Lining up for Salt

line for Salt premiere tickets at The Palace

They really want to see Angelina on 787.

Mike sent along this picture of people camped out this morning around 9 am for the last 300 tickets for the Salt premiere at the Palace Theatre.

The tickets were released at 10 am, but the line had formed long before that. Shelley Thomas, the box office manager at the Palace, told us that people started lining up at 6 am this morning. At 10 am, she says they gave out all the remaining tickets to people in the line.

The Albany Salt premiere is July 22. It opens July 23.

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photo: Mike Wren


Don't get me wrong, I think the Salt thing is cool, but this amount of craziness about having a few shots of our interstate in a movie is so illustrative of Albany's weird sense of pride in itself.

It's times like this that I see Albany as the pretty girl with low self esteem, normally so down on herself until the handsome quarterback (Hollywood) smiles at her from across the cafeteria.

I had hoped to get a ticket to see this, I got to see parts of the chase scene being filmed right outside where I work.
I'm a fan of Liev Schreiber but I don't care for Angelina so I don't plan on spending money to see it in theaters. So free would have been perfect.
I knew on Friday when they went as fast as they did that I couldn't get any on Monday, I am surprised people were at the Palace at 6 though!

The fervor over free tickets is bizarre. Paying to see a movie in Albany- that was filmed in Albany- is a really good thing. We want more movies filmed here to bring in more money for the city. Why would we want to cheat our local movie theaters out of that profit?

If Albanians are so proud of Albany that they'll wait in line at 6am for a free ticket to a movie that filmed two minutes of its entire run-time, they'd be proud enough to drop ten or so bucks on a local business. Spectrum is playing it as I'm sure drive-ins will. Just deal and pay up.

I smell an AOA event. How about an AOA Salt confab? I'm thinking Spectrum, drinks before, after. Haven't been to Sam's in years, etc. Would be way cooler than the Palace thing.



ps. Don't forget those Spectrum gift certificates, folks. ~$70 for ten shows. You know somebody who'd love that.

I got free tickets, four on Friday and four on Monday. I waited in line (I'm in the photograph). My car was used in the movie. I live locally. I won't cheat the local theaters out of a profit as I'll probably see the movie in the theater Friday after seeing it at the Palace on Thursday night. I'm not an aquaintance of the mayor. I'm just an Albany County resident who went to the casting for SALT, got called to participate, has the patience and time to wait in line for free tickets, and who likes movies, especially those filmed right here in Downtown Albany!

If I were going to pick a movie to see with the AOA crowd I'd put up Ironweed over Salt. I'd stick with the Spectrum, but I'd ditch Sam's. Perhaps a post film wrap up at the Wine-n-Diner?

To me, that sounds a lot more like AOA.

I like Daniel B.'s idea!

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