December 2009

Interesting in 2009: the B3nson folks

Interesting in 2009: Kaitlyn Ross

Interesting in 2009: Jasen VonGuinness

Interesting in 2009: Daniel B

Interesting in 2009: Leigh Cummings

Happy Holidays

Craig and his wonderful list

That's not the the drive-thru

Out of the archives for just a day

Fatal shooting in Schenectady, kids credited with saving horses from fire, Cannon Building shut down, push to redevelop First Prize Center

Winterfest photos

Santa Claus and Troy

New York's still #3


What's up in the Neighborhood

Christmas weather forecast

State comptroller says Medicaid is "leaking" millions, 89-year-old accused of attempted murder-suicide, electricity rates going up, The Missile pleads guilty

The Capitol on a cold holiday night

Who has the best egg nog?

Refusing the puffer

"C'mon, let me see your hands."

Toy donations?

Lots of houses

Former judge sentenced to prison, Paterson criticizes Shen superintendent, NYRA president says racing at Saratoga threatened, the 25-pound chocolate Santa

Local holiday gift guide round-up

Saratoga on DVD

Siena's vampire explainer

Blue Moon Gala

Saratoga then

Stop picking your nose

My Exit: Bradley Armour-Garb

Jessica Pasko Appreciation Day

Delmar house burns to ground after explosions, DA says city worker chased down alleged mugger, gun buyback out of money, mansion a bargain?

A quick recap of the week

This week was brought to you by...


The unhappiest state?

Holiday gift guide: Candy!!!

Stuff to do this weekend

Investigation finds fraud at state forensics lab, Paterson talking about layoffs again, homeless shelters jammed, another bank robbery attempt

The Al Tech Steel factory

New sounds on old instruments

Turning of the tide?

TU site malware

Craig and his wonderful list

Holiday gift guide: children's museum memberships

Education groups sue over state aid, Schumer apologizes to flight attendant, police say stolen Timberlands kicked off chase, Albany councilman calls for cancellation of "Jersey Shore"

Larry's Southwestern Chipotle Sauce

Food fight?

Pimp my sleigh

Cuddle Magic

What's up in the Neighborhood

Holiday gift guide: local history

State school aid cuts detailed, state police report on I-90 shootout, town's bond rating downgraded to junk, the $40,000 tree

A lull in flu season?

Meshuggeneh for the kosher Chopper

Snow Brawlin'

Holiday gift guide: Rolf's

Poll: almost half of New Yorkers "disappointed" by same-sex marriage vote

Troy budget veto overridden, APD leaning toward community policing, Paterson looking for a "hand back," trailer runs into overpass

The mobile, double-decker cake stand

Local cuts

Saratoga Last Vestige closing

Phantogram live on KEXP

Naked option

Holiday gift guide: museum shops

Ask Ashley

My Exit: Rich Curley

Paterson says he's cutting local aid to keep state solvent, downtown Albany Y could close, yet another bank robbery, sinkhole swallows car, more quakes in Berne

Santa Speedo Sprint 2009 photos

A quick recap of the week

This week was brought to you by...

Twittering in longhand

Electrical Forest

Holiday gift guide: bags at The Paper Sparrow

Lunch money

Stuff to do this weekend

Pension system for new state workers adjusted, NYRA aims to stop horse slaughter, another bank robbery, Albany Institute scraping financially, dog rescued with help of plumbing camera

The Santa Speedo Sprint is this weekend

Dyeing for a new color

A Stone house?

Craig and his wonderful list

Holiday gift guide: Albany Etsy

Encounters at the End of the World

Five Guys for Guilderland

Record snowfall yesterday, Paterson defends Wall Street, parking ticket plan approved, new license plates still on the way, again no ice skating at ESP

Well, it was a good day for some people

Are things getting better or worse?

Dark signals

Holiday Gift Guide: Spectrum passes

What's up in the Neighborhood

Found money

Company of Thieves tonight

Winter storm warning, Bruno Bruno Bruno, Troy budget vetoed, Saratoga schools change bike policy, Proctors is a powerhouse

Should the "Joe" name go?

Sitting by the fireplace


Speed reading the coverage of the Joe Bruno guilty verdict

Icy, Snowy Apocalypse Watch

RPI building a new president's residence

Joe Bruno convicted, state managers upset they're not getting a raise, another bank robbery, cash for clunker appliances, crackdown on deer jacking

Joe Bruno guilty on two counts

The tree is lit -- with a bang

A feed for every block

New York's next First Lady-friend?

Grape leaves at Nora's Grocery


Fort Orange

My Exit: Joe Nate McDaniel

Still no verdict in Bruno trial, new Saratoga police chief named, man allegedly walks out of jewelry store with $29k necklace, light rail for Saratoga?

A quick recap of the week

This week was brought to you by...

Siena vs. UAlbany this weekend

Hot, hot, hot

Tuba Christmas at the ESP

Hudson Under $100 2009

A package with a peel

Stuff to do this weekend

Day six in Bruno trial, marriage equality vote protest, details in Colonie soldier's death, residents weigh in on APD chief, Albany in-flight

At the mall, with Andy


Donating locally for the holidays

Speed reading the coverage of the state Senate same-sex marriage vote

Craig and his wonderful list

'E ko logic: "green" clothing from Troy

State Senate votes down same-sex marriage bill, Bruno trial still deliberating, alleged elderly safe robber arrested, Albany school district considers mid-year job cuts

Same-sex marriage bill voted down

Another round of flu shot clinics

Vote Quimby

Retro Joe Bruno

What's up in the Neighborhood

Over the Rhine at The Egg

Movement on state budget gap, Bruno trial jurors say they're stuck, Saratoga chiefs retiring, still no public release of plan for Harriman, police say guard was tied up during safe robbery

A dossier on our crow invaders

HIV/AIDS activist at HVCC tonight

Smoke out

Mooing at Uncommon Grounds

The best November ever?

Victorian strolling this week

Porco appeal focuses on nod, state budget gap deal could be close, job cuts at Skidmore, police say 11-year-old called 911 on alleged robbers, CDTA bus bursts into flames

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I've found that anecdotes from neighbors, friends, or internet "strangers" can only take you so far. If you haven't already, I strongly recommend you get out there and visit these schools during the school year, during the school day to get a feel for things. In the last few months, my wife and I have made a series of visits to our local elementary, middle + high-school. During those visits, we had the chance to talk to multiple teachers and see the kids "in action". It was very VERY telling in a lot of ways - both good and bad.

A few bits about that big, new mural going up on the side of the Quackenbush Garage in Albany

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Fields Sculpture Park at Omi 2017

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A restaurant for regular group meetings?

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Stuff to do this weekend

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Where to get an Apple laptop fixed?

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