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Checking out Slidin' Dirty's new restaurant space

slidin dirty troy exterior

By Lauren Hittinger

I'm a big fan of food trucks, and particularly fond of Slidin' Dirty. So I was over the moon when I heard they were opening a permanent brick-and-mortar location in Troy.

This week I stopped by to check out the new space on First Street, which maintains the no-nonsense Slidin' Dirty vibe.

The look

slidin dirty restaurant interior

Slidin' Dirty's First Street spot -- in the street level storefront of a building that includes apartments upstairs -- has the rustic/industrial look that is so popular right now, with exposed brick, unfinished wood, metal, and subway tile. There's a variety of high and low seating, and a spacious bar runs along one wall of the restaurant. Everything works well together. Above the bar area are two TVs, which had sports on. The entire restaurant is designed as one big open space, but I didn't notice a noise problem during lunch service.

It seems like the bar would be particularly nice to sit at for a solo lunch or round of drinks with friends.

Even though the interior is decorated in the current trendy style, I still feel like Slidin' is not trying to be spiffy or fancy; it's an extension of the casual style they established with the truck.

There are large-format photos above -- click or scroll all the way up.

The menu

mac-and-cheese balls

The restaurant's menu closely resembles that of the food truck offerings with familiar favorites represented, like avocado fries and mac-and-cheese balls. Unlike the truck, the menu offers the opportunity to order from Slidin's entire selection at one time.

The flavors of familiar items were true to form, but the presentation was elevated for the new restaurant setup. Example: Instead of getting mac-and-cheese balls in a disposable paper tray they're now presented on a long rectangular dish over a bed of arugula.

Slidin' Dirty's menu is divided between appetizers, salads, tacos, and sliders. Sliders run the gamut from familiar to the more adventurous. Some of the more tame options include the "Old Faithful," which is prepared as a traditional cheeseburger with condiments, and the BLT. The more unusual options include the "Dirty Ninja," which is topped with sautéed bok choy and shitake mushrooms; or the "Po' Boy," which starts with buttermilk fried shrimp topped with coleslaw.

In addition to the food, Slidin' Dirty also now has a full bar for spirits, wine, bottled beer, and beer on tap.

Going forward

While the menu may slightly adjust over time, Slidin' Dirty co-owner Brooke Taney says they'll continue to follow their model of sliders and small bites of down-to-earth food. Open hours are currently Monday and Tuesday 11 am-11 pm, Wednesday and Thursday 11 am-midnight, Friday and Saturday 11 am-2 am, and Sunday 11 am-10 pm.

The bar is in the process of being expanded to have 6 taps, which will serve beer from places like Shmaltz, Ommegang, and Druthers. In warmer weather, outside seating will be available.

And Slidin' Dirty will still be running their food truck seasonally.

Lauren writes about shopping, crafting, and living well on a small budget at The Thrifty Ginger.

Find It

Slidin' Dirty
9 First Street
Troy, NY 12180


I can't wait to go there! Those mac and cheese jalepeno poppers are awesome. I've been thinking about them since the Mac and Cheese Bowl last year.

Congratulations to them. Hope they do ok being open so late on the weekends. Troy tends to have motley characters late at night.

@Cyril said: "Troy tends to have motley characters late at night."

Downtown Troy has some of the best characters in the world -- any time of day or night -- and on this block in particular.

I've lived a few doors down from this building for 13 years. It was safe then. Now it's one of the best blocks in the city with Slidin' Dirty, Footsie Magoos, Enigma (men's clothing store), a new architecture firm, a law firm, a wedding planning office, Fagan's Insurance and much more. The apartments are all rented above the businesses, too.

Please let us know where you live (and work) and what kind of characters hang out on your block/development/cul de sac whatever?

Can't wait to visit them! I'm already a big fan of their food truck.

@ Duncan, I know you believe that Troy is one of the magical places in the world and I would generally agree with you. However, tell that to the numerous people that have been mugged, beaten and verbally harassed in the heart of downtown.

It’s not just that poor fella that was brutally assaulted on Broadway on Halloween either. From June 1, 2014 to November 26, 2014 there were 219 assaults reported City of Troy. Other reported offenses (sexual assault, robbery, and disorderly conduct) brings the total up to 498. Majority of which took place between 9pm-3am.*

I understand that all cities in the capital region have crime, but I was just merely pointing out the fact that Troy does attract some motley characters and as it gets later in the evening their behavior is abhorrent.

Being born and raised in Troy I to love the city and appreciate that people like yourself are doing their best to keep and make it nice, but it has quite a long road to go.

Wave your Troy flag high friend, but understand that after dark some motley character may mug you for it.


*Statistics are from raidsonline.com

@Cyril, this stat is largely meaningless, given that its an aggregate for the city as a whole. For all we know, all 219 assaults occurred on a barge docked in front of Dinosaur BBQ. The last I checked, New Scotland had one of the highest per capita rates of sex offenders in the region, but somehow parents don't seem to mind, and that is because aggregate stats don't always paint the true story.

@ Rich, There was a map along which illustrated exactly where in the city of Troy the incidents took place. The majority were in the downtown corridor.

Listen folks, I wasn't trying to start an argument, just a dialog about the fact that Troy can be rough, particularly at some times of the day. I really hope that this new great place doesn't have to deal with the trouble makers that may stumble in at 1:30 in the morning.

Now everybody have a nice holiday and take care driving out there.

@Cyril, I actually had the same thought about their hours, coming from someone who lived near Kokopellis until not long ago. The weekend college/out of town crowd is different than anyone wandering around aimlessly the rest of the week, and your stats are valid. It's a bit naive to think otherwise (for example, @Duncan Crary, respectfully, none of the businesses you cited would be relevant late at night, as they are closed. The presence of a wedding planner or even nice apartments doesn't stop anyone from lurking.)

But more to the point, I've consistently really liked slidin' dirty's food truck offerings, but somehow having them put out on a fancy plate with cloth napkin and nice cutlery drove home the point that I'm paying $9 for a delicious approximately half a hamburger. And while Troy is now filling up with repurposed renovated buildings, it's starting to get old. The confectionary was uniqe, and the grocery could be excused as a continuation of that, but now that there's the shop, and rare form, apartments like the river street lofts, and slidin', well... it's feeling like a bit like a theme park. Slidin' dirty is definitely a great lunch spot, though.

@ Cyril sez: "Listen folks, I wasn't trying to start an argument, "

BULLSH*T. Every time something nice and cool happens in Troy NY we've got Internet creatures like you, Cyril, to take shots from the cul de sac.

I asked you point blank where you lived. You failed to tell us.

Have a nice life in Colonie (or "Guilderland," Clifton Park, Brunswick, whatever....)

And that "poor fella" has a name. It's Ray Felix.

Cul de sac? I was born and raised in the City of Troy son and I currently reside in the city of Albany. My neighborhood is rich with love and diversity. Something that can't be said about your gentrified neighborhood.

By the way, I do know the name of that "fella", but this isn't about who he is, it's about the fact that he became a statistic of the violence that is rampant in Troy. It's not a slam against your city man, it's a fact that has to be dealt with instead of pushed under the proverbial rug.

Stop being angry at me and direct your anger towards the people that are really bringing your city down. It's time to look up from your clouded version of Troy and address the reality and really make the city as great as it can be


Mr. Crary disses the suburbs but he was born and raised in the affluent suburb of Delmar, NY. Cul de sac central.


[Ahem. Everyone's had a chance to take a turn going around the cul-de-sac, so let's please move the conversation forward or let this angle of it drop.]


They did a great job restoring the building, and the food looks great. Speaking of, it's lunchtime, and I'm walking there right now.

Cool spot, had lunch there the other day. pretty good meal. I still prefer Sliders that was in North Central... speaking of a place that has some motley characters.


"And while Troy is now filling up with repurposed renovated buildings, it's starting to get old... it's feeling like a bit like a theme park"

So what exactly would you propose be done? Leave the buildings vacant to rot and attract crime?

These new LOCAL businesses are contributing to an increased vibrancy that hasn't been seen in 50+ years in this neighborhood (or pretty much any other local city- Saratoga excluded). I don't see how anyone can see this as a bad thing.

Your comment just doesn't make any sense to me, unless of course you prefer Wolf Road...

@sara, these old, repurposed buildings are one of the best things about Troy. If only ALL of the old buildings would be repurposed. The character that these buildings have just don't exist on the brand new shiny buildings. They were built when the city was one of the richest in the country, and it shows, why not try to bring them back to their glory days? Older isn't always better, but in the case of local architecture it certainly is.

I think Sara was meaning the aesthetic of these places, not the fact that old building are being re-purposed (yay!). The exposed brick/subway tile/re-purposed wood look is starting to feel like Troy's version of a theme-park. There are other new places (like the Whistling Kettle and Bombers) that didn't follow this look, and that she didn't mention, so I assume that's what she means.

I personally like the aesthetic, but it's starting to become the norm, which is getting played out. I wonder if it will feel dated in 5-10 years.

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