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TOP2014: RD1: Mama Mia's v 5th and 50

TOP2014 RD1 MamaMias 5th50 shops

And so it begins: The 2014 Tournament of Pizza, sponsored by Keeler Mini -- the Tournament of Pizza to end all Tournament of Pizza -- opens with a matchup between 2011 tournament champ 5th and 50 of Scotia against two-time semifinalist Mama Mia's of Saratoga Springs.

This year's clash-of-champions format includes first round matches consisting of two pizzas. Highest aggregate score advances. And the types of the pizza for this first round: sausage (classic, a test of fundamentals) and a broccoli ricotta white pizza (a little tricky, if only because of the lack of red sauce).

The judges assembled at the shops for the tasting...

TOP2014 Keeler Mini in-post-ad

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TOP2013: Round 2: Schenectady

TOP2013 RD2 Schenectady

The 2013 Tournament of Pizza -- sponsored by The College of Saint Rose -- continues its Round 2 tour with a stop in the Schenectady bracket.

The pizzerias in this head-to-head matchup of veggie pizzas (green peppers, mushrooms, onions, black olives):

Giovanni's - Scotia - winner of the Round 1 pool of new-to-the-tournament shops

Mario's - Niskayuna - the returning bracket champ, who had a first-round bye

Can the Scotia shop wrest the bracket from its fellow suburban competitor? Or will the ever-treacherous veggie round be too tall a challenge?

We head back to the headquarters of the Mop & Bucket Company...

Saint Rose Tournament of Pizza ad 2013 in post

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TOP2013: Round 1: Schenectady

TOP2013 RD1 Schenectady

The opening round of the 2013 Tournament of Pizza -- sponsored by The College of Saint Rose -- continues with the Schenectady bracket.

The new-to-the-tournament pizzerias in this Round 1 pool competition of sausage pizzas:

Visco's - Scotia
Giovanni's - Scotia
I Love NY Pizza of Schenectady - Schenectady
Pizza Buono - Niskayuna

The judges gathered at the Mop & Bucket Company studio...

Saint Rose Tournament of Pizza ad 2013 in post

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In-between places: Scotia

in between places scotia

By Casey Normile

The Capital Region is full of cities, towns, villages, and hamlets. And some of these places -- like Albany or Saratoga Springs or Troy or Schenectady -- get lots of attention. This series isn't about those places. It's about those other spots -- the "in-between" places.

Next up: Scotia -- the tiny village on the Mohawk River in Schenectady County.

If you haven't visited in a while, or ever, here's a quick look at the place named after Scotland...

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The Jackburger at Jumpin' Jack's

jumpin jack's jackburger

By Daniel B.

Some will say the first day of fall is on Saturday, September 22. And technically they would be correct. Although somehow they have neglected to consider that the last day of summer falls on September 2.

That is the last day Jumpin' Jack's in Scotia is open for the season.

One of the great things about the Capital Region are all of our seasonal food stands. Whether they specialize in burgers, fish fry, soft serve or homemade hard ice cream, each one is a treasure trove of good memories for generations of area residents. But you can't eat someone else's fond recollections.

Not having grown up here, I have none of these sentimental ties binding me to any of our beloved regional institutions. So I consider myself lucky to be able to try each of these places with a fresh perspective. Still, before first heading to Jumpin' Jacks I did my research to find what exactly about this riverside restaurant residents recommended.

As it turns out, there are many people who love Jumpin' Jack's despite the food. True, the fact that a seasonal food stand has such a beautiful riverside location is stunning -- it's great to eat on the banks of the Mohawk River, even when there isn't a water ski show.

But I've got a few words for those who are dissatisfied with Jumpin' Jack's signature burger.

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For sale: an island

glenotia island map crmls

Check it out: an island in the Mohawk River between Scotia and Schenectady is for sale. From the listing for "Glenotia Island" by Denise Polsinelli with CM Fox:


List price: $91,900.

The Daily Gazette's Michael Goot had an article about the property today -- it was used for recreation in the first few decades of the 1900s, but there's been little activity there since a foot bridge to island was removed in the early 1930s.

The Images of America: Glenville book by the Schenectady County Historical Society has a few photos from back in the day. And here's what appears to be an old map of the area -- the island is marked as "Isle of the Mohawks", which was its name before being tagged Glenotia (Glenville + Scotia). In fact, it still bears that name on some maps. (Also, judging from satellite photos, we wonder if it's more peninsula than island now.)

US Water Ski Show Team back in action

water ski show team flipThe US Water Ski Show Team starts its summer series of performances this Friday on the Mohawk behind Jumpin' Jack's in Scotia at 7 pm. The show will be followed by a concert in Collins Park and fireworks at Jumpin' Jack's.

The ski team starts its regular Tuesday evening shows next week. They start at 7 pm, and they're free. The team does a lot of fun tricks and stunts.

Learn to ski: The team has a learn-to-ski clinic July 14.

Flood recovery: The Gazette had an article this week about the work the ski team has had to do get its docks and stage back in shape following last year's flooding -- it had spend thousands from its reserve fund to repair the damage. [Daily Gazette]

Earlier on AOA: U.S. Water Ski Show Team: Nikki Weakley

Not America's Next Top Model -- but still fierce

laura lafrate antm final shoot

Do people still say fierce? We're going with it.

Scotia native Laura LaFrate did not win America's Next Top Model Wednesday night. That honor went to her British co-finalist, Sophie (and Sophie's pink hair). But LaFrate overcame a panic attack, a hair bow (hairbow?), and the usual ANTM drama (there's always crying) to turn in a great performance.

The judges spoke highly of LaFrate's presence, her ability to create striking images on camera, her willingness to be different. And throughout the season she came across as a very engaging person. She's hard to forget. We're betting more success is ahead.

Update: LaFrate told the Daily Gazette after the final: "For most people my age, you're at this point where you're trying to figure out what you want to do ... When I saw that final [episode], I was like 'Wow, this is exactly where I'm supposed to be, what I'm supposed to be doing.'‚ÄČ" [Daily Gazette]

Wednesday was also a big day because she finally got her driver's license. [TU]

photo: Walter Sassard/The CW

From Scotia to America's Next Top Model

laura lafrate

Fierce in the face of British competition.

The upcoming season (er, "cycle") of America's Next Top Model includes a contestant from Scotia, Laura LaFrate. She's 20 years old and a Scotia-Glenville High School alum.

It appears LaFrate has already been working as a professional model for a few years, and now lives in New York City. Here are photos from a recently posted shoot.

This season of ANTM (the show's 18th) is set up as a showdown between "seven amazing British all stars" and "seven up-and-coming American models." Fierce trash talk ensues.

The first episode airs February 29 at 9 pm on the CW (channel 15 here in the Capital Region).

(Thanks, Jessica R!)

Earlier on AOA: A few years back Aja checked out the ANTM casting call at Colonie Center

photo via Laura LaFrate Twitter

TOP2011: The Final

TOP2011 defazios vs 5thand50

DeFazio's from Troy vs. 5th and 50 from Scotia

We have finally reached the end of the long road that is the 2011 Tournament of Pizza, sponsored by Sunmark Federal Credit Union. And we have a prime matchup here in the final (bracket):

DeFazio's (Troy) vs. 5th and 50 (Schenectady)

Both shops are coming off solid wins in the semi-finals, each with a score in the 70s. DeFazio's was the overall tournament runner-up last year. And 5th and 50 has quite a claim -- it knocked off Marino's, last year's overall champ.

As is TOP tradition, the shops were allowed to pick which pizza to enter in the final. And as we've seen in past years, having that choice hasn't always been a good thing. Would this year's competitors choose wisely?

Off to the Hilton Garden Inn Albany Airport to taste some pizza!

sunmark pizza banner

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Photos of Irene flooding in Schenectady


At one point Sunday, officials were projecting that Schenectady would see record flooding -- a once in 500 years flood.

Thankfully, the Mohawk River relented before reaching that mark. But there was still a lot of water. And the Stockade -- one of the Capital Region's greatest neighborhoods -- got hit hard. Walking around Monday afternoon it was heartbreaking to see so many of the picturesque streets half-filled with water.

The good news: the water was already receding. And when you're more than 300-years-old, what's a little (or a whole lot) of water? The Stockade will bounce back.

Many photos from the Stockade -- and a few from Jumpin' Jack's in Scotia -- after the jump.

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U.S. Water Ski Show Team: Nikki Weakley

US waterski showteam Nikki performing.jpg

Nikki Weakly doing what makes her happiest.

Nikki Weakley would almost always rather be water skiing.

The 25-year-old corporate communications rep for GE put on her first pair of water skis at age four and joined the U.S. Water Ski Show Team at the ripe old age of seven.

Since then the Mariaville native has spent nearly every summer evening behind a boat on the Mohawk River, practicing pyramids, jumps and balletic swivel skiing moves with the other members of the team.

The show team practices behind Jumpin' Jack's in Scotia nearly every night, and performs on Tuesday nights in July and August. It took first place in a regional competition last weekend and recently they caught the attention of the New York Times.

Nikki tore herself away from practice last night to talk with us about skiing, wiping out and the one thing that might be more of a thrill than her lifelong hobby.

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Aunt Katie's Attic

Aunt Katies Attic front desk

De-clutter? Not here.

By Hannah Walker

You won't find Aunt Katie reading up on the de-cluttering trend.

That stuff, she says, is written by "totally anal people."

Yes, the proprietor of Aunt Katie's Attic in Scotia is not your average antiques dealer.

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