Dogs now officially allowed on restaurant patios (with some restrictions)

otto through dunkin doorAndrew Cuomo has signed the bill allowing dogs on restaurant patios -- "This action will give restaurants an additional option to boost revenue and grow their businesses by appealing to this new audience of dog-owning New Yorkers and their four-legged friends." The last takes effect immediately. [NYDN] [Open Senate]

Among the provisions in the law:

+ Whether dogs are allowed on a restaurant's patio is at the restaurant operator's discretion.

+ The dogs must enter the patio in a way that doesn't lead through the inside of the restaurant.

+ The area where dogs are allowed can't be used for food or drink prep, nor for the storage of utensils.

+ Water provided to dogs should be in disposable single-use containers.

+ Food employees aren't allowed to have direct contact with the dogs while on duty.

+ "Surfaces that have been contaminated by dog excrement or other bodily fluids shall be cleaned and sanitized."

+ The dog must be kept on a leash or in a carrier and under the control of its handler.

+ There is "reasonable signage" indicating that companion dogs are allowed in the outdoor dining area.

It'll be interesting to see how many restaurants officially open up their patios to dogs under this law. (There have been a number of places that already allowed this to happen unofficially.)

As we've said before, we love dogs -- but there's probably a good argument that dogs don't need to be everywhere, and maybe restaurants are a place to draw the line. A big part of how this goes over will probably come down to how well dogs (and their owners) act -- a calm, well-behaved dog probably isn't going to be an issue for most people. And, of course, all this will be at the discretion of the restaurants.


I notice that most dog owners are narcissists and are tobacco smokers. So this makes sense. Put them all outside together. They all smell.

Wow Jane, you're not one to generalize, are you?

Jane! Let's get this party started right!

"Surfaces that have been contaminated by dog excrement or other bodily fluids shall be cleaned and sanitized." By the owners, one would hope. Hand them the cleaning supplies, please. I don't particularly want the staff responsible for tidying up after people's dogs.

And can't you just imagine someone aheming at the staff and pointing over at their dog's mess?

"A big part of how this goes over will probably come down to how well dogs (and their owners) act".

That's not a big part, that's the entire part IMO.

And Jane, nice bit of gross generalizing...!?!

Dearest Dog People - when we cross paths out at the restaurant, don't mind my dirty looks, and I won't mind your dirty animals.

Thanks, jane. My popcorn is purchased and I'm ready to watch this comment thread throughout the afternoon.

I love dogs and MY dog especially but I don't want to spend my time at a restaurant holding a leash, being pulled or subject to someone else's "bad dog". Why the need to socialize with your dogs all the time? Leave the dogs home.

If a dog is well behaved, quite and doesn't make a mess, it's totally appropriate. They've allowed screaming children on restaurant patios and even inside for years now.

I do not understand all the vitriol coming from dogs-in-restaurant haters. Such a simple solution to vote with your feet, people. I don't go to places like Chuck E Cheese or TGI Fridays (the food notwithstanding) and complain about all the kids there; I just don't go to those restaurants. This bill is not *forcing* restaurants to allow dogs, nor is it forcing you to continue patronizing eateries that do so. There will be plenty of dog-free places to go. Calm yourselves.

Children often smell. And make a lot of noise. But I understand that if you can't find a babysitter or circumstances worked out where you needed food and you have your kids, you take them to any place that you can get some food. And they order chicken fingers. That's cool. I can tell by the look on your faces that you wish they were home with a sitter as well.

If I go to a nice restaurant or a bar, I rarely have to deal with children. You got a sitter and left them home. Hooray. No dogs, no kids, tobacco free!! Drinks for everyone!

As a dog owner who likes to walk my dog I occasionally find myself thinking, "Hey, it might be nice to sit at that patio and grab a quick bite and some cold beer" Sometimes I do. That is less than 1% of the time I go out to eat.

If you are so concerned about dirt and smokers interfering with your dining experience, I guess you've never hung out in many kitchens.

I'm curious what is narcissistic about adopting a dog from a shelter and caring for it? Do tell, Jane!


The best part about this is that it annoys people like Jane. So I know that if a restaurant adopts this people like Jane won't be there. So I will go there. See Jane whine.

I think, it is a great .

Thank you.

Kids, dogs, little cats wearing suits and ties....C'mon people, can't well just get along?!?

A lot of dog hate, coming from a state that was recently polled as favoring dogs over cats. I think people are loosing the fact that A) Restaurants don't "need" to allow dogs, but may wish to do so if their clientele prefer it; and, B) Would only apply to outside areas. The Natalie's of the world may love their dog, but hold the line at bestowing that love at the cafe, but my dogs "love" me for the long walks I provide, which often lead me to my neighborhood cafe, bakery or evening stroll to Emack and Bolio's for dessert. We love to sit, rest up, enjoy a snack, take a water break, and continue on. It's a nice way to be social, while also providing them with much needed exercise. There will be plenty of places to eat for those who have less than a mutual appreciation for their four-legged friends.

As someone who vacations with her dog, I can say that we often find ourselves looking for places with outdoor seating where dogs are welcome - it's often too hot to leave the dog in the car while we're eating and hotels/rental places don't like you to leave your dog in the room or rented house. Dog-friendly patios offer a nice alternative to getting to-go food and the dog gets to clean up any crumbs left by us or other customers.

A dog goes into 677 Prime and orders an 18 ounce dry aged steak. The waiter says, “You don’t see dogs in here eating steak very often.” The dog says, “At these prices, I’m not surprised.”

How much did this bill cost taxpayers?

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