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The new Zaitoon Kitchen location is open

The new Zaitoon Kitchen at Crossgates Commons in Albany opens today. It's in the former Noodles & Co. spot near the McDonald's. This is the second local Zaitoon location -- the first opened near the Latham Circle last year. Its menu includes a lineup of dishes inspired by Afghan and... (read the rest)

A tasting tour of the new-school burger chains

We have a string of burger-related posts this week -- let's call it a fast-casual theme week. There's been a recent boomlet of new-school burger chains in the Capital Region. Smashburger, Burger 21, and BurgerFi have all opened locations here during the last year or so, with at least one... (read the rest)

BurgerFi, and the burger boom

The latest local entry into the field of fast casual burger spots -- BurgerFi -- opens today in Latham. "I thought it was a great concept," Angelo Mazzone said Tuesday during a media preview. The local hospitality group king is one of the backers of the local franchise, along with... (read the rest)

Scheduled for arrival: BurgerFi

Upscale burger chains are (whatever the old thing was). Announced Wednesday: The fast casual chain BurgerFi will be setting up in Latham this spring, with another location planned for Saratoga Springs. The Capital Region locations are a joint venture between members of the Lia family (of auto group fame) and... (read the rest)

The week ahead

Here are a few things to keep in mind, look forward to, or keep busy with this week, from the weather (lots of snow to start), to Laverne Cox, to Peter Carey, to entrepreneurs, to Hannibal Buress, to cooking classes, to music...... (read the rest)

Checking out the Price Chopper Market Bistro

The new Price Chopper Market Bistro -- the company's long-planned concept store in Latham -- is just about ready for its grand opening. But you can check out much of what's new right now, as we did this week when we got a tour. There's been a lot of change... (read the rest)

Meat House Stuyvesant Plaza

The third Capital Region location for the Meat House, a chain of specialty butcher shops, opens today at Stuyvesant Plaza in Albany. There were already locations in Wilton and Clifton Park. (Observed: the Meat House's three local locations have all popped up right near Chipotles. Foodie coincidence?)... (read the rest)

New Hattie's location

Hattie's reports on its Facebook page that it's opening a location in Wilton -- in the strip mall that includes Chipotle and the Meat House. It says the location will open this fall. [via @jengonroff] Earlier on AOA: Macaroni and cheese at Hattie's... (read the rest)

Three shot in Poestenkill home, municipal budgets in bad shape, Fresh Market aiming for August opening in Latham

Police say an elderly man shot two people at his home in Poestenkill yesterday afternoon then turned the gun on himself (map). They say the shooter, Robert Pryor, died. They say the two people he shot -- his daughter and his granddaughter's boyfriend -- survived and are in serious and... (read the rest)

Lunch Week lunches, second course

As promised, here's the second course of Lunch Week lunch photos. Don't miss the first course. The photo above is Bennett and Sebastien enjoying lunch at their own impromptu bistro on the Empire State Plaza. From Sebastien's account: On the menu? I brought a bottle of Sauvignon blanc and what... (read the rest)

Another Chipotle

Chris Churchill reports that Chipotle is planning a new location for Wolf Road. Hmm... that's rather close to the Latham location. We would have thought the next spot for burrito bowls would have been in Guilderland, Albany or one of the Bushes.... (read the rest)

A quick recap of the week

Here are a few highlights from the past week on AOA: + NPR posted Phantogram's soon-to-be released album Eyelid Movies (and it's good!). + Tom Reiner talked about taking over Debbie's Kitchen. + The legalization of mixed martial arts in New York State didn't do so well in a poll.... (read the rest)

The burrito bowl at Chipotle

Now that the Capital Region has not one, but two Chipotles, we figured we'd share our favorite thing to get when we eat there.... (read the rest)

A quick recap of the week

Here are a few highlights from the past week on AOA: + RPI's Shirley Ann Jackson topped a college president compensation chart. + Nicole's vintage coat caught our eye. + The "bigger, better" bottle bill took effect. + Jess told us about a consignment shop that sounds like a farm... (read the rest)

Behind the counter

Daniel B, Albany Jane and Kristi G got the media tour of the soon-to-be-open Chipotle in Latham last night. And the reports were positive. Daniel was relatively pleased by the food prep methods. AJ is in love with the burritos. And Kristi enjoyed the guac. Let's hope this location can... (read the rest)

A quick recap of the week

Here are a few highlights from the past week on AOA: + Jess told us about some local blacksmiths. + Paul, Sebastien and Upstater sent along some great photos of BalloonFest, Oktoberfest and the Dutch ships. + The Other Guys shoot sent a car flying into the side of a... (read the rest)

Latham Chipotle scheduled for November open

The long-developing Chipotle in Latham is tentatively scheduled to open November 6, according to company spokesman Chris Arnold. He says the date "could still change a bit." The restaurant will be located at the intersection of Route 7 and Wade Rd. The Capital Region's first Chipotle opened in Wilton this... (read the rest)

Not so hot

It seems the Wilton Chipotle -- the first of the three planned for the Capital Region -- is still working out some kinks. The company confirmed it's been having guacamole problems.... (read the rest)

A quick recap of the week

Here are a few highlights from the past week on AOA: + Laura checked out the new Chipotle in Wilton. + Jess explored a little piece of Latin America in Albany. + Justin toured the USS Slater. + It was really hot for a few days. + The Albany Firebirds... (read the rest)

The Capital Region's first taste of Chipotle

Lots of people in the Capital Region have been excited about the impending arrival of Chipotle. I'd never been to a Chipotle, so I didn't quite see what all the fuss was about. And since I live in Albany, Wilton is sort of a haul for a burrito . Still,... (read the rest)

The week of free food

For whatever reason, this is the Week of Free Food in the Capital Region: Today (April 20): free burritos at Bombers (though you should make a donation to the Boys and Girls Club while you're there) Tuesday (April 21): free cone day at Ben and Jerry's Wednesday (April 22): free... (read the rest)

Free Chipotle

The new Chipotle in Wilton, scheduled to officially open April 24, will be giving away free burritos April 23. The Post-Star's Drew Kerr has the details. (Earlier: Chipotle coming to the Capital Region)... (read the rest)

Chipotle coming to the Capital Region

There was a story floating around last year that a Chipotle was opening in Latham. But months passed and nothing happened. It seemed like the Capital Region would continue to be burrito bol-less. Then we saw Ellie's comment today about a Chipotle in Wilton. So we called up Chipotle and... (read the rest)

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