Like Salt in a wound

salt ending credits no thanks for Albany

Angelina, how could you?

Akum pointed this out the other day: Albany gets no love in the credits for Salt.

New York City, New York State, Westchester County, and the Washington Metro all get a "special thanks" -- but not the city that contributed its Beltway-like overpasses. The city with an "elaborate freeway system" specifically praised by the director of the movie, and touted as a "supporting character" in one of the action scenes.

Well. We feel a little used.

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not suprised!this is the capital city. we are so overlooked!albany needs a publicity agent. we should have the chamber of commerce praise us for all of the historic buildings, afforadble housing, our colleges, theatres,activities,seasonal events,like the tulip festival, larkfest, summer plays in washington park, concerts on the river front,art on lark, supurb medical centers,opportunity to make movies at a lower cost,closeness to the northway,and thruway,

Well, they DID thank the Governor's office, and that's here, right? Am I reaching?

Thank God. Did you see that movie?

Liev Schrieber wishes his name was "Albany" so he didn't have to be attached to it.

I think Summer's right; they probably worked through the Governor's Office for Motion Picture and TV Dev...

Well, as far as I'm concerned, they can just go pound Salt.

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