January 2009

A quick recap of the week

Gillibrand, disclosed

Great comments from this week


The Steelers' success started in... Saratoga?

Flickring through the Capital Region

Stuff to do this weekend

Job openings attracting many applicants, tax trouble for legislators, wig-wearing would-be test taker won't be charged with felony, libel suit against TU dismissed

Ni hao

Overheard at the next table


Craig and his wonderful list


Jonathan cares about the world, do you?

Stimulus includes millions for local schools, snow totaled about six inches, new name for MapInfo, dude looked like a lady

A pair of very loyal mittens


What emergency?

Who has the best prices on beer?

What's up in the Neighborhood


Maybe just a little global warming?

Ice and freezing rain on the way, budget process again focus of Capitol, Bruno calls indictment "garbage," texting gets UAlbany teams in trouble, don't be a spigot pig

King Lecture at Siena

Tedisco time

An ice rink on the pond

Speculate about 2010? Sure, why not.

TU site problems, continued

Made to measure suits at Bachrach

Icy, Snowy Apocalypse Watch

Local home prices hold steady, former NYS health commissioner accused of abusing staff, Bruno says they've messed with the wrong guy, Honest Weight sales up

Speed reading the coverage of Kirsten Gillibrand

Soon to be everywhere

Opus Igor

Synecdoche in Schenectady

Everybody into the pool for Gillibrand's seat, first homicide of the year in Schenectady, apartments planned for downtown Albany, chicken wing prices up

A quick recap of the week

RPI official: Jackson asked for a pay cut

Laying an egg

Is Joe Bruno going to prison?

Lisa Barone is a raging knee sock fanatic

Gillibrand is the Top Senator winner

Phone book relief!

Kirsten Gillibrand is "on fire"

Stuff to do this weekend

Paterson to appoint Gillibrand to Clinton's seat, unemployment rate jumps, state employee accused of loan sharking, woman profits from lucky mistake

Toward the exciting Top Senator finale


Kreisler's Long Sleep

Craig and his wonderful list

The tale of the register tape

Two nominations for Frozen River

Caroline's officially out, unemployment rate projected to climb, group calls public health students' confession "tainted," geese block traffic

Caroline is out?

What's up in the Neighborhood

Waiting for Mercy

Apple raspberry pie from Yonder Farms

Thoughts about 2009?

People gather to watch inauguration, Paterson keeps everyone guessing, Alaei brothers sentenced, hot fudge business is sweet

Yes, we tan

He'll be here all week

Around the virtual office water cooler

Advising Obama

A pet befitting a badass president

Full frontal puppet nudity

Paterson says he's narrowed the field for Clinton's seat, storms straining snow removal budgets, shootout in Schenectady, dry cleaner closing stores

Caught in the web

Kamiar Alaei Update

New York's next senator is...

2008, meet 2009

Lunching with Obama

Keeping warm with a 'stache

Catholic diocese closing many churches, Timmons' mother says they will appeal, Troy cracking down on ticket scofflaws, jewelry store gets liquor license, Circuit City closeout mobbed

A quick recap of the week

Out in the cold with Capital News 9's Kaitlyn Ross

Stuff to do this weekend

Top Senator final prediction: murky

Pulling the plug

So, three comedians walk into the Lark Tavern...

It's cold, emergency landing at ALB, Soares calls for video of interrogations, Dalai Lama coming, state threatens bingo in Troy, Obama-Osama mistake strikes again

What's going on with the TU site

Craig and his wonderful list

Soda tax losing its fizz?


The Albany Society for Advancement of Philanthropy

Timmons found guilty, Gillibrand says she is a candidate for Clinton's seat, Jackson talks with RPI faculty about recent layoffs, local foreclosures up in 2008

The future of hospital waiting rooms has arrived

Inauguration parties?

Across Panama on one wheel

Don't you hate it when...

What's up in the Neighborhood

Jury deliberating Kathina case, selection process for Hillary replacement criticized, crash closes major intersection, new life for vacant anchor space at Crossgates?

Death by icicle

Susan is a pinhead

Overheard at the golf course

Ginger Man Cheese

More details about I-90 shootout, Paterson criticized for Clinton replacement process, federal money could stop new taxes, elderly clerk staves off robbery with phone

The junior senator

Take that, Megabus!

Defending RPI's contribution to the Clinton Global Initiative

The book on Phil Pascuzzo

The flipside

As big as India

Staying warm at the Sweater Venture

Shootout on I-90, Paterson meets with Kennedy, four day state work week?, former police chief admits to gambling, recession means red sauce

A quick recap of the week

Everyone loves bacon

What you can do about the phone book menace

Hold Steady tickets without the Ticketmaster tax

Return of the phone books

Top Senator rolls on

Stuff to do this weekend

New designs for success

Job anxiety at Capitol, Albany Med planning more development, cell phone prompts school evacuation, NYSTI fighting merger with Egg


Jess Fink has a lot of fans

Craig pets

First born

Cheap fares to warm places

Reaction to State of the State, rally in downtown Albany, more weird twists in Kathina trial, sewage might have ended up in vegetable compost, pet deer attacks man

All hail the great State of Long Island

AT&T mobile/data outage

Your evening commute-- better with Bacon

A quick read of Paterson's State of the State

What's up in the Neighborhood

Tattered Pages

Saratoga horse vandals to bask in glow of basic cable spotlight

State of the State today, Democrats organize control of state Senate, unemployment claim system crashes, two-year-old found wandering snowy streets

The ongoing scramble to replace Hillary

UAlbany public health student sentenced in Iran

It poured

Asparagus soup at Lark St. Wine Bar and Bistro

Daniel Nester's fake bake

Icy, Snowy Apocalypse Watch

Spreading the news on "the iTax"

Trial begins for teen accused of killing Kathina Thomas, state Senate Dems still haven't worked things out, father-son duo accused of stealing tombstones, pot eater tasered by police

In search of good design

Clothing kids in Uganda -- via Schenectady

Guide horses in the next aisle

New World on Delaware

Discontent at RPI

Riding the Megabus

Joe Bruno's daughter under scrutiny, Thruway toll hike kicks in, local t-shirt biz hopes to help kids in Africa, ice fishing heats up,

The most popular items on AOA for 2008

Stuff to do this weekend

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I've found that anecdotes from neighbors, friends, or internet "strangers" can only take you so far. If you haven't already, I strongly recommend you get out there and visit these schools during the school year, during the school day to get a feel for things. In the last few months, my wife and I have made a series of visits to our local elementary, middle + high-school. During those visits, we had the chance to talk to multiple teachers and see the kids "in action". It was very VERY telling in a lot of ways - both good and bad.

A few bits about that big, new mural going up on the side of the Quackenbush Garage in Albany

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Fields Sculpture Park at Omi 2017

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A restaurant for regular group meetings?

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Stuff to do this weekend

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Where to get an Apple laptop fixed?

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