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The brewery/restaurant sits on Broadway just north of the Argus Press building.

From the back corner.


Entrance for the restaurant.

Dining area.

Lounge area, looking into bar.


Front desk












Brewery space at the front of the building.

The neighborhood's most famous resident in the background.

A look inside the new Druthers Albany location

Druthers Albany dining area

The new Druthers brewery/restaurant in Albany's Warehouse District opens today. The location -- a renovated plumbing supply building -- is the third for the local company, which first opened in downtown Saratoga Springs in 2012 and also recently opened a location at the McGregor Links Country Club in Wilton.

We got a chance to see the new Albany space Monday -- here are a bunch of photos and a few bits.


They're above in large format -- click or scroll all the way up.


According to the company...

+ The building is 18,000 square feet -- divided into 11,000 square feet for the brewery, 7,000 square feet for the restaurant and bar.

+ The restaurant/bar area can serve 200 people.

+ The brewery is a 30-barrel system with the capability of brewing up to 10,000 kegs a year. The beer will be sold at Druthers locations and through distributors.


Here's the menu. It's comfort food -- burgers, mac 'n cheese, pizza -- similar to the offerings in Saratoga Springs.

A few thoughts

+ This Druthers location continues the recent trend of entertainment-type spots in the Warehouse District -- but it's a few blocks farther north on Broadway from the Wolff's/Stout/Nine Pin/Barrel Saloon cluster. It'll be interesting to see if the opening does anything to prompt this sort of development in the stretch between.

+ Having another place to eat and drink is fine and good, but the production angle here shouldn't be overlooked. The brewery builds on the craft beverages production scene in Albany that includes Albany Distilling Co., Nine Pin Cider Works, and CH Evans -- all of which are along Broadway at points north of downtown. And it's good to see some of the large spaces in the Warehouse District continue to be put toward making products.

+ Continuing on the topic of the production/entertainment balance in the changing neighborhood, a quick reminder that the Rezone Albany process will be focused on the Warehouse District this week with a series of public events.


+ Brewery planned for North Albany warehouse district

+ What sort of place should Albany's Warehouse District be?

+ Architecture gawking in Albany's warehouse district

Find It

1053 Broadway
Albany, NY 12204


The place looks beautiful, but my first thought was "Man, it's going to be really noisy in there." My second thought was "Damn, I must really be getting old." :-(

No bike racks.

It looks great even though it is haunted... I keep seeing the same little girl peeking out in some of the photos.

No visible sign of a handicapped accessible entrance.

I'll probably try to go anyway, because George DePiro makes great beer.

@Ethan: make a request for one and I bet it will pay off. I know George de Piro is an avid biker & will probably be commuting there himself (he ran a trainer between storage tanks at the Saratoga location).

Looks great - can't wait to get in there and give it a try!

@ Ethan : Chain your bike up to one of the large wooden posts underneath the main stair out front. Simple!

@ Chezjake : By code they're required to have one so rest assured it exists... somewhere.

I checked it out last night and will be going back. The Dare is my new favorite beer.

I'll be interested to try it...as soon as they install bike racks!

I was going to bike down there but since no bike rack I'll skip it for now.

The place looks great! I can't wait to try the Dare. Also, if they ever install bike racks, I'm never coming back.

I'm kidding obviously, but really, what's the big deal? Quite a few restaurants don't have them and this is the first I've seen such a fit thrown about it.

Having been, I highly recommend, even if you aren't able to bring your bike. Yes, there are no racks, but you can easily stow these under the stairway out front or along the fence opposing the building. For me, I love that its conveniently on a bus line, so I can kick back a few (and, oh yes, the Dare is excellent!!) with no worries about how I'll get home.

However, despite the lack of bike racks, this place was slammed and parking was tough for folks driving (there was even a sign warning patrons to be neighborly in how they park for many of the surrounding businesses may tow if cars in the future if they see a persistence in un-neighborliness). Therefore, any means to encourage folks to bus, bike or walk would be greatly encourage by both Druthers and the city, even to include a bike rack.

And don't get me wrong, I'm all for bike infrastructure and investment, but instead of whining about a new business, how about doing something useful and campaigning for protected bike lanes and more public bike racks instead?

I'm kinda with JayK on this one. I'm absolutely utterly not trying to be jerky, but this very cool place comes to a formerly industrial wasteland, generating revenue, jobs and beer (not to mention looks like the kind of place we'd see elsewhere and pine "why can't Albany have that?") and people can't be creative enough to lock their bike to a utility pole/lamppost/stop sign for the lack of bike racks?!

Are yopu kidding? An entrepreneur dumps well over a million dollars into a crappy building in a crappy area, in a city where business investments are far and few, and the best you have to say about it is: I'm not going there because they don't have a bike rack? Humor me some more.

What, no Hudson River access?

Andy, that was a satirical comment, right? Please, please tell me you're not being serious.

What, no free pass to Huck Finn's Playland? (set your sarcasm meter to stun)..

So bike rack sidebar aside, I've been twice now and think the place is looking great. For just having opened, they seem to have the kinks worked out. The pretzels appetizer is...amazing. Plenty for a crowd though, with just two people it fills you up for sure and a meal isn't necessary.

I do wish there was an outdoor area, though can see that there's not a super obvious space for a patio. I love the outdoor space in Saratoga and it would be cool to see it here too.

Welcome to Albany, Druther's!

I couldn't find a place to stable my unicorn, so I tied it to the bicycle rack across the street. Thought $13 was a bit pricey for a pizza but tried it thinking it must be worth it. It was.

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