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Skipping ahead to the good parts

salt trailer 2 ESP

Hey, that's not Washington, DC...

Amy pointed out recently that both Salt and The Other Guys are now available for streaming from Netflix -- which makes it a lot easier to just watch the scenes shot in Albany.

If you're so inclined, here's where the Albany scenes show up...

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What about The Other Guys?

other guys grab 1

A shot from the opening scene of The Other Guys -- the sequence was filmed in downtown Albany.

The Other Guys, the Will Ferrell-Mark Wahlberg cop comedy that shot a scene in Albany, is in theaters today.

Is it any good? Metacritic gives it a score of 64 (generally favorable reviews). And Rotten Tomatoes gives it a 79 percent (certified fresh).

Here are a few clips from reviews...

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The Other Guys trailer

Check it out: the trailer for The Other Guys, one of the films that shot in downtown Albany last year, is now online:

You can see bits of Albany here and there -- if you look closely and don't blink. A few examples (with matching spectator video) are after the jump.

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Flipping over the Other Guys

Check out this video posted by YouTube user rimcrae -- it's of a van crashing/flipping over during the Other Guys shoot on Friday in downtown Albany:

You can see the crew run over to the van after it skids to a stop -- the stunt wasn't supposed to go exactly like that, apparently. It looked like everyone was OK.

Filming here in Albany on the movie wrapped this past weekend. There are a bunch of clips on YouTube of the locally-shot scenes -- including this Sunday's helicopter stunt.

Reaction to APD shame sign, man found dead near the Egg, Paterson and Ravitch reportedly at odds, Other Guys shoot wraps, local woman on Jeopardy tonight

A spokesman for the APD says the light-up sign on Central Ave that's set to display the names of people arrested for soliciting prostitute is no different from mug shots appearing in the local news. The spokesman says city attorneys don't foresee any legal issues with the sign. Defense attorneys aren't so sure about that. [CBS6] [WNYT] [Fox23] [TU]

A state Supreme Court judge has thrown out 39 of the allegedly fraudulent Troy absentee ballots. [TU]

A man was found dead Saturday morning at the foot of the ESP wall below the Egg near Lancaster Street. Police say they're investigating, though it appears the man fell. [Troy Record] [Fox23] [WNYT]

GlobalFoundries' "Fab 1" in Dresden, Germany -- which was built by AMD in 1998 -- is now at the center of a cluster that employs 35,000 people. [Saratogian]

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Special prosecutor appointed for Troy absentee ballot case, Breslin reportedly calls Espada a crook, healthcare workers protest flu shot requirement, brown bats threatened by fungus

A special prosecutor has been appointed to look into the allegations of absentee ballot fraud in Troy. The city housing authority has also locked down the office an employee accused of participating in the alleged scheme, which would have benefited Democrats. Democratic city councilman Clem Campana said yesterday he's "done nothing wrong." And the Rensselaer County Democratic chairman struck back at Republican Bob Mirch, who brought the alleged to scheme light, saying, "Mirch wrote the book on absentee ballot corruption." [Troy Record] [TU] [CapNews9] [WTEN]

Neil Breslin reportedly told a church crowd in Bethlehem this past weekend that Pedro Espada is a "crook" who "should be in jail." He also apparently told the crowd that Espada doesn't actually live in his Bronx district. Breslin has been talking recently about organizing a reform group in the state Senate because he's "embarrassed" by what's gone on in the chamber. [PolitickerNY] [Jay Gallagher] [Daily Politics]

De Von Callicutt, the 19-year-old accused of firing that shot that killed UAlbany student Richard Bailey, showed up in court yesterday without a lawyer. That's the second time his arraignment has been delayed for that reason. Callicutt is already in state prison for a different crime. [TU] [WTEN] [CapNews9]

Schenectady police have arrested a man for last September's Albany St. murder. [TU]

Personal information for 300,000 state and local employees could be at risk because of a security breach at Express Scripts, the company that manages pharmacy benefits for the Empire Plan. Hackers apparently stole the information last year and have been trying to extort the company. Letters notifying people of the breach went out to some local state workers during the past two weeks. [TU] [CNET] [Fox23] [CBS6]

Saratoga Springs' school superintendent says the district may reconsider its ban on elementary and middle school students biking or walking to school. [TU]

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Speeding Car + Ramp + Bus = Yeah!

Check out this video clip from the Other Guys shoot this past weekend in downtown Albany:

There's a clip of the same stunt, from a different angle, after the jump (the sound is better on the second clip).

And check out the pic Brian posted of the car stuck in the side of the bus.

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More from the Other Guys shoot



B captured this photo from The Other Guys shoot in downtown Albany. He has a handful of others, including one that shows a prop guy holding an enormous gun, posted in a photoset. (Brian snapped a few pictures yesterday, too.)

An article in the TU today also included a bunch of good photos. Interesting fact from the piece: the days of shooting here will result in all of three minutes of movie.

Earlier on AOA: Detours and parking restrictions related to the shoot

photo: B

The Other Guys shoot in Albany

other guys shoot 1

It's a spoof of buddy cop movies.

Check out the pic Brian took this morning at the shoot of that Will Ferrell/Mark Wahlberg movie in downtown Albany near Broadway and State.

The film crew is scheduled to be in town through next Monday shooting action shots and exteriors. Apparently none of the headlining stars will be here.

A few more photos after the jump.

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Detours/parking restrictions for that Will Ferrell movie shoot

Map created by Craig -- here's a bigger version

Hollywood is in town, which is either exciting or annoying, depending on where you live and where you work. Next week Columbia Pictures will start shooting in Albany for the Will Ferrell/Mark Wahlberg movie "The Other Guys."

Since the scenes will be shot on the streets of downtown Albany, parts of downtown will be closed to road and pedestrian traffic. So if you live or work downtown, you're going to
need to plan ahead. And if you just want know ... gawk at movie stars (well, stunt people) and take pictures, you'll know need to know where to do that too.

Scheduled closings and detours and filming sites after the jump:

(Thanks B.!)

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Waiting four hours for your 15 minutes

Casting call line.JPG

Yep, it wrapped around the corner of State Street.

So on Saturday we thought we'd head over to the Crowne Plaza and check out the casting call for extras The Other Guys, that that Will Ferrell/Mark Wahlberg movie that's shooting in Albany.


We stopped by about an hour after things got going. By then the line wrapped around a ballroom twice, down a long corridor, out the door and down the block. Eventually it rounded the corner of State Street.

Over a thousand people showed up for at for the casting call. Who was there? It was a mix of professional and amateur actors and folks who were just out to have a little fun and maybe get a few seconds of screen time. Some people waited up to four hours for a two minute interview with the casting director.

A few more pictures of the scene after the jump.

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Will Ferrell movie shooting in Albany

will ferrell anchorman

The movie is being directed by the same guy who directed Anchorman.

So you didn't get your car into the highway scene in Salt and you weren't cast as a hippie in Taking Woodstock? Well, you've got another chance to grab a few seconds of big screen fame. Hollywood is coming back to A-Town and they're looking for extras.

Columbia Pictures will be casting extras for an upcoming Will Ferrell movie called The Other Guys. There's an open casting call on Saturday from 9AM-8PM at The Crown Plaza in Albany.

The movie also stars Mark Wahlberg and Craig Robinson (Darryl, from The Office).

Shooting is scheduled for September 23rd through October 4th. No word yet on what the movie is about, exactly where they're filming or if Ferrell or the other stars will be in town for the shoot. Update: The TU reports that there will be some shooting in downtown Albany.

(Thanks, K!)

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