June 2013

The week ahead

A quick recap of the week

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Today's moment of summer

Vote counting

With a name like giant hogweed, really, what else would you expect

Finished before there could even be a staged spat over two people wearing the same dress

Stuff to do this weekend

Investigation into train derailment, suspect nabbed at ALB while waiting for flight, together for 60 years and two weeks

Push continues for Albany aquarium

Independents cruise

New York's highest court on GPS, and who can share tips at a Starbucks

Uncomfortably familiar

Craig and his wonderful list

Once noticed, they're everywhere

Cuomo wants Assembly to return for Women's Equality vote, attorneys for former Albany imam request retrial,Lake George to become "smart lake," Cuomo's Harley at the ESP

Today's moment of summer

Like being there

Charting the Capital Region's workday population tide

What's up in the Neighborhood

Help with financial planning?

Three guilty pleas in Albany County Jail gambling case, armed robber gets 4,000 pills from Saratoga CVS, Google Glass in Schenectady

Officially hot

Capital Region's unemployment rate down a full percentage point compared to a year ago

The Rejuvenary River Circus in Troy

Trailer Park Boys at the Palace

A side of chicken at Mr. Pio Pio

Top pick

Eve of Destruction 2013

Storm rips through Rensselaer, push to save Women's Equality Act, maybe a little to eager to move to Schenectady, three decades of bagels

A few bits about the upcoming Track season

Bacteria from space (OK, they're originally from Earth, but they went to space)

At the ballpark with AOA, now with more spots

The population tide

Help with window repair?

On window air conditioners

Capital Region Swimming Pools 2013

Farm Aid 2013 lineup (it's a SPAC this year)

End of session flurry in state legislature, feds assert radiation weapon was viable, Troy farmers' market looking for permanent location

The week ahead

A quick recap of the week

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In the park for Go Skateboarding Day

Tips for tracking spending?

Stuff to do this weekend

Feds: mosque and Islamic center were "viable targets" in alleged radiation weapon plot, tension over Women's Equality Act on last day of legislative session, $1 million / 20

About New York and maple syrup

The short version of the long history of local beer

State unemployment rate at lowest level in four years

Craig and his wonderful list

Checking out the new Honest Weight location

Death of infant called homicide, Cuomo forming Moreland panel on corruption, women's equality bill could bring cliff-hanger, local Jewish orgs credited with helping nab terror suspects

Today's moment of summer

Casting a line

Feds: Men conspired to build mobile x-ray weapon. | Is that possible?

What's up in the Neighborhood

Drawing: Neil Gaiman in Saratoga

Women's Equality bill split ten ways, Cuomo and legislators reach casino agreement, Niskayuna school budget passes, Colonie among New York's most fiscally stressed communities

Albany I Spy answers

Transportation options for a group day trip?


A quick look inside the new Troy Bombers

Ommegang Take the Black Stout

Drawing: Tickets for Build Up

Residents call for safer street after boy's death, thousands rally against fracking, McLaughlin "considering" run for governor, man says he was "just being an idiot"

Capital Region high school graduation rates 2012

ValleyCats season starts this week

Swifty Mead's, Big Charlie's, Mullen's, O'Malley's

A good career coach?

Sidewalk painting from the 2013 River Street Festival

Family says boy struck by car has died, Cuomo adjusts casino plan, questions about housing as Park South redevelops

The week ahead

A quick recap of the week

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Bumper gawking

The first rule of speakeasy is...

Saving the playland

St. Rose president out after one year

South End Tavern closing

Farm Aid 2013 is at SPAC

Stuff to do this weekend

Eye on flooding, retired lieutenant colonel alleges sexual abusers in National Guard air wing not punished, report: increase in New York tornadoes

Red Poppies closing soon

Which arrives first? The electric cars, or the places to charge them?

Not this far

Something different for an anniversary day?

Ride over for Hoffman's Playland?

Craig and his wonderful list

Talking with the creator of Albany Archives

Former RPI employee arraigned for embezzlement, suspicious packages at Albany FBI HQ, Round Lake librarian reinstated, Alec Baldwin wants to clean up Albany

Historical houses and anarchy

Not exactly like patching the lawn

Recommendations for car transmission repair?

What's up in the Neighborhood

Hiking in the footsteps of Teddy Roosevelt

Warrington found guilty of murder, Cuomo proposes Public Trust Act to curb legislative corruption, entire Round Lake Library Board resigns over fired librarian case

All wet

Pick your own strawberry season 2013

Virtually browsing the Albany Institute's collections

Headway on mystery?

The grassfed burger at Pirates Lakeside Grill

Where to buy essential oils?

Remembrances of men killed in Afghanistan, auditor: Albany water department had lots of unpaid bills, push for Troy marina

Modern Nature: Georgia O'Keeffe and Lake George at the Hyde Collection

Odd Future at Upstate Concert Hall

In progress: the Albany Barn

Hobbies probably include: raining on parades

Where to get a "check engine" light read?

Soldier originally from Albany area killed in Afghanistan, rally against standardized testing, high school student arrested for alleged threat on Facebook, turtle crossing season

The week ahead

A quick recap of the week

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Going to the Capitol, and we're gonna get married...

NYCLU: New York has racial disparity in pot arrests


Alton Brown at Proctors

Stuff to do this weekend

More allegations against Lopez and Silver, driver in fatal hit and run sentenced, bed bugs in Schenectady, RPI part of suit against Apple

What do you mean you say it like that?

Red to green

AOA night at the ValleyCats

Craig and his wonderful list

Dates for RestFest 2013, and a new venue

Cuomo releases casino plan, Williams charged with wife's murder, dogs accidentally dragged by patrol car, aspirations of re-striping a bridge

FarmieMarket expanding

An opera for Roscoe

Free summer concert series schedule 2013

What's up in the Neighborhood

"This is not good enough."


Cuomo proposes "Bill of Rights" for women, poll: majority of New Yorkers think Silver should resign, arson suspect to face federal prosecution

Today's moment of summer

"It's probably my favorite thing about this neighborhood."

A barbecue, a film, and Nellie McKay

Off the market

An IKEA? Here? Well...

Cuomo to propose women's rights agenda legislation, no further charges for driver accused of hitting pedestrian after falling asleep, "complete streets" for Albany

Yappy hour at the Confectionery

Oldest building in Albany changes hands

(Re)Imagining Troy winners

To the finish, quickly

Historic home/garden tours in June

Sheriff's office: pedestrian killed after driver fell asleep and veered, NWS says there was third tornado, Uncle Sam loses his head

The week ahead

A quick recap of the week

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