ShopRite for the Capital Region?

shoprite logoThe ShopRite supermarket chain is reportedly looking to build a store on Central Ave in Albany, according to Carol DeMare's story in the TU this morning about plans for the Capital OTB tele-theater site. "Sources" say as many as three ShopRites could be built in the area.

This is an interesting development because ShopRite would be the first full-scale supermarket alternative to the Price Chopper/Hannaford/Walmart trio since Grand Union dissolved. And competition is rarely a bad thing for consumers.

Also, for all the people pining for a Wegmans -- it would seem that adding yet another full-scale chain to this market wouldn't exactly make the Capttal Region a more attractive place for the W.

ShopRite ranked #22 in Consumer Reports' 2009 survey of supermarket chains, right behind Hannaford. Price Chopper was #27 -- though all three chains had roughly the same score.

We can't remember ever being in a ShopRite, though we've seen a bunch of them in New Jersey. Has anyone shopped there? What's the scoop? Would a Capital Region ShopRite prompt you to switch?

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We had Shop Rite's in the area up until' the 1980's. I believe they got bought out by Great American.

I grew up downstate (Orange County), and ShopRite was the only game in town back then. My mom still shops there, even though she has many more (and better) choices: PC, Hannaford, Stop n Shop.

I have nothing nice to say about ShopRite. The stores are always dirty, the aisles are too narrow, the meat department smells like death, and the employees are surly.

It's pretty nasty. I don't know why my mom still goes there, except maybe lower prices? And double coupons, which stores up here don't offer because there's so little competition.

I would NEVER shop at ShopRite if they came here.

Wasn't there a Shoprite in Westgate Plaza a long time ago back when Duane's Toyland and Woolworth where all there. PC was where the Home Depot was.

There used to be Shop Rites in the Capital District, as recently as maybe 15 years ago. If I recall, it was one of the only grocery store chains in the area to unionize its workers. If I recall correctly, one of the Shop Rite locations was on Western Avenue, where the Hollywood Video rental place is now.

The customer service usually blows, but the prices aren't bad. I'd rather see a Wegman's come to the area.

They're no different than a typical PC. Grew up in the heart of ShopRite/Grand Union territory. If Grand Union was the Hannaford-style, ShopRite was the PC-style. Reasonable prices, a little more blue-collar, etc, etc.

Like Kathy said above, we had Shop Rite in the area years ago. It used to be on Wolf Rd. I wasn't a fan of it then, and i'm still not a fan of it now.

There was a ShopRite on Western Ave in the 1980's (Uncommon Grounds is in that plaza now) it was a very good store. They pulled out because of the Price Chopper / Hannaford price wars. Great American moved into the space, and it was a lousy store (pains me to say it since it was based out of my hometown)

ShopRite had better step up it's game if it expects to compete.

This is where I often had to shop when I lived in Ulster County. The only real benefit, in my mind, was that when you used their equivalent of Price Chopper's advantage card, you could rack up miles through Continental Airlines. I earned a lot of extra miles that way.

As others have stated there were a few Shop Rite's in the early 80's. I think what is now Home Depot on Central Ave. was also a Shop Rite/Caldor combo....anyone else remember that or did I make it up? :)

Oh man, I really like Shop Rite! I grew up with them, and I still go to them whenever I go visit my Dad downstate. Malt! And that damn Can-Can sale song that I still have in my head about 15 years later.

I don't know. There's something about it I like. The rolls. Oh god, they nail hard rolls. I think that was one of them. And the malt powder. And they do run some mean sales downstate. Hopefully they'll continue the trend up here instead of our often anemic sales.

But yeah, somehow the stores there do need a redesign and seem worn/dirty even when they're bleached. And produce is usually on the expensive side if it's not on sale.

Growing up in CT, Shop Rite was the LAST place my family would go grocery shopping. It was in the dingiest strip mall and dirty on the inside. Stop & Shop was usually the best in the area.

I grew up in Sullivan County and I've got to tell you, I would never shop at a Shop Rite in the Capital Region. I've had better experiences at PChop and Hannaford. We need a Wegman's more than we need a Shop Rite.

Yea, also a downstater who grew up with Shop Rite. Would never go out of my way to go to one.

While I think it's totally unnecessary to build a supermarket within a mile of two others, I have to stick up for ShopRite. I grew up with them downstate, and while the comments above were definitely true 15 years ago, many ShopRites have been rehabbed. The ones I've visited in the last five or so years haven't been any worse than the average Price Chopper (which isn't saying a lot, but still).

Comments from Twitter:

@esposj: just another supermarket. Mom shops at one in NJ

@pinkriverdolphn: they used to be all over the place, great store brand "Chinese noodles"

@mastodon: its another grocery store, its all we had downstate

@tenner: I concur with @esposj. I grew up near a ShopRite in NJ and it was indistinguishable from any other supermarket.

@WendyTrue54: Blech. Their stores are AWFUL.

@BraytonGraphics: it's true - and by all means, what ever you do, do not get the produce!!! RT @WendyTrue54: Blech. Their stores are AWFUL.

@AlbanyEats: Man, now I think my

@lilithny: I've grown up on Shoprite. Still shop at them. I'm actually heading over to one right now.

There was a Shoprite on wolf rd in the 80's where Bed Bath and Beyond is and also on Western Ave where uncommon grounds is. . Where Home Depot is was the PC Caldor combo was.

There's a Shop Rite in Hudson. Haven't been there in awhile...but from what I remember, most of the comments above pretty much have it right. Dirty, narrow aisles, etc. But a new building would have to nice and clean for a little while right?! And maybe some more competition would make PC lower its prices!

There used to be a ShopRite in Catskill in the 80s (right next to Jamesway). I was a little kid but I remember it being gross and dirty. Then again everything in Catskill qualifies as gross and dirty...

I remember going to the Wolf Road ShopRite...right after going to Hermans for roller skates and the record store for David Bowie albums!

My partner's father lives near West Point and buys a lot at ShopRite, whenever he comes up for a visit, he brings us a Jeep Cherokee full of groceries from there. He gets some pretty good food and at good prices.

There was a Shop Rite in New Paltz when I lived there. In fairness, I lived in Highland, just down the road from a REALLY NICE Hannaford, so it was out of my way, however even if it wasn't, the store was a dump. I don't think all of them are, but this one was.

Now, Stop and Shop, on the other hand, I'd be a little more excited about. Not as excited as I would be for Wegman's or Trader Joe's, but it would be an improvement.

Many years ago they carried this really wonderful store brand California Style cottage cheese. I wonder if they still have it. Grandma, mom and me could have lived on the stuff.

Wow, looks like the entire city of Albany already left the comment I was going to make about Shop Rite being here in the 80s. There used to be a decent sized grocery store called "Star Market" on the corner of West Lawrence & Central ave too. I wonder if that was part of a chain, or what. I'd be curious to find out what happened to it.

I miss one thing from the old ShopRite: their Black Raspberry ice cream was delicious, and they sold their half gallons in round boxes instead of bricks. If they still have THAT, then I'll buy some.

There is a ShopRite in Hudson, Ny (columbia county)

Arielle, Star was a locally owned chain. I think there were about a dozen stores, but I only really remember the one on Central and Lawrence. When I was little, I loved their potato salad and roasted chickens.

Another store I remember and miss is the old Albany Public Market at Westgate. It seemed huge to me as a child. I loved their corn muffins (I can't quite replicate them at home) and the ice cream that was sold in half gallons blocks with a wonderful colorful circus motif on the package.

There was a Shop Rite in Menands where the Price Chopper is now! Across from the old Two Guys building!

A Shop Rite in the capital District would be awesome. When we vacation in NJ that's where we shop and their deli is great ; cold cuts and meats are very good ,too . I 'd be very happy . Thanks .

ShopRite back in the 80's was waaaay different than the ones they build today. Their selection of products is better than anything PC or Hannaford has. Just look at the PC's closing in the
Hudson Valley wherever SR's are built.

Shop Rite is still in some areas and I've been told lately by a friend that they are the only chain around that offers double coupons. I know alot of people in this area are doing ok but a lot are not and coul use the great savings from coupons that actually make a difference on the bill at the end of shopping for the family groceries. I say the more competition the better for the consumer.

They are expensive now, the store here in niskayuna is always packed, but i shopped in there once and havent been back because they are too expensive...i think if they go to albany, they arent going to last might be a waste of time...

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