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The modern house of then -- on many levels

Lafferty House Niskayuna Civkin blueprint

A 1947 Victor Civkin blueprint for the Lafferty House.

The latest batch of recommendations for the the State and National Registers of Historic Places for New York includes a handful of sites around the Capital Region, including the sorts places you'd expect like churches and a rural historic district.

It also includes a site you might not expect: a suburban home in Niskayuna.

The home in question is the James M. and Eleanor Lafferty House, which is in a neighborhood just off Rosendale Road. It's been nominated as a representative of the modern movement. And the home's national register nomination form is an interesting read (including diagrams and photos) -- especially if you're interested in midcentury design.

It's glimpse into both residential architecture of the time and also GE's efforts to create the kitchen "of tomorrow." (No, wait, The kitchen... of tomorrow.)

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TOP2014: RD1: Mario's vs. Marino's

Marino's and Mario's exteriors

The 2014 Tournament of Pizza, sponsored by Keeler Mini -- the Tournament of Pizza to end all Tournaments of Pizza -- rolls along with a showdown between 2010 tournament champ Marino's of Schenectady and two-time semifinalist Mario's of Niskayuna

This year's clash-of-champions format includes first round matches consisting of two pizzas. Highest aggregate score advances. And, again, the types of the pizza for this first round: sausage and the ever-tricky broccoli ricotta white pizza.

Pizza judges, assemble!

TOP2014 Keeler Mini in-post-ad

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TOP2013: Round 2: Schenectady

TOP2013 RD2 Schenectady

The 2013 Tournament of Pizza -- sponsored by The College of Saint Rose -- continues its Round 2 tour with a stop in the Schenectady bracket.

The pizzerias in this head-to-head matchup of veggie pizzas (green peppers, mushrooms, onions, black olives):

Giovanni's - Scotia - winner of the Round 1 pool of new-to-the-tournament shops

Mario's - Niskayuna - the returning bracket champ, who had a first-round bye

Can the Scotia shop wrest the bracket from its fellow suburban competitor? Or will the ever-treacherous veggie round be too tall a challenge?

We head back to the headquarters of the Mop & Bucket Company...

Saint Rose Tournament of Pizza ad 2013 in post

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My Place Beyond the Pines

place beyond the pines my house leah

A scene from the story that usually plays at Leah's house.

By Leah Wolff-Pellingra

Somewhere, there is an Italian restaurant where Michael Corleone shot Sollozo and McCluskey.

Somewhere, there is a bar where Matt Damon slammed a piece of lined paper on a window and said, "I got her number. How d'ya like them apples?"

Somewhere there is a bench where Forest Gump sat, a ring where Rocky fought, and a stage where Jennifer Hudson, threw out her arms, opened up her throat and sang, "You're going to love me."

I was watching the mastery that is Silver Linings Playbook last week, watching Bradley Cooper start to reach the height of his craft, and all I could think was: "Oh crap. You know that scene that will finally win Bradley Cooper his Oscar? That's going to be in my house."

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TOP 2012: The Semi-finals

Tournament of Pizza 2012 semi-finals

We've arrived at the final four in the 2012 Tournament of Pizza -- sponsored by Sunmark Federal Credit Union. The match-ups in this showdown of bracket winners:

DeFazio's (Troy) vs. Amore (Saratoga)

Mario's (Niskayuna) vs. Marisa's (Guilderland)

How we got here: DeFazio's topped its fellow downtown Troy shop, I Love | Amore gutted out a win against Pope's | Mario's represented for Niskayuna in beating Schenectady's Nico's | and Marisa's held off a tough tavern challenge from The Fountain.

Now these four face a challenge never before taken on in the TOP: Buffalo chicken pizza.

Yep, things just got real. Ready, set, pizza!

sunmark pizza banner

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TOP 2012: Round 2: Schenectady

TOP 2012 RD2 Schenectady

The second round of the 2012 Tournament of Pizza -- sponsored by Sunmark Federal Credit Union -- stops back in the Electric City.

The pizzerias in this head-to-head matchup of veggie pizzas (green peppers, mushrooms, onions, black olives):

Mario's vs. Nico's

How we got here: Nico's and Mario's both separated themselves from the other shops in this bracket with scores of 74 and 64. Those are very good totals. And they ousted the defending tournament champ from the contest.

Now, it's the always difficult veggie pizza.

We head to Anthology Studio in downtown Schenectady. Pizzaaaaaaa...

sunmark pizza banner

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Niskayuna wins state drinking water title

Thumbnail image for glass of albany tap waterThe town of Niskayuna's drinking water took the top spot today in the taste test at the New York State Fair. Eau de Niskayuna narrowly beat out the drinking water from... Guilderland. (Niskayuna and Guilderland were both competing because they tied in this year's Capital Region competition.) [NYS Department of Health]

From where is Niskayuna is getting this tasty water? According to the town's 2011 drinking water report:

Our water source is groundwater from two aquifers. In 2011, 57% of our water was drawn from wells located near the Mohawk River in the Town of Niskayuna. 43% was drawn from the City of Schenectady wells located in the Town of Rotterdam near the Mohawk River.

Guilderland's primary water source is the Watervliet Reservoir -- which is in Guilderland, but owned by the city of Watervliet. (It also gets water from a trio of wells in the town, and the city of Albany system). [Town of Guilderland annual water quality report 2011]

The Capital Region has a pretty strong claim on the best-tasting drinking water in the state. In addition to the strong showing this year from Niskayuna and Guilderland, the city of Albany took the took spot in the statewide competition in 2010 and 2007. And Albany's water finished in the top 5 of a national competition last year.

(The photo on the right is Albany water. Just so that's clear. It's drinking water, so it should be.)

Earlier on AOA:
+ Ravens Head Brewing -- which is hoping to set up at St. Joseph's in Albany -- has cited the quality of the local water as one of the reasons for wanting to come here.

The big box gets smaller

walmart neighborhood market

A Walmart Neighborhood Market in Chicago.

The Capital Region has one of the world's largest Walmart stores -- and soon, it will have one of the smaller ones, too.

Walmart announced today that the Mansion Square project in Niskayuna will include a "Walmart Neighborhood Market" -- a scaled-down supermarket version of the chain's traditional mega-mart. It will be first such store in the state. [Biz Review] [TU]

A Walmarket (we made that name up) offers "fresh produce, meat and dairy products, bakery and deli items, household supplies, health and beauty aids and a pharmacy." The company's website says the stores were designed as "a smaller-footprint option for communities in need of a pharmacy, affordable groceries and merchandise." The stores are about 38,000 square feet, which is roughly the same size as one of the small Price Choppers and about twice the size of the new Trader Joe's. (It's a little bigger than the new Honest Weight and the planned Whole Foods at Colonie Center.)

There are about 200 of these stores around the nation, and the chain appears to be pushing the format. Among the places they've recently opened: Georgia, Miami, and Orange County (California). [Atlanta Business Chronicle] [Miami Herald] [Orange County Register]

The idea of another Walmart doesn't really do much for us, but this smaller version could be a good sign.

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The Place Beyond the Pines debuting in Toronto

place beyond the pines gosling still

Ryan Gosling. And his motorcycle.

The Place Beyond the Pines will be debut at the Toronto International Film Festival in September. The festival has become one of the most influential in the world, often helping to start order the Oscar field -- so a spot for Pines is at least an early indication that someone thinks it could be good.

It was almost just a year ago that Ryan Gosling and company were in Schenectady area filming the movie. (We heard a crew was back in town this past May doing a bit more shooting.) There isn't a release date for the film, yet.

In case you've forgotten from last year's local media blitz: The Place Beyond the Pines is directed by Derek Cianfrance (Blue Valentine) and stars Gosling, Bradley Cooper, Eva Mendes, Rose Byrne, Ray Liotta, Dane DeHaan (buzzed about, apparently), and Bruce Greenwood (that guy).

By the way: Virgin Alexander, the indie comedy shot in Saratoga a few summers back, is now available on DVD. (Thanks, Pat)

A WTF? day in crime reports

Maybe because of the weather, maybe because of coincidence, this it turning out to be a WTF? day in local crime reports. From the awful, to the bizarre, to the Canadian...

Assault on the front steps
Albany police say a 61-year-old has been hospitalized for skull fractures after he we was allegedly beaten by men selling drugs on his brother's front steps Saturday in the South End. He had reportedly told the men to leave, there was an argument, and the group repeatedly punched and kicked them man, leaving him in the middle of the street. One man has been arrested and charged with gang assault.

Dirty old man
The APD says two sisters, ages 10 and 7, reported that a man -- approximately 70 years of age, wearing a black beret -- exposed himself to them as they walked home from Arbor Hill Elementary yesterday.

Church crasher
The APD says a 60-year-old homeless man was arrested for allegedly ripping apart the chapel at St. Peter's Hospital yesterday. It alleges the man "threw numerous chairs around the room. He then overturned two church pews that were screwed into the floor causing the wood to split. He proceeded to flip over a wooden alter which caused it to partially break. Artz also allegedly punched several holes in the walls and ripped wiring from inside."

Niskayuna police say an investigation involving the FBI has concluded that threatening YouTube videos directed at Niskayuna High School students starting last fall didn't originate locally. In fact, they didn't originate in this country. The NPD says the suspect is a minor -- in Ontario -- with no prior connection to the students. She allegedly noticed one of the Niskayuna students in a chat room and then tried to egg on some sort of online fight that was going on among the students.

The lesson here, of course: beware of Canadians.

More details on all these incidents are in press releases, pasted after the jump.

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Park and plug in

electric vehicle charging station shoprite niskayuna

The future. Maybe.

Kristofer spotted this electric vehicle charging station at the new ShopRite in Niskayuna. There are four spots in supermarket's parking lot designated for electric vehicles. Apparently Niskayuna town officials requested that ShopRite include the spots as part of its design for the store. [Spotlight]

The ShopRite charger brings the number of EV charging spots in the Capital Region to five, according to Dan Gibson at Our Energy Independence Community. In addition to ShopRite, there are stations at the Holiday Inn Express in downtown Albany, NYSERDA in Guilderland, the Saratoga Technology and Energy Park in Malta, and the HVCC Tec-Smart facility also in Malta.

Here's the thing, though: there are extraordinarily few electric cars on the road. The two currently for sale -- the Chevy Volt and Nissan Leaf -- are new on the market, and the technology -- especially for batteries -- could use some improvement. Most people probably aren't going to be keen to drive a car with a range of at most 100 miles in ideal conditions -- and much less in normal conditions. (To clarify: the Volt also has a gasoline engine, which can kick in after the batteries run out.) [NPR] [USA Today]

It's interesting/fitting that Niskayuna has an EV charging station made by GE, in an everything-new-is-old kind of way. Ace GE scientist Charles Steinmetz had an electric car all the way back in 1914. He used to drive it to his weekend home.

The Edison Exploratorium in Schenectady still has Steinmetz's electric car. There's video of it embedded after the jump.

(Thanks, Kristofer!)

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Trying out ShopRite's home delivery service

shoprite home delivery ellsassCheck it out: Craig (Ellsass) gave ShopRite's home delivery service a try and wrote about the experience:

I love shopping online. I don't find much appeal in trekking to a traditional brick-and-mortar shop during whatever their hours happen to be, forcing a smile when the cashier mentions the weather, and waiting in endless lines. So it was with great excitement that I discovered that finally, in 2011, I can have groceries delivered to my suburban home for a reasonable price. Specifically, ShopRite in Niskayuna offers both in-store pickup (free) and at-home delivery at least as far as Latham (free until Thanksgiving for $50+ orders, otherwise a very fair $6.95 fee).
So how did it go? The ride was a little bumpy, likely due to ShopRite being very new in the area, but it all worked out well.

His post has lots of description, screengrabs, pics (those are his groceries on the right), and tips.

Price Chopper also now has a home-delivery service (hello, competition). Has anyone tried that?

A first look at ShopRite Niskayuna

shoprite niskayuna grand opening composite

Thankfully, no one lost a limb in the rush for discounted lobster. We hope.

By Daniel B.

Our chief senior special supermarket correspondent checks in with a report from the grand opening of the new ShopRite in Niskayuna on Sunday.

What makes ShopRite different from all other markets? That was the primary question I focused on trying to solve as I wondered why this ordinarily quiet section of Niskayuna resembled Walmart on Black Friday.

Maybe it was even worse.

Traffic was snarled on Balltown Road headed up to the corner of Nott Street where the entrance to the newly christened ShopRite Square is located. Despite the throngs of people descending upon this newly arrived grocer, the parking lot at the nearby Price Chopper was also totally full.

The ShopRite parking lot however was over full. As people circled around trying to find a spot, you could see the road rage in their eyes. Cars were parked illegally all throughout the lot, and I was lucky to get a spot in its furthest recesses, behind the store between the dumpsters and the loading bay.

Inside proved to be a treasure trove of delights, but only for the most intrepid shoppers.

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Waiting for Gosling

place beyond pines setting up at scotia bank niskayuna

Might those with intimidating hair visit?

By Katie Beltramo

Katie checks in from Niskayuna with a report on the spreading Gosling (and Cooper) Fever.

This past Monday at the dentist, I ran into Heather, whose Schenectady home will play the role of "Avery's father's house" in The Place Beyond the Pines. Not only will Heather's home get some fabulous new decor upgrades and painting (she can pick a color), but the plan is that Bradley Cooper will be swimming in her pool. (Cooper is playing "Avery.")

At this final revelation the assembled receptionists, hygienists, and patients could no longer contain their excitement and a chorus of delighted moans completely drowned out the ambient dental drilling and spitting.

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Scouting the places beyond the pines

place beyond the pines location inquiryThere were a few reports this week that pre-production crews for The Place Beyond the Pines, the movie starring Ryan Gosling and Bradley Cooper, were scouting locations around the Schenectady area.

Jason tweeted that the film's director, Derek Cianfrance, actually stopped by his house Thursday. And @BUNKRE shared the flyer a location scout had left on his house in the Old Niskayuna neighborhood. That's the flyer on the right -- there's a bigger version after the jump.

The flyer says crews are "tentatively scheduled" to film in the neighborhood sometime in September. And the description of the film:

Luke [Ryan Gosling] is a professional motorcycle rider who turns to bank robberies to support his newborn son. But when he crosses paths with a rookie police officer [Bradley Cooper] their violent confrontation spirals into a tense generational feud. THE PLACE BEYOND THE PINES is a rich dramatic thriller that traces the intersecting lives of fathers and sons, cops and robbers, heroes and villains.

It's not any more far-fetched than Angelina Jolie jumping from trucks while being chased by the CIA with the Albany skyline in the background.

By the way: the name Schenectady comes from a Mohawk word that roughly means "beyond the pine plains."

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About the Niskayuna Co-op and ShopRite...

niskayuna co-op shoprite composite

Niskayuna's grocery heart and soul -- for how much longer?

By Katie Beltramo

With the news that ShopRite is returning the Capital Region with a location at St. James Square in Niskayuna, the next thought many people seemed to have was: what about the Niskayuna Co-op?

Almost everyone who shops the Niskayuna Co-op shops somewhere else, too. But the place is widely considered to be the area's grocery heart and soul -- and inspires a fierce, fervent loyalty among its shoppers.

OK, so why? And now that a large supermarket is setting up just down the street, what now?

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It's official: ShopRite's setting up in Niskayuna

shoprite exteriorThe long-rumored re-entry of ShopRite into the Capital Region supermarket pool became official today. Schenectady County officials announced the chain will be setting up at St. James Square in Niskayuna. From the press release:

In addition to a broad array of groceries and fresh produce, the store will have the services that ShopRite customers have come to expect including: a fresh bake shop; fresh meats; fresh seafood; full-service floral department; and pharmacy, as well as a broad selection of ethnic foods and natural and organic products in every department. The store will also offer a wide array of prepared foods including freshly made brick oven Pizza, Gourmet Coffee Bars, fresh salad and Mediterranean Olive bars and a selection of Japanese and Chinese specialties for dining in or taking out, as well as a fresh-made sushi bar.

In other words, it's pretty much like any other modern supermarket. One thing a little different: "ShopRite from Home," a service that lets you select groceries online and then have them delivered or be ready for pick-up.

The release says the chain plans to have the store open by the fall of this year. The TU has reported that ShopRite is also eyeing locations in Albany and Slingerlands.

ShopRite ranked #22 in Consumer Reports' 2009 survey of supermarket chains, right behind Hannaford. Price Chopper was #27 -- though all three chains had roughly the same score.

We recently had the chance to cruise through a ShopRite in New Jersey. It was... well... a supermarket, nothing really to get excited about. People here at AOA seemed to have pretty much same take when we asked about ShopRite a few months ago. But it's another competitor for the market, and that's rarely a bad thing for shoppers.

One more thing: for all the people pining for a Wegmans -- it would seem that adding yet another full-scale chain to this market wouldn't exactly make the Capital Region a more attractive place for the W.

Earlier on AOA:
+ ShopRite for the Capital Region?
+ Supermarket Week 2011

Lock 7 Park

Lock 7 Composite

By Liz Clancy Lerner

There's a lot you can do at the Erie Canal's Lock 7 Park in Niskayuna: watch the water rush over the dam, picnic, walk the bike-hike trail, spot birds, fish. And, of course, come May 1 -- watch the boats go through the locks.

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Volunteer firefighting in the Capital Region

Volunteer Firefighting Composite
By Liz Clancy Lerner

On Tuesday night a fire broke out at a home on Mohawk Road in Niskayuna. Fortunately no one was hurt, but the fire required 35 firefighters and five trucks to fight. Many of those working on the fire were volunteer firefighters, people with full-time jobs that don't involve fighting fires.

Outside of the Capital Region's cities, volunteers provide much of the fire coverage. The number of volunteer fire departments here is quite substantial: Albany County has 41, Rensselaer has 49, Schenectady has 22 and Saratoga has 45.

So, why does the Capital Region have so many volunteer departments? What kind of training is required to become a volunteer firefighter? And, how many fires do these departments end up fighting?

I spoke with a fire district chief and a volunteer firefighter to find out how it works...

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Rare Old Growth: Lisha Kill Natural Area

Lisha Kill Composite

By Liz Clancy Lerner

Though the Capital Region has a good amount of green space, you usually have to travel a bit to enjoy an area that feels fully wild. Fortunately, we've got something close.

The Lisha Kill Natural Area in Niskayuna is 108 acres of flowing streams, deep ravines and high-reaching trees covered with moss and fungi. It's beautiful, untouched and just a little bit eerie. (It immediately reminded me of the woodland setting in M. Night Shyamalan's The Village.)

It's a great place for a short hike -- especially during the winter.

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The Drum Set

Check out this short film by Niskayuna high school student Alexandre Gilmet. There's a twist at the end.

"The Drum Set" won the "best film high school" award at the Ballston Spa Film Festival this past weekend. It also won the "best direction" award at the Rod Serling Video Festival, a statewide competition for high school students.

Conflicting reports about what Paterson said, Sararoga paid parking off the table, another potential Gillibrand challenger drops out

The friend David Paterson allegedly enlisted to talk with the woman who sought an order of protection against a top aide reportedly has told investigators that Paterson asked to pass along this message to the woman: "Tell her the governor wants her to make this go away." A Paterson spokesman said last night that it was not the message the governor sent -- and when he did talk with the woman, it was about getting the media off her back. [NYT] [TU]

Harry Corbitt, the New York State Police superintendent, announced last night on Capitol Tonight that he's retiring -- he said the "media fire storm has really disrupted my ability to function in that capacity." Denise O'Donnell, the state official who oversaw the state police, resigned last week after saying she couldn't "in good conscience" remain a part of the Paterson administration. The head of the State Troopers Police Benevolent Society released a statement yesterday trying to distance rank-and-file troopers from "the reported actions of a few people in higher positions." [CapNews9] [TU CapCon] [CapNews9]

David Paterson has called a cabinet meeting this morning at the Capitol. [Daily Politics]

Saratoga Springs' finance commissioner says downtown paid parking is now "off the table at this point." The city's budget had included $1.35 million in revenue from parking. [Post-Star] [Saratogian]

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Landlord owes Troy more than $600k, man arrested for allegedly stabbing mother and brother, wettest decade on record, renovations begin on Dinosaur building

Companies owned by landlord Sandy Horowitz owe the city of Troy more than $600,000 in back taxes, according to his bankruptcy filing. Horowitz owns the Cannon Building, which was recently shut down temporarily because of code violations. [Troy Record] [Troy Record]

A Greenfield 20-year-old has been charged with stabbing both his brother and mother Friday. Saratoga County DA James Murphy said "every major organ except the heart was punctured or injured" in the brother during the attack. [Post-Star] [Saratogian]

Troy police say a man was shot multiple times Saturday night in South Troy (map). The TPD says it's arrested a Schenectady man. [CapNews9] [Troy Record]

The state will be spending $5 million to replace the bridge that connects Niska Isle -- and its nine households -- to the rest of Niskayuna. (Niska Isle is actually a peninsula.) [TU]

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State comptroller says Medicaid is "leaking" millions, 89-year-old accused of attempted murder-suicide, electricity rates going up, The Missile pleads guilty

State comptroller Tom DiNapoli reported yesterday that New York's Medicaid system is "leaking" millions of dollars. He says the program lost $92 million over the last five years to errors, improper payments and poor record keeping. Among the improper payments cited by the comptroller: $196,000 in cab rides for a woman to travel daily from Dutchess County to Albany to visit her son. [NYS OSC] [NYT] [TU]

The Troy city council and mayor Harry Tutunjian were in court yesterday in an attempt to resolve their budget dispute. They didn't -- and now a judge will rule. [Troy Record] [TU]

Niskayuna police say an 89-year-old man tried to kill his 87-year-old sister as part of an attempted murder-suicide last week. He's been charged with attempted murder. [TU] [CapNews9]

Real estate agents say the federal first-time home buyer tax credit led to a surge in closed sales in the Capital Region last month (up 36 percent from last year, though only about 2 percent from 2007). There's still a lot of inventory. [TU] [AOA]

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State Senate votes down same-sex marriage bill, Bruno trial still deliberating, alleged elderly safe robber arrested, Albany school district considers mid-year job cuts

The state Senate voted down the same-sex marriage bill 38-24. Supporters of the bill apparently thought the vote would be closer. Eight Democrats joined every Republican in the chamber in voting "no." Here's a listing of how each senator voted. [TU] [NYT] [NYDN] [CapCon]

The state Senate passed the $2.7 billion deficit reduction bill. David Paterson criticized the legislature's cuts for falling "well short" of what's actually necessary to cover the budget gap. The Senate also passed bills that reform the state's public authorities (such as the Thruway Authority) and change the pension rules for new state employees. [TU] [Daily Politics] [NYT] [NYT]

Joe Bruno Trial: the jury is still deliberating. The jury asked to have testimony read back yesterday from Jared Abbruzzese, the Loudonville businessman who bought an overvalued horse from Bruno apparently to make up for a canceled consulting contract. Oh, no: the trial seems to be affecting Uncle Joe's perma-tan (if not his loquaciousness). [TU] [Troy Record] [NYT]

After the Saratoga Springs' police and fire chiefs announced their retirements this week, Ron Kim -- the outgoing Saratoga Springs public safety commissioner -- says he's moving to hire their replacements. That's not going over well with Richard Wirth, who become public safety commissioner on January 1. [TU] [Saratogian]

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Nerd intersection in Niskayuna

make ge grc segwaySome of the staff from uber-nerdy* DIY magazine MAKE visited the GE Global Research Center in Niskayuna last week -- and and the resulting post is a fun look behind the scenes of the facility.

The Makers got to hear about the researchers' work (smart grids, computer vision and so on) -- and their side projects (a Segway-like machine that one of the scientists rides through the halls; an electric VW Rabbit). It sounds like the scientists are having a lot of fun.

(Thanks, Peter)

Earlier on AOA: Inside the Global Research Center

photo: Becky Stern / MAKE

*Of course, AOA loves nerds

State senators agree to hate on David Paterson, landfill expansion gets official OK from DEC, Troy dog park becomes political squabble, Dino looking for big tax breaks, rabid fox alert, gastropub opening in Saratoga

The state Senate's two caucuses held separate, brief -- and pointless -- sessions yesterday. The two sides apparently are close to working out some sort of deal to share power -- and asked for more time to negotiate. David Paterson essentially told them to stuff it and called another "extraordinary" session for today. He also directed the state treasurer to withhold senators' per diems. [Daily Politics] [NYT] [PolitickerNY]

One thing senators of both sides can apparently agree on: they're annoyed with David Paterson. Brooklyn Dem Kevin Park even called Paterson a "coke snorting, staff-banging governor" (he later retracted his comment -- at least he didn't hit the governor). Paterson said it's not him versus the legislature, but rather "governance versus chaos." [Newsday] [PolitickerNY] [NYDN] [TU]

It looks like the Senate chaos has put the same-sex marriage bill on hold indefinitely. [AP/Daily Gazette]

Former state health commissioner Antonia Novello has pleaded guilty in the case that alleged she used her state employees as personal assistants. She's getting off with no jail time, but will have to do community service, pay $22,500 in restitution and pay a small fine. [TU] [AP/Daily Gazette]

A spokesman for Rick Lazio says the former Long Island congressman and US Senate candidate "fully intends" to run for Governor of New York. Lazio has called for New York to replace the Assembly and Senate with a unicameral legislature. [AP/TU] [Daily Politics]

A draft of the Albany Common Council's ghost ticket investigation report concludes that the "intent of the system itself was not bad ... it was the impropriety in how the benefit was granted that is a cause for concern." One version of the draft report also apparently includes sharp criticism of city treasurer Betty Barnette's office. [TU]

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Alleged "Craigslist killer" went to UAlbany, Schenectady HS fight reportedly over suicide taunting, police say bus driver may have been at wheel drunk, smokin' at Skidmore

Philip Markoff, the Boston U medical student accused of being "the Craigslist killer" by police, is reportedly a 2007 UAlbany graduate. The man's fiance, who also reportedly attended UAlbany, told ABC News that police have the wrong guy. Markoff is the fourth former UAlbany student to be charged with murder during the last five years. [Boston Globe] [AP] [ABC News] [Albany Student Press]

Three teen girls were charged after a fight at Schenectady High School yesterday injured two teachers. One of the girl's mothers said her daughter did throw the first punch -- because she was being taunted about the recent suicide of her cousin. Students said yesterday that bullying is an ongoing problem at the school. [TU] [Daily Gazette] [Fox23]

Rudy Giuliani was in town last night for the Albany County Republicans' annual Lincoln Reagan dinner. Guiliani said state leaders should be "ashamed" of the New York's current "anti-competitive position" and he criticized the size of the recently passed state budget. Guiliani said he hasn't made his mind up about whether he'll run for governor next year and isn't sure when he will. [NYDN] [CapNews9] [AP/Newsday] [PolitickerNY]

There are still about 1500 disputed absentee ballots still to be counted (or not counted) in the NY20 special election. Scott Murphy's unofficial lead over Jim Tedisco is at 273 votes -- and Democrats are starting to make noises about the race being over. [TU] [CapNews9]

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Search continues for UAlbany student's killer, number of local foreclosures jumps, push to register organ donors, ready for NANOvember?

Police say there are still no leads in the murder of UAlbany student Richard Bailey. But another person has said he saw two people on bikes hurrying away from the scene. "Those guys were in a hurry to get somewhere," the neighbor told the TU. A woman driving by the scene said earlier this week she believed the two bikers were somehow involved. The APD says it's looking for the pair, but also says they're not suspects. [Daily Gazette] [TU] [CBS6]

A lawyer for Charles O'Byrne, David Paterson's chief of staff, says his client suffers from "late-filing syndrome." Yes, he really did say that. No, it's not a recognized psychological condition. O'Byrne owed almost $300,000 in back taxes, penalties and interest after not filing a return between 2001 and 2005. Paterson aides attribute O'Byrne's filing problems to bouts of clinical depression. [NYT] [TU]

The number of home foreclosures in the Capital Region more than doubled last quarter from the same period a year before. Even so, the region has one of the nation's lowest foreclosure rates. [TU]

A former Saratoga Springs employee is suing the city for racial discrimination. The man says he was passed over for promotion because he's an African-American. The federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission ruled in 2007 that the city had discriminated against the man. [Daily Gazette]

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Rowdiness and vandalism close schools, Colonie hopes to one-time its deficit, Niskayuna bans smoking in parks, whistle blown on scuffling football coach

Classes were South Colonie schools are also out today after vandals sprayed fire extinguishers all over the inside of the district's buses. [TU] [TU]

A 17-year-old was shot in the leg last night at the corner of Central and Lake in Albany. The police are looking for two men, who reportedly took off on bikes after firing the shot. [WNYT] [CBS6]

The Colonie Town Board has approved a one-time tax aimed at helping the town dig out of its $18 million deficit. Most homeowners there would end up paying less $250. Now the state Legislature has to approve the tax. [TU]

The Niskayuna Town Board voted to ban smoking at pretty much all of its outdoor facilities. The ban takes effect July 1. [TU]

The Schenectady High head football coach pleaded guilty yesterday to beating a man in an Italian restaurant. It appears that name calling started the scuffle between the two men, who are both in their 50s. [Daily Gazette]

The Daily Gazette is laying off six people, three of them in the newsroom. [Business Review]

Note: the web sites for the Troy Record and Saratogian were off-line this morning.

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