April 2008

The road to the White House goes through Rachael Ray

How much is New York's gasoline tax?

With sugar on top?

Craig and his wonderful list

One year behind the wheel of The Fagbug

AOA's Capital Region Outdoor Dining Map

Second Szostak autopsy results, delinquent DNA, no Big House restaurant, setting Schenectady straight

It's never too cold for free ice cream

Stacy's Mom at Ambition Cafe


The Caftan? Really?

It's Free Cone Day at Ben & Jerry's

New research center for Troy, vendettas in Schenectady, McNulty's regret, make that McDonald's a double

Floating in Washington Park

Filet 7 West

The WEXT Top 15

Talking with Tim Gunn at Macy's

To spitzer

Local Congressional race starts to focus, Troy has a concrete plan, rabid fisher prompts fear phobia, documenting Fountain Day

A quick recap of the past week

Thruway tolls going up, E-ZPass discount cut

Stuff to do this weekend

Another trip through the online 'hood

The Track vs. Mahars

Go Jimmy!

The Riverway Storytelling Festival story swap

Woman charged with starving mother, bus fares probably going up, farmers market staying for now, Rats game goes on and on and on

Warm it up

The 99th best place to have a beer

Does it pay to ride the bus?

Overheard in Panera

Reinforcements for Schenectady police, local reps sticking with Hillary, better security for Hannaford, sort-of expensive air fare

Rachael and Bill's

Craig and his wonderful list

Why, why, why

Tim Gunn at Macy's: what should we ask?

Boarded Up: art on Grand Street

Housing market stable, pork off-limits, manhole cover mystery continues, dramas over water and hot dogs, warm weather beats Rats like a rented goalie

Skipping through The Neighborhood


You have a long time to live

Sittin' on a Million: Mame Faye premiere announced

The bread at Perreca's

State cuts back on hiring, post carrier catches baby, big deal for small things, new paint job for "fagbug"

In bloom

I have my reasons

The respect you deserve

Governor, it's the Batphone

The WEXT Top 15

Rachael Ray: I liked everything that old Italian men like

Spartacus at The Palace

Burn bans, playing drive-by shooting, exploding manhole covers, Central Avenue construction, bobblhead mayors

A quick scan of the past week

Shameless self promotion

Nom de creme

Stuff to do this weekend

In her shoes

Drew D'Amelia, the Mathmaticious guy

They Might Be Giants at The Egg: The Swearabration and the other show

Wildfires, convention center cost questions, yet another Congressional candidate, are you ashamed of Eliot Spitzer?

The Trader Joe's campaign rolls on

Found: one alternative wedding dress

Overheard in Target

Teenage Skeleton Night

Sgt. Dunbar and the Hobo Banned

Candidates use own cash, Troy City Hall still standing, traffic circle skepticism, no more hot dogs in Congress Park

Racing to the tax day finish

Make it work! Tim Gunn's coming to town!

As you like it

Talking with They Might Be Giants' John Flansburgh about The Egg

Rachael Ray, senior director for recipe policy

TMBG's video about The Egg

Convention center money sought, home foreclosures up, Colonie Center movie theater nears completion, horses back at Saratoga

Burlesque is back: Charmed and Dangerous at Lark Tavern



Buffalo chicken rangoons from Hannaford

Last chance to pay the tax man

Worries about Troy's infrastructure, where was the SPD?, Hucktown at Union, new slogan for UAlbany

Heard around the neighborhood

Searching for parking in a civilized world

The WEXT Top 15

Why Kentucky?

Shirley Jackson on Charlie Rose

Explosion in Troy, state agencies tightening belts, hitting water in Saratoga, responsible potato gun ownership

The week in concentrated form

Stuff to do this weekend

Dopp kicked

Tea time

Cracking open the origins of The Egg

Duck in a box

What your neighbors are watching tonight

Menands body ID'ed, top judge sues state, UAlbany AD says game not over for stadium plan, Fasig-Tipton sold

Trader Joe's -- the saga continues

Apparently there is some accounting for taste

Kindergarten lessons for legislators

Rev Records

State budget finished, biting the bullet in Colonie, rebuilding Uncle Sam's house, UAlbany's hottest professor

After the spitzering


The hunt for an alternative wedding dress

A prime number

Budget looking like its done, ethics commission not following rules, mobile police station, surfing in Waterford

No, really, a good (single) guy is hard to find

Web Winner!

The zine collection at the NY State Library

Pierogi at Muza Diner

A whole bunch of change in the cushions


Name calling over the state budget, APD's super-secret chase policy, developers plan for Harriman campus, Bibleman on his way

The WEXT Top 15

The Purple Lady

West Side Story at The Palace

A modern Shakespeare

The Albany crime map: keep trying

Bringing home the federal bacon

Bourdain on Rachael Ray

State budget still stuck, extreme fighting in NY?, potato gun cop, Saratoga seating lottery

Highlights from the past week

Stuff to do this weekend

Wanted: Bourdain

Inside the sausage factory


This American Life - Live!

Call for Albany PD investigation, state budget still stuck, annoying football players, Troy farmer's market moving

"Strange Culture" in Troy

Stephen Malkmus at MASS MoCA

Slam poetry at Frequency North

Getting from Albany to New York City


DNA testing for Menands body, cigarette tax increase, Ashcroft gets big crowd, teaching Arabic in Schenectady, a plan to stop to the phone books

Heard around the neighborhood

Wegmans & Price Chopper: the real deal

Kosher for Passover Coke

Where's our FiOS?

The Big Read

Gloria Steinem

Budget process goes behind closed doors, investigating the investigations, school district budgets, extra security for Ashcroft

Melissa St. Pierre

Let the eagle soar

No reservations (left)

Hazelnut gelato at A Cone of Our Own

Spitzer, Spitzer what did you do?

Budget will be late, cigarette taxes probably going up, crashing the Palace, big ethanol plant planned for port

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