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Family business

New York State has a prohibition on chain state liquor stores and sales of wine and liquor in supermarkets. As it happens, members of the Wegman family -- of the famous supermarket chain -- collectively own a group of liquor stores in the state, some of which are located next... (read the rest)

Capital Region county fairs 2018

We're heading into the second half of the summer and that means county fair season. The Saratoga County Fair in Ballston Spa started Tuesday. And as August arrives, there will be a county fair somewhere around the region pretty much each week through Labor Day. County fairs are remarkably long-recurring... (read the rest)

Where Upstate cities are mentioned

Filed under the Mental Geographies of Upstate: We were playing around with this Twitter word mapper over at Quartz during the break -- it maps the frequency of use of words on Twitter in US counties -- and dropped in the names of Upstate's major cities to get (another) smudgy... (read the rest)

Talking supermarkets with an industry analyst

To cap off Supermarket Week, we thought it'd be interesting to get an outside view of the supermarket scene and why some chains do or don't end locating in metro areas. (Maybe there's a certain chain that springs to mind...) So we got in touch David Livingston of DJL Research,... (read the rest)

Hot Plate from K-Plate at Troy Kitchen

I love the idea of a food court. Part of my college decision came down to the schools with the best cafeterias. There is something so American about being offered a plethora of food options without having to walk too far to explore them. Sadly, most food courts are depressing.... (read the rest)

A quick recap of the week

Here are a few highlights from the past week on AOA: + That time Donald Trump started a bike race in Albany. + If you happen to be in the market for an old wooden telephone booth... + Cristin continued to Veg Out, this time at Beirut in Troy. +... (read the rest)

Destination supermarket as development catalyst

Over at Politico New York, Jimmy Vielkind pitches the idea of using a Wegmans to anchor development at the former convention center site in downtown Albany. A clip: The Rochester-based grocery chain has a nearly religious following in the areas of upstate New York where it operates, but there are... (read the rest)

"[L]et's get real about this list and what it means. Absolutely nothing."

A bit farther afield, but interesting because it a peek inside some media machinery: Wegmans was recently ranked #4 of Fortune's "best companies to work for" list, which sounds great -- but Rachel Barnhart provides some illumination of how that list is put together. As she commented: "This list is... (read the rest)


Noted: Wegmans opens four stores a year -- and gets 4,000 requests a year for stores from all over the country. Also: It's most recently expanding into North Carolina. Also also: Wegmans is apparently Millenial clairvoyant and can make all your dreams come true. Also also also: Everyone who shops... (read the rest)

American Pharoah? Really? Please explain.

American Pharoah met the #Saratoga main track for the first time this morning as he prepares for the #Travers!— NYRA (@TheNYRA) August 27, 2015 I have to admit that I'm not a Track person. It makes sense to me how it could be fun for some people -- the... (read the rest)

Latham Sonic now open

The new Sonic in Latham opens today, location announced on its Facebook page. It's on Route 7 at Wade Road (map). Hours are 10 am to 10 pm this Monday -- regular hours, 6:30 am to midnight, start Tuesday. This week is a "soft" opening for the location. There's a... (read the rest)

Sonic's planning to open in Latham this summer

Long in circulation, now official: Sonic will be opening its first Capital Region location at 701 Troy Schenectady Rd in Latham (AKA where Route 7 intersects with Wade Road). The fast food chain says it's planning a June opening for the location. From a press release: "In advance of the... (read the rest)

Poll: Multiple Cap Region supermarket chains rank above regional average

Yep, Wegmans does top this ranking of grocery store brands for the Northeast, as compiled by the polling firm Harris. But the thing that caught our eye about these rankings: Six grocery chains with presences in the Capital Region ranked above the category average for the Northeast -- and three... (read the rest)

The Capital Region's biggest employers are...

Something we came across while doing research for that post earlier this week about the Capital Region jobs picture: The top 10 private sector employers for the Capital Region, as counted by the state Department of Labor. Can you guess which companies are on the list?... (read the rest)

Allegations of "disturbing and disgusting" horse training practices, new Albany casino plan floated, out Wegman-ing Wegmans

The state Gaming Commission says it's investigating allegations of horse abuse by a prominent trainer at the Saratoga Race Course. The allegations surfaced as part of a PETA undercover investigation at Saratoga and Churchill Downs in Kentucky. Among the allegations: horses were given unnecessary drugs and forced to race while... (read the rest)

Sonic is looking at the Albany area

The other day we saw that the Syracuse area is in line to get a bunch of Sonic locations -- you know, the drive-in fast-food restaurants. [] In the past, a bunch of people have indicated they'd like to see a Sonic here. And with Syracuse getting them -- and... (read the rest)

A quick recap of the week

Here are a few highlights from the past week on AOA: + We gave away tickets to ASAP's annual Festival of Meats by asking: What are your favorite Capital Region guilty pleasures? + The official word arrived that All Good Bakers has closed. + Jeff recommended the apple pie from... (read the rest)

What's up in the Neighborhood

Among the topics in this most recent spin around the Capital Region's online neighborhood: Ragnar, love and hate, suggestions, a Troy neighborhood, gorgeous days, the Adirondacks, monarchs, chicken parm, Round Lake, sandwiches, apples, Wegmans, an outgoing person, a waterwheel, faster than a walk, an hour's difference, the solar system.... (read the rest)

An IKEA? Here? Well...

When talking about development in the Capital Region -- or just something people want -- it's not uncommon to hear: "Hey, it'd be great to get an IKEA." The topic came up during the (Re)Imagining Troy project, and we've heard elected officials bring it up in the past. It's easy... (read the rest)

Albany is average. Really?

We saw today this assertion that the Albany metro is the "most average city in America." And our first thought was: "Really?" That claim is based on market research on how metros compare/contrast to the whole United States "on age, marital status, home ownership and estimated income." And Albany was... (read the rest)

What's up in the Neighborhood

Among the topics in this most recent spin around the Capital Region's online neighborhood: starting -- and raising -- a family in the city, the place you aren't from, paved lawns, Margie's in Troy, rum from Albany Distilling Co., a scotch dinner, guerilla poutine, 51 Front, free bread, April 1... (read the rest)

They're just not that into us

People, it's time to admit the cold reality of the situation: Wegmans just loves Boston more than Albany. Boston's mayor announced today that the chain is planning another store there, in the Fenway neighborhood -- it will be its fourth store in the greater Boston area. It's OK if you... (read the rest)

The most popular items on AOA in 2012

At the end of each year we like to go the through the traffic stats on AOA to see which posts were most popular. It's a fun way to remember all the stuff that's happened. So, here are the most popular items on AOA for each month during 2012...... (read the rest)

Latham Circle Mall demo could start soon

The Colonie planning board has given concept approval to the redevelopment proposal for Latham Circle Mall, the BizReview's Mike DeMasi reports -- and demo could start in December. (There's also a bit in there about Wegmans.) Earlier The next life of the Latham Circle Mall... (read the rest)

The next life of the Latham Circle Mall

The Latham Circle Mall has already lived a few lifetimes. It was built in 1957 as an open air mall, and then converted to an indoor mall two decades later. Today, well, it's more or less dead. But reincarnation may be just ahead. A development group is proposing to demolish... (read the rest)

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