Poll: the Faso/Delgado election for the NY-19 is close, trying to pin down Schoharie crash limo company owner, Madison Theater update

+ The Siena poll out Sunday reports that the gap between Andrew Cuomo and Marc Molinaro has been narrowing, and Andrew Cuomo's favorability rating is at the lowest point of his eight years in office. The new poll has Molinaro invoking George Pataki's win over Mario Cuomo. [SRI] [Politico]
+ How control of the state Senate could end being decided by just one seat, and the implications a shift in the chamber could have for New York State. [NYT]
+ A Siena/NYT poll pegs the Faso/Delgado election for the NY-19 to be within the margin of error. Shane Goldmacher on Faso/Delgado in the NY-19: "It is a battle, in miniature, of the same fault lines and forces buffeting the midterms across the country, with Democrats blitzing Republicans on health care and Republicans trying to rally their base by leveraging sometimes inflammatory cultural issues." [NYT x2]
+ There's been a big upswing in the number of absentee ballots issued in New York State relative to the previous midterm election. [TU]
+ The Daily Gazette's election guide.
+ Sara Foss would like you to vote. [Daily Gazette]

Schoharie limo crash
The Times Union follows the many business, social, and law enforcement threads involving Shahed Hussain, the owner of the limo company involved in the Schoharie crash: "Less than a month after the Oct. 6 Schoharie County crash that killed 20 people, the owner of the Wilton-based Prestige Limousine remains a very hard man to pin down." [TU]


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Fatal Route 20 crash
One person died in the crash that closed Route 20 in Schodack Monday morning. [WNYT]

Troy drive-by shooting description
A teen described what it was like being in the car hit by a drive-by shooting in Troy last week -- TPD has yet to make an arrest. [TU]

Albany police response near Southern Blvd
The Albany Police Department deployed its Emergency Services Team to Kenosha Street near Southern Blvd Saturday afternoon it says it received a report "that a emotionally disturbed man could be inside of a home with a weapon." APD says a man ended up being taken in for evaluation. [@APDSmith] [CBS6]

Albany County Land Bank
The Albany County Land Bank is getting $2 million via the state Attorney General's office for demolitions, stabilizations, and cleanup. [TU]

Levels and the SLA
A group of elected officials who represent parts of Albany say they believe the owners of Levels Banquet Hall on Pearl Street have been judged unfairly by the State Liquor Authority following a fatal shooting there last year -- they're raising money to help with legal costs for the venue to get its liquor license back. [TU]

Troy farmer's market and the Atrium
Chris Churchill floats the idea of the Atrium being redeveloped in some way as a permanent home of the Troy Waterfront Farmer's Market. (There's a public meeting about the future of the market this Wednesday.) [TU]

Union College history
A short trip through the history of Union's presidents. [Daily Gazette]

Madison Theater
The president of the real estate group that now owns the Madison Theater building in Albany says the owners of the planned Cosmic Cinemas is now aiming to open in December. [Biz Review]

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