November 2015

Babes in Troyland

Echoes from the Neighborhood that Disappeared and The Great Ledge: Exploring Thacher

What sort of winter hat should I get?

When the sun goes down

Albany Holiday House Tour 2015

Reviewing Capital Region crime numbers, protest over firing of Walmart employee, struggle over direction of Honest Weight

The week ahead

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A quick recap of the week

Stuff to do this weekend

Happy Thanksgiving!

"A day of Prayer and Thanksgiving in this State"

What's up in the Neighborhood

"I think it feels like Thanksgiving."

Crepes at The French Press Cafe and Creperie

Cousin admits to Kenneth White murder, police search for missing Troy woman, Silver deliberation gets weird, Collar City boom

Today's moment of autumn

Another view of the ESP that didn't quite happen

On the ethics gridiron

Talking about Santa and the Dutch at the Mabee Farm

Another planned co-working space

Where to get car upholstery fixed?

Protestors call for police firings because of Dontay Ivy case, Liberty Ridge Farm challenging fine for refusing same-sex wedding, Lillian's Restaurant is closing

Holiday markets 2015

Rezone Albany: South End

"Manlius, and Skaneateles, and Tully aren't going to exist if the city of Syracuse doesn't."

Baking that Albany Cake

Drawing: What are you thankful for this year?

Search following fatal stabbing in Troy, Walmart responds to can-redemption firing, South End Children's Café already a drawing a crowd

The week ahead

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A quick recap of the week

Today's moment of autumn

Tanglewood 2016 lineup includes Seth MacFarlane

Looking ahead at New York's craft beverage boom

Stuff to do this weekend

Protest over possible Saint Rose program cuts, vote on 1MSq tax breaks postponed, Bob & Ron's closes Albany location

What did Albany eat in the 18th century?

Taking the waters

Empire State Plaza skating rink opens soon

Workshop for startup breweries

Albany Cake

Cuomo: "no specific terrorist threat" to New York, not guilty pleas in Porreca murder case, Troy City Council votes down tax cap override, six year old rescues residents from apartment fire

Today's moment of autumn

How raising steer has changed the way I eat

Troy farmers' market drops out of 1 Monument Square plan

"She's very modest... but she stole the show"

What's up in the Neighborhood

Drawing: Capital District Food Tour tickets + Honest Weight gift card

Cuomo:NY won't turn away Syrian refugees, 230 animals rescued in Westerlo hoarding case, Albany to annoy crow overlords

Glimpses of downtown Troy almost a century ago

For whom the E-ZPass does not toll

David Sedaris at The Egg

Defining an upstate cuisine

Too big

That new Saratoga quarter

Local Congressional reps on Syrian refugee program, Troy police get riot gear, downtown residential development in Schenectady

Today's moment of autumn

Arguing the case for protected bike lanes

Drawing: Tickets for Beaujolais Nouveau Wine Celebration 2015

"You fellas ever hear about the time Legs Diamond was found not guilty in Troy and not breathing in Albany? Well, let me tell you..."

Re-growing the local grain industry

It's a Jazzy Christmas! at Massry Center

Reaction to Paris attacks, alleged problems at VA hospital, Skelos trial starting, Albany parking ticket amnesty extended

The week ahead

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A quick recap of the week

"This is the old orchard I was telling you guys about..."

Jerry Seinfeld at The Palace

UAlbany and Siena open college basketball season with marquee opponents

Stuff to do this weekend

Albany HS renovation falls after absentee count, public defender's office raided in unusual search, Washington County triple homicide conviction overturned, marijuana harvested -- legally

Every local publication is Metroland now

Native Peoples of Hudson Valley at the State Museum

It's a play. It's a ping pong game. It's both.

Henry Johnson's Medal of Honor

Ask AOA: Why are so many people so intent on knocking down the Capital Region?

Suspect in Porreca murder former high school honor student/athlete, Gibson eyes gubernatorial run, Silver trial focused on definition of friendship, breaking down the Albany High vote

Just so it's clear...

Santa Speedo Sprint 2015 registration now open

The New York State AG's attempt to tackle daily fantasy (and the state's complicated relationship with gambling)

US vs. Canada

What's up in the Neighborhood

Mohawk Hudson Humane using facial recognition tech for dogs

Two charged in Porreca murder, guilty plea in fatal DWI, Albany high school still nine votes down, Vito Lopez dead at 74

Cuomo moving to raise minimum wage for state employees to $15 per hour

Tracy Morgan at Funny Bone

Counting and not counting

Avocado Fries at Slidin' Dirty

Drawing: Collar City Fall Ball at Takk House

Large fire in Albany, search for driver in Cohoes hit and run, catalytic converters swiped, Henry Johnson's Medal of Honor on display

Today's moment of autumn

PostSecret: The Show at Proctors

Koselig, and the winter mindset

Erica and Christian's Albany Sears Kit Home

Troy Innovation Garage

Mumford & Sons at SPAC

No indictment for police officer in fatal Troy shooting, Albany trash fee debated, Troy Bombers closed as ownership changes

The week ahead

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A quick recap of the week

City of Albany to present Madison Ave Road Diet recommendations

TEDxAlbany 2015 speakers lineup

"I think it's important to eat healthy foods and be treated with respect and dignity."

Stuff to do this weekend

Former assistant police chief accused of theft, projections for impact of $15 min wage, mapping Albany High School votes

He beat Bobby Flay

Catching up with Sean Desiree of bell's roar and South End Pallet Works

Registration open for Troy Turkey Trot, Albany Last Run 2015

The next shapes of the Warehouse District and Central Ave

A quick look at the 733 Broadway residential conversion

Columbia doctor testifies against Silver, Troy city council proposes budget cuts, Dannemora guard pleads not guilty, Revolutionary quarter

Checking back with The Albany Barn

Yeah, so, not a typical start for November

"It's nice to have bustling shared spaces where you can run into people you know without planning it beforehand."

What's up in the Neighborhood

Pretty Much the Best Comedy Show: Beth Stelling

Madden elected Troy mayor, new Albany High School comes down to absentee ballots, Metroland seized for back taxes

Quick-scan general election results 2015

Today's moment of autumn

Albany's first high school

Aurora sighting possible tonight

Day trip: Syracuse

Dough for making dough

Brain Food for the Curious at State Museum

It's Election Day, protest at Albany Common Council meeting over Dontay Ivy's death, Chris Gibson on Andrew Cuomo, that enormous plane

Office space

Thinking about the plan for the next version of Albany High School

Aviation archaeology

StartUp Discover at UAlbany

Ignite 2015

Lewis Black returning to the Palace

Protest and calls for change in police procedure over Dontay Ivy case, pedestrian killed in alleged drunk driver crash, Sheldon Silver trial starts, miles of knitting

The week ahead

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I've found that anecdotes from neighbors, friends, or internet "strangers" can only take you so far. If you haven't already, I strongly recommend you get out there and visit these schools during the school year, during the school day to get a feel for things. In the last few months, my wife and I have made a series of visits to our local elementary, middle + high-school. During those visits, we had the chance to talk to multiple teachers and see the kids "in action". It was very VERY telling in a lot of ways - both good and bad.

A few bits about that big, new mural going up on the side of the Quackenbush Garage in Albany

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Fields Sculpture Park at Omi 2017

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A restaurant for regular group meetings?

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Stuff to do this weekend

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Where to get an Apple laptop fixed?

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