November 2011

Deer Tick at Jillian's

That's not snow

Steve Aoki at Northern Lights

Jessica Gahring, from NY Ink, at Sage

What's up in the Neighborhood

Chestnuts roasting by an open Price Chopper

Tickets for Brunswick x2

More local school children living in poverty, uproar over Albany County proposed budget, high school students building political networking site

The best November ever?

Albany swap

The gerrymanders of New York State

Tacos at La Mexicana Grocery & Restaurant

The Bluth Building

How to avoid the mall for holiday shopping?

A pizza delivery guy saves woman from burning home, recession has cost New York high-paying jobs, ski slopes are losing money because of warm weather

Architecture of EMPAC

Dark Sky app funded, and other local Kickstarter projects

Ani DiFranco at The Egg

Contractors for an energy audit?

LEGOmania at the Albany Institute

Bye, bye, Miss American Pie...

My Exit: Cori Irwin

Local food pantries facing increased demand, search for car in fatal hit-and-run, stabbing outside Northern Lights, Occupy Albany shifting focus

The week ahead


A quick recap of the week

Stuff to do this weekend

Happy Thanksgiving!

A parking lot, or two, of hybrids and electrics

What's up in the Neighborhood

Books, priced to move

Where to get a side of pork?

Meals on Wheels org says it needs help after van stolen, McCoy threatens closures and layoffs if no tax cap override, odd theft attempt thwarted by stop for soda

Jeremy Snyder's search for the perfect chocolate chip cookie

Duncan Crary, downtown disciple

Driving off, holiday spirit stuffed in the back

Another Five Guys, Chipotle

New Yorkers: charitable, like friends and artificial trees, don't believe in Santa Claus

The Hearts, Saratoga, and an edge of fatalism

What are you thankful for this year?

Shock over terror suspect's connection to Schenectady, council funds anti-gun program, first batch of arrested Occupiers have cases bounced

Warmer and less snowy. Probably.

Slow start for the flu -- and then there's whatever the other thing is

Park and plug in

That must have been quite the baguette


The Dutch Colonial style

My Exit: Susan Fowler

Former Schenectady man held in terror plot, Occupiers concerned arrests are becoming "redundant," man accussed of blinding girlfriend's baby, possible secret to long life: lager

The week ahead

Building community one story at a time

A quick recap of the week

This week was brought to you by

George Philip stepping down as UAlbany president

Somewhere Else International

Cities and towns as puzzle pieces

Lark and Madison

The Cheese Traveler

Stuff to do this weekend

More than 500 protestors march with Occupy Albany, state reps won't support Saratoga County sales tax increase, man arrested for fatal crash had many license suspensions

Cranksgiving V

Innovations in pawn shop marketing, part II

That looks a lot like...

Favorite local spots for music/acoustic snobs?

Fashion for the People

Craig and his wonderful list

Cooking out the cold

Joe Bruno likely to face another trial, Colonie town supervisor results could be known today, woman looking for husband's teeth and glasses

An Albany dialect?

A bank with online banking you won't totally hate?

Sunmark Start-up update: The Radix Center

What's up in the Neighborhood

Fungus for packing Crate and Barrel

MaryLeigh & The Fauves

Call for special prosecutor for Occupy arrests, nanotech wants to take over old train station, mall accused of allowing "suburban slum," two banks robbed

Say it with us: Ger-ar-dooo Suer-oooo

Now on BusPlus: wi-fi, text alerts, bus tracking, queue jumping

Water is rather important to beer

Where New Yorkers stand on Occupy movement

Waaaayyy uptown

Pancakes at the Jonesville Store

Tickets to Beaujolais Nouveau celebration


Cuomo could appoint special prosecutor for Occupy Albany, state budget gap is growing, Albany airport scanners won't be able to see you naked

Newspapers without paper

Best place for a massage?

When lending a hand is just... (shudder, eww)

We are Jeneric is now The Parlor

The community-owned department store

The new H&M at Crossgates

Clifton Park Regal 10 opening

My Exit: Cliff Rohde

Prosecutors plan to throw out Occupy Albany arrests, multiple shootings in Albany and Schenectady, record finishers in the Stockade-athon

The week ahead

Why I didn't vote last Tuesday

Arrests at Occupy Albany

A quick recap of the week

This week was brought to you by

CDTA route restructuring for Albany County

A wine tasting trip to Columbia County

Trying out ShopRite's home delivery service

Good spots for photographing sunsets?

Stuff to do this weekend

600 state jobs moving from Troy to Albany, a pro-hydrofracking coalition has been formed

Begun again the War on Crows has

Wham City

Youngest mayor

APD: mother/daughter said they fought off burglar -- but they were attackers


Craig and his wonderful list

Red Lions in the attic

Races for Schenectady mayor and Colonie supervisor won't be settled this week, Saratoga County sales tax increase proposed, grocery shopping after alleged kidnapping

It's sunny in Troy

Waste-to-energy plant for Port of Albany?


Holiday cooking around the world

What's up in the Neighborhood

Winter stuff for your car, your house, and you

Election results are in, town board member delivers baby at poll, carbon monoxide poisoning in Glens Falls, Troy family said city is "holding dog for ransom"

Election results highlights 2011

We need a better opposition party

Scenes from mac 'n cheese class

RPI Reddit

Checking out the new TCBY

"We are Free," We are Jeneric

It's Election Day, Schenectady cop arrested for DWI, teen shot in Troy, man hid a lot of meat in his pants

The NanoBridge over Washington Ave Ext

Andy Rooney and charcoaled peaches

Public hearing for the proposed Albany parking permit system tonight

"Albany is the new Austin"

Front Parlor storytelling series coming to Albany

TAL Raucci

My Exit: Jessica Towne

TWC outage

Woman who drove into river died of heart attack, student injured in bike accident wasn't wearing helmet, veterans finally receive medals

The week ahead

A quick recap of the week

This week was brought to you by

You didn't actually ask, but...

Fewer tulips in the bed

Ass Backwards closer to release?

Fall tasting menu

Stuff to do this weekend

PEF approves contract, drugs allegedly found in Gold's Gym man's home, sheriff's candidate accused of ticket fixing

Turkey time at Coldwater Creek Farm

Revised PEF contract approved, layoffs averted

Top floor

Tickets for TEDxAlbany 2011

Craig and his wonderful list

Pot prices around New York State

Cuomo hoping people want to work less, PEF vote results will be revealed today, counterfeit items seized from Crossgates

More photos from Occupy Albany

John Crispin's Willard suitcase project

Capital Comics Collective

What's up in the Neighborhood

Local chef, local food

Tickets for DANCE MOViES at EMPAC

Family says Gold's Gym man had no history of violence, FBI in on investigation into threatening videos, Colonie street usual target for Halloween pranksters, kids get anti-bullying measures and new urgent care center this week

OnStar drops the dime


Occupy Albany vs. Cuomo

LEGO challenge at Albany Institute

Roger Waters playing The Wall at TU Center

Grilled cheese at All Good Bakers

An island upstate

Nightlife by Phantogram

Police responded to gym rampage with multiple taser shots, Albany has no precedent for removing protestors, infamous pink building coming down in Latham

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I've found that anecdotes from neighbors, friends, or internet "strangers" can only take you so far. If you haven't already, I strongly recommend you get out there and visit these schools during the school year, during the school day to get a feel for things. In the last few months, my wife and I have made a series of visits to our local elementary, middle + high-school. During those visits, we had the chance to talk to multiple teachers and see the kids "in action". It was very VERY telling in a lot of ways - both good and bad.

A few bits about that big, new mural going up on the side of the Quackenbush Garage in Albany

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Fields Sculpture Park at Omi 2017

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A restaurant for regular group meetings?

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Stuff to do this weekend

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Where to get an Apple laptop fixed?

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