Pulled pork plate at Middleburgers BBQ

Middleburgers pulled pork plate

By Deanna Fox

Here's my theory on where to find good food: If the parking lot is full of a diverse array of cars, from luxury SUVs to old jalopies, the likelihood good food will be there is high.

Middleburgers, an old food trailer given a permanent home in the middle of a field, is a great example of that. Many times I have driven by, but never ventured to stop. That finally changed last month after a hike up Vroman's Nose, when I initially drove past, saw the bevy of cars in the gravel lot, and swiftly pulled a U-turn to check it out.

Good barbecue isn't hard to find in Upstate New York; great barbecue, however, is another matter entirely. And if Middleburgers -- aptly named and found in the town of Middleburgh -- is any indication, an overlooked field is the best place to find it.

Middleburgers exterior 2016-May

We ordered the Carolina-style pulled pork plate ($10), which comes with fries and cornbread. The pork is slathered with vinegar sauce, which helps to brighten the dish with a hit of acidity. The astringent nature of apple cider vinegar is mellowed by the long, slow cooking process that makes the pork positively fall apart with the most gentle pressure of a fork. It was juicy, tender, flavorful, and had little bits of bark throughout like surprise gastronomic confetti of happiness.

Middleburgers pulled pork plate low angle

The cornbread was also surprisingly tender. Compare it to a soft white Pullman loaf versus a hearty farmer's boule: This cornbread maintained great corn flavor without the gritty cornmeal mouthfeel of other versions. It was almost as though it relied on pastry flour. Be warned: The tender crumb means it will easily fall apart if you try to pick it up whole. Pick at it in bite-sized portions.

As good as everything else was, the fries may have stolen the show. It would be hard to say that they are the best this particular food writer has ever had, but not impossible. A perfectly crisp exterior and creamy, smooth interior is made impossible to resist with a flourish of coarse kosher salt.

Middleburgers exterior window 2016-May

Service was speedy and straightforward, and a big, friendly black labrador eagerly announces your arrival. He will then keep you company under the picnic table in a way that is non-obtrusive but definitely makes you know that he is there, waiting, just in case you can't finish all of your meal. Let him lick your kids clean when they are done eating.

Middleburgers view 2016-May

This is definitely a place to bring your kids, too. Everything is clean and well-maintained, but again, it's in the middle of an old hayfield. When the kids get anxious but you haven't finished your ribs, let them run around and burn off the energy.

Tax, tip, and two cans of pop came to $15, a price well worth every penny. Hamburgers (middleburgers) and hotdogs, as well as other grill and barbecue items (ribs, brisket) are available, as is ice cream and milkshakes.

Deanna Fox writes about many things, mostly about food. More can be found on her website, Twitter, or Instagram.

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Find It

Middleburgers BBQ
110 Frisbieville Road
Schoharie, NY 12157


I love this little place! Try the brisket.

I too have passed that place on many occasions without stopping. I guess it was an error - thanks for forcing me to stop the next time!

BTW, "pop"?? We call it soda around these parts... ;-))

Middleburgh is the new Brooklyn.

The burgers are terrific too, and the hush puppies are my favorite!

Can't wait to give it a try next time we hike Vrooman's Nose.

C'mon no pictures of the dog?!

I live right in Middleburgh and aside from knowing the owners and workers, I come here not only for a visit once a week, but for the Fantastic food! I usually order the Bacon Bleu Cheese Burger, something my son turned me onto and fries. This burger is smoothered with "Great" Bleu Cheese, Onions, and all the fixins....melts in your mouth and then you want another on to take home for later......the fries are the best around to, crispy and flavorful.....on some occasions I order the chicken tenders, too die for!!!! I try to come once a week, glad I live about 5 miles from here, otherwise I would be there more often.......Kuddos to Angelica and Erik, (Kaleb and Dotty)

The burgers are not to be over looked. Try the Bacon Blue, you won't be disappointed.

That's so strange because I remember being served typical Sysco fare at that place a year or two back: processed/reconstituted meat already mixed with sour and not-so-tasty sauce.

I agree with Lu - I live in Schoharie County and tried the place 2 years ago and didn't even finish my food. Tasted like it was straight from the Sysco truck and the fries were kind of gross too. Same, original owner so not sure what changed. I might have to try it again to see if it did change. If you're going to try a place in Schoharie County, you have to eat at the Main st. Bistro in Sharon Springs. Excellent food. All other places in the area with good yelp reviews are just locals that don't know what real food tastes like.

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