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International Tuesday at The Low Beat

How many of you out there went to Valentine's in Albany when it was still around? Raise your hand. (**cups hands over brow bone, squints, peers beyond the spotlight into the audience**) Ok, so all of you. Now, how many of you made the transition to The Low Beat on... (read the rest)

Proost! at Crailo State Historic Site

The beer/spirts/history series Proost! returns March 25 at the Crailo State Historic Site in Rensselaer. Blurbage: Moderated by culinary writer and historian Deanna Fox, "Proost!" celebrates the rich history of Beverwijk's beer and spririts culture. Distiller Johnny Curtain, beer historian Craig Gravina, and C.H. Evan's brewer Sam Pagano will take... (read the rest)

Stuff to do this weekend

First, a public service announcement: Daylight Savings Time starts this weekend -- the one where we spring forward, losing an hour -- so remember to set your clock ahead before you go to bed on Saturday, and prepare to be a little groggy early next week. Now on to the... (read the rest)

Doner kebab at The Olde English

I recently showed up an entire hour early for a meeting at The Olde English Pub in Albany. Well, more than an hour, I guess: I thought I was finally overcoming my chronic lateness by providing myself an extra 15 minute window to park and account for traffic. Turns out... (read the rest)

Stuff to do this weekend

And other weekend arrives in the Capital Region. We know you're anxious to make some plans, so we'll get right to it. After the jump you'll find our list of stuff we thought might interest you. If you're doing something we missed we hope you'll tell us about it in... (read the rest)

Sampling at Farmers Hardware

I'm back in Saratoga today. That means I've hit my quota for dining out in Saratoga for the year, right? Maybe not, since the city keeps opening up restaurants with a velocity reserved for more urbane nooks in bigger cities. Maybe it's because of the high turnover (and higher rents)... (read the rest)

Muffaletta from Harrison's Corner Market

A muffaletta sandwich is a glorious thing. Rich, unctuous, and briny, it has enough substance to make typical sandwich accoutrements (pickle, chips) seem superfluous.The trick is getting the proportions right and keeping each flavor profile balanced. A new (long awaited) eatery -- Harrison's Corner Market in Troy -- seems to... (read the rest)

Oxtail egg rolls at Buddha Noodle

You know those online memes that show a horrifically frozen snowy scene and ask, "Why do I live in a place where the weather hurts my face?" I know the answer: It's because the soup tastes better here. Soup -- loosely defined -- could include anything from chicken noodle to... (read the rest)

Where to get a custom pint glass?

Sean emails: Do any of your readers know of any local places where I could have a pint glass etched with a custom logo? There are tons of websites out there that do this, but I'd love to go local if possible. These sorts of custom glasses are so common... (read the rest)

Nutella bacon bagel at Wired Coffee

There are certain foodstuffs that really only exist for those moments when you just don't care about life anymore. Those items that make it hard to believe the eater actually places value on their health, life expectancy or general well-being. For those moments when all hope is gone, there is... (read the rest)

Galaktoboureko at Blue Ribbon

Galactic burrito! That's not what we're talking about today, but it's how to phonetically sound out galaktoboureko, the subject of this edition of Eat This! The galaktoboureko -- a 3-inch high pastry -- is difficult to pronounce at first, and perhaps that's why it often goes by it's more common... (read the rest)

Benedict Trio at Tipsy Moose Tap and Tavern

Thrice I've attempted to dine at Tipsy Moose Tap and Tavern, just off Latham Circle. The first time, not long after the comfort food destination opened, the wait time was over an hour. The result was a visit to Celadon Thai. The second time, during happy hour, was equally unsuccessful.... (read the rest)

Pollo mofongo from Mi Ecuador Juice Bar

I'm not a fan of molded foods. I'm not talking about moldy foods -- though funky cheese and fermented foods are always ok in my book -- I'm talking about the foods that are manipulated into cutesy forms to somehow exude superiority and sophistication. Save for cookie cut-outs, any food... (read the rest)

Schenectady budget narrowly passes, persons of interest questioned in gun shop robbery, Cuomo signs e-cigarette ban, no clowns on campus

Schenectady budget The Schenectady City Council voted 4-3 on Tuesday to pass an $85.2 million budget that contains a 1 percent tax cut. [Gazette][TU] Foam spill Damage from a foam spill due to a fire suppressions malfunction a Commutair hanger at Albany International Airport could cost millions of dollars. [TU]... (read the rest)

The week ahead

Here are a few things to keep in mind, look forward to, or keep busy with this week, from the weather (kinda, sorta), to all sorts of of different film, to authors, to cooking, to music...... (read the rest)

Beef vegetable soup at Chuck Wagon Diner

Let's face it, beef can be boring. And most times, it is. Burger joints focus on loading up toppings instead of creating a flavorful patty. Steak is almost always overcooked and improperly seasoned. Soups made from beef stock are nearly universally oil slicks, too unctuous to sip. Fortunately for me,... (read the rest)

Vegetable stew at Kismet

Hey, there you are, autumn! I've been waiting for you, patiently tapping my foot with arms crossed, hoping you would show up soon. Not that I was getting tired of all those garden tomatoes or anything, but I'm ready for colder weather and hot soup. Kismet provides.... (read the rest)

Cereal sundae from Bumpy's Polar Freeze

The lies we tell ourselves as adults: It's completely fine to eat ice cream -- just ice cream -- as a meal if 1) you skipped some other meal in the day, or 2) you've been sick/it's been a bad day, or 3) it's the only viable thing you can... (read the rest)

Breakfast sandwich at Wren & Rail

A little piece of nirvana exists in the geographical center of Albany County. It's tucked away in a gravel yard in New Scotland behind a series of red barns, an unassuming tin-roofed trailer bordered by enormous pine logs and framed by a few ecru umbrellas. Unless you were passing by... (read the rest)

Neba Sandwich from Mike's Neba

Whoever coined the saying "absence makes the heart grow fonder" probably didn't mean for the quip to apply to a sandwich. Hey, love comes in many forms, including -- but not limited to -- roast beef layered between bread. When people speak of comfort food, sandwiches are rarely listed in... (read the rest)

A quick recap of the week

Here are a few highlights from the past week on AOA... + Michael asked about where to get a thorough interior cleaning of a car. + Here's a quick overview of the plan for a new bike/walk trail between Rensselaer and Hudson. + Deanna tried the wagel bagel at West... (read the rest)

Wagel bagel at West End Bagels

For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction, right? So it's no surprise that for as much attention as "mindful" or "healthy" eating receives, things like over-the-top bagels exist. Social media was stormed by the rainbow bagel phenom out of New York City, and now we have our... (read the rest)

Halal options at Zaitoon Kitchen

How bold is this claim: The best new dining hotspot in the Capital Region is that area around the Latham Circle. I mean it. When was the last time you dined there? I bet you opened social media in the last week and found a photo of someone eating in... (read the rest)

Ice cream sandwiches at Different Blend Bakery

Summer, man. It's fleeting. It is hard to believe that already, here we are in mid-July. I recently had a conversation with my dad about how time just speeds up as you age, and I feel that phenomenon is finally happening to me this summer. I'm nostalgic for summer before... (read the rest)

Lamb sloppy joe at Chez Mike

Sloppy joes were a mainstay in my culinary repertoire growing up -- mainly because you can't burn them. See, my mother (bless her) went through a period of time when she confused the smoke alarm with the kitchen timer. About the same time, my dad was the volunteer fire chief... (read the rest)

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