rumored, really big supermarket set to go into the Latham Circle Mall redevelopment? It's going to be a Walmart supercenter, Tim O'Brien reports. (The new store will be big -- but still not as big as the at-one-time World's Largest Walmart in Albany.) [TU]

Later: Comparing the size of Capital Region supermarkets

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Wanted a Wegmans. Don't want a Walmart.


Such a great example of how big box retail creates post-retail wastelands on a timeframe that our communities never had to deal with before, all for zero benefit to the community. Replace a dead Latham Circle Mall with a dead Latham Farms. For what?

It would be nice if they actually put something at Latham Circle that is new to the area and doesn't already have 3000 locations within 10 miles. I was betting that they were going to put a Shop Rite there (though I really hoped for a Costco or Wegmans) since the Latham area is one of the few places near Albany that hasn't had a store added since they expanded into the area 2-3 years ago.


I was under the impression that something a bit more "upscale" would be coming, based on the sounds of "the shops at Latham Circle" or whatever it is supposed to be called. This is very disappointing. What will go into the Latham Farms store?
I am also suprised that this was approved, given the proximity of Hannaford and the new Market Bistro. Seems like overkill. Ugh. Not happy.

This is horrible horrible news. I know I'll definitely be boycotting it. Wal-mart represents so much that is wrong with the world today.

If I were Price Chopper, Hannaford or Sam's Club, I'd lean back in my chair and let out a big sigh... "close call there boys.. it's only Walmart!"

Walmart, you already have a store at Latham Farms! After so many stores, maybe you're starting to lose track? I assume they're moving, so what will happen to the old one next to Home Depot, Petsmart etc?

Sean: Sams' Club is owned by Walmart ;)

But yeah, I'm disappointed at Walmart moving to Latham Circle Mall... though it would be funny if Nordstrom and Walmart were both anchors in the new LCM :P

Another demolition coming in a few years, now at Latham Farms?

1) Walmart opens in Latham Circle.
2) Walmart leaves Latham Farms.
3) Wegmans opens in Latham Farms.

Craig: don't forget Hannaford still has a store in Latham Farms ;) most real estate companies wouldn't allow something like Hannaford and Price Chopper or Target and Walmart in the same shopping center

Cool, more suburban sprawl wasteland.

Bad News. This could have arrested the decline of Latham.

Not so much now.

I suspect Walmart won't be happy until there is a Walmart in the corner of every Walmart.

Hey everyone! Wegman's = suburban sprawl garbage. Silly Americans.

"Such a great example of how big box retail creates post-retail wastelands on a timeframe that our communities never had to deal with before, all for zero benefit to the community. Replace a dead Latham Circle Mall with a dead Latham Farms. For what?"

+1000 Carl...couldn't agree more.

As a resident of this area I feel that it's a truly unfortunate, uninspired choice. If the (early, not true how substantiated they are) rumors of Dick's opening a spot at this new area, and abandoning their Latham Farms storefront, then it's nothing but trading one Shopping plaza's blight with another.

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