What about Wegmans?

wegmans store exterior in new jersey

Does the fact that people know they can't have it make them want it more?

Update July 2012: There continue to be lots of rumors. Here's some discussion about all that.

Yep, the Capital Region just got ShopRite, and soon we'll have Trader Joe's, and sometime after that a Whole Foods.

And, yet, the clamoring continues: What about Wegmans?

A spokeswoman for the chain told us today that they are not planning on setting up shop in the Capital Region anytime soon. Jeanne Colleluori says the company is focused on New England -- Wegmans recently opened a store in Northborough, Massachusetts and is building another in Newton, Massachusetts -- and the Mid-Atlantic regions right now.

The latest Capital Region Wegmans rumor is a store at the Latham Circle Mall site (we think we've heard this from about 100 different people). But the company has no plans to build any new stores in New York this year, according to Colleluori. And she says the Capital Region is not part of their four year plan.

"We do receive a lot of requests from the Albany area, and there seems to be a lot of curiosity about why we haven't opened up a store there yet," said Colleluori.

She dismissed the idea of the legendary "agreement" with Price Chopper. "I think you have to look at this from a business perspective, and businesses are looking to go where they can build the most profitable stores. And right now we're looking at what is best for our company."

What criteria do they look for when selecting spots for their new stores? "A number of criteria," Colleluori says. "Enough land -- our stores tend to be very large and we need a large piece of land for our store and the parking lot. Great roadways, growing populations, growing businesses and a population where we will be able to draw employees. We also have to think about how a new store will affect distribution and transportation departments as far as where we are sending trucks. And they consider these requests."

So, does Wegmans ever re-think its four year plan?

"People in our real estate department are always looking out for new opportunities, and whenever someone calls our consumer affairs office and requests a store, those requests go to our real estate department, so they see where the clamor is and they know what the people are looking for. In 2011 we received 4,416 requests to build a new Wegmans store from different places. Including Europe."

No, says Colleluori, they're not setting up in Europe, either.

By the way: As late as October 2011, Trader Joe's was saying the Albany metro was not in its two-year plan. Three months later... it was.

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Sounds like a new project for Bruce Roter!

Hey Wegs, how about some love on the other side of the river? East Greenbush could totally use a Wegmans. Or anything, really.

If I were Wegmans I would also be disinclined to build in Albany at this point. Maybe 5-10 years ago there was a window, but I would guess that it's closed now with the intense competition moving into the area.

how many grocery stores do we need?

Pete - Just one. Its name is Wegmans.

The time is NOW for Wegmans to make a move to Albany. With Price Choppers ill conceived decision to change the gas advantage program earlier this week, thousands of people in the Capital Region have yet another reason to stop supporting them. For those who have never visited a Wegmans, you don't know what you are missing. It is truly an experience. A MESSAGE TO DANNY WEGMAN: The Capital Region would welcome you and the entire Wegmans team with open arms! Now is your moment... one store is all we need!

How about a great local grocery store, rather than begging for everybody elses chains?

How many grocery stores do Albany and Colonie need? How about some other options outside these two communities?

What is it about this site's obsession with new grocery stores? Especially the 'yipee!' girl responses from what appears to be the most superficial, short sighted, disloyal and cheap consumerists among us? Turning one box store into another, or building one from ground up is probably the least sustainable thing you can do for our area. Thanks so much for promoting it. You ingnorant sheep.

Rensselaer County for Wegmans! It is the only grocery store I'll get excited about.

Yipeee for Wegmans.

From Buffalo -- love and miss Wegmans. But they'd be smart to move into a place like Malta, growing, with lots of new high-tech jobs.

I was thinking the same thing, nemo. If they've been watching the national news recently, I'd hope they would think the Malta-area is ideal. Rapidly growing population, right off the northway, hug upside population-wise...

There are barely any grocery stores north of Latham. If you don't want to go to price chopper or hannaford, too bad. So i agree with the Malta comment.

I find it hard to believe that there's money to be made in Binghamton and Erie PA, than there is in the capital district. The secret agreement between Price Chopper and Wegmans is now exposed. The only way Wegmans comes to Albany/Saratoga area is for Price Chopper to go bankrupt.

Boycott Price Chopper, if you want Wegmans here

Yes, please build a Wegmans in the Capitol region! I live near Rochester. My daughter and her family live in Mechanicville. When she knows I'm coming to visit, she sends me a grocery list of items to bring her from Wegmans that she can't buy at Price Chopper or Hannaford. She'd prefer to do her own shopping (and so would I!).

forget grocery stores what we really want/need is IKEA

Wegmans is not going to admit they are coming to the capital region otherwise Neal Golub will chase them away again. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to have a wegmans here!! :)

Please bring Wegman's to East Greenbush or Schodack.. I have visited them in Syracuse and wish they were closer . They are clean, have large variety of produce and products along with class .
the people working there are helpful and so nice. ..

I am sick of having to go to Latham (Fresh Market) and Albany for my shopping needs..

Price chopper and Hannaford just keep sinking in quality and raising prices ..

The problem with the Capital District is most people have never shopped at Wegmans. I lived in Syrcuse for 2 yrs. and was fortunate enough to have the store to shop in. In my opinion, having gone to culinary school, and being a foodie, it is the best grocery store I have ever been in. Price Chopper and Hanaford need some major competition, and Wegmans is the store to do it. As it has been said, "build it and they will come". What are they waiting for, I love this store....better than all of them.
How can I help get them here???

If you don't understand why some people on here want a Wegmans so badly, you don't appreciate how amazing Wegmans is. It's not just a grocery store, it's a way of life.

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