July 2012

Red Bulls game trip

Grants of as much as $5k from the Arts Center

But has anyone ever found the rock noses?

The Magnetic Fields at Helsinki Hudson

Amtrak e-ticket

Capital Region vinyl shops

Sheriff's office says Westerlo death is suspicious, tax breaks for downtown Saratoga movie theater, field narrows for UAlbany president job, Capital District Community Gardens picks new home

Central Steak closing

Honest Weight clearing the way

Truck vs. Albany Med pedestrian bridge

Han Solo, frozen in LEGO

Stories of old Saratoga

Ballston Spa Film Festival 2012

My Exit: Hans Leibold

Troy police investigating odd incident, Schumer and Gillibrand support minimum wage increase, pawn shops trying to head off new rules, flood prompts man to find lost family

The week ahead

Bigger isn't necessarily better

A quick recap of the week

This week was brought to you by

X-rays, the cello, Star Trek

Duck on a truck

Moxie's is more than plain vanilla

Stuff to do this weekend

Severe storms miss Capital Region, Guilderland bank robbed again, suspect allegedly flees traffic stop and jumps in river, healing with horses

The Giants are back at UAlbany

New brew pub opening in Saratoga

Berkshire Botanical Garden

A grim midday scene

Craig and his wonderful list

Deciphering songs

Thursday afternoon, evening weather could be rough

Albany picks school superintendent but there's a catch, New Yorkers like Cuomo as governor but for president--not so much, Saratoga County woman re-indicted for harboring illegal, planning board approves Spa City movie theater

Alive at Five moved to TU Center

Restored at Madison and Main

Sleepwalk for The Spectrum

Passes to the Capital Region Craft Brewers Festival at Joe Bruno Stadium

Fame can be cool and delicious

What's up in the Neighborhood

Lineup for Pearl Palooza 2012

GloFo expanding at Malta fab, Troopergate memo posted, teen suspect in fatal shooting to be tried as adult, former state police investigator accidentally shoots own knee in Sears dressing room, sold: one armory

Witch Knots

Jason Baker leaving Wine Bar and Bistro on Lark

Capital Rep's 2012/2013 season


A good used bookstore?

12 flavors at The Ice Cream Man

Dinner with the closer

The Place Beyond the Pines debuting in Toronto

That was a lot of lightning, police looking for help in identifying body, jail plans video visitation system, mobile vet addresses "redonkulous" cat situation

Capital Region county fairs 2012

Why Ommegang became a concert destination

Just a trickle

Hat Day 2012 at the Saratoga Race Course

Capital Region Craft Brewers Festival

Sean Rowe in WSJ

My Exit: Rob Jonas

Two Montgomery County teens charged with murder, rash of suspicious fires in Troy, Chaplin found guilty in Crosier murder, farms feeling effects of dry summer, an answer from afar

The week ahead

Picking a summer read: Susan Taylor

Stuff to do this weekend

A great (inexpensive) day at the track: Crystal Capritta

Making a fabulous summer cocktail: Nick Ferrandino

Camping with kids: Katie Beltramo

Buying a bicycle: Carl Johnson

Hosting a great barbecue: Christian Noe

The week ahead

A quick recap of the week

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Bumper gawking

New lives for old churches

Once again from the static: Mexican Radio in Schenectady

Stuff to do this weekend

Blame the jet stream (and Canada) for no rain, overdose death at Camp Bisco, insurance company says it won't cover fracking land, 80 year old wins for life

So people actually do get stopped for texting while driving

The ___est neighborhoods in the Capital Region

A home where you don't have to turn on the heat


What $350,000 buys you in the Capital Region

Affair revealed in day one of Chaplin trial, father of 13 year old killed with shotgun thinks killingwas intentional, Albany gets cable access channel

Ukelele Troy

Real Estate Week giveaway: spruce up your place -- and then relax

What would you call a New York State without New York?

Tickets on sale for Rest Fest, another headliner announced

What's up in the Neighborhood


An updated vision for high-speed rail

Second Troy ballot fraud trial to begin, 11-year-old faces felony charges for killing puppy, ShopRite to open Central Ave gas station

What $225,000 buys you in the Capital Region

Fire it up

Tickets to the ballet gala at SPAC

511NY update

Ballin' at the Graveyard

Beyond rimshot comedians, bungalows, and bad carpet

Behold, the Andrew Cuomo bobblehead

GE unveiling Schenectady battery factory, naked woman falls from light pole, firefighter alleges he's being pushed out because of PTSD, cherry crop took huge hit this year

Jonesville Store closed again

What $175,000 buys you in the Capital Region


Alain Kaloyeros' origin story

Living in downtown Albany

Fiona Apple at the Palace

My Exit: Christian Rocco

Woman saves baby from fire, teen pedestrian allegedly killed by drunk driver, Cambridge to Guantanamo, wily woodchuck pegged for flag caper

The week ahead

A quick recap of the week

This week was brought to you by

Aboard the Sloop Clearwater for dinner

Slidin' Dirty at ESP

Stuff to do this weekend

GloFo appears to be expanding at Malta fab, school district says more votes cast than signatures registered, early sweet corn season, Bill Clinton dined in Chatham

The recipe for a juicy rumor -- or, Did you hear the one about Wegmans and Albany?

Farewell, Albany Aqua Ducks

In the big leagues

An air date for Hotel Hell's Cambridge Hotel ep, and viewing with derryX

What's up in the Neighborhood

Unruly passenger denied boarding at ALB, Guilderland passes fracking ban, 50 new citizens sworn in, Fuller Road reconstruction finished

Happy Fourth of July

Independence Day exhibit at the Capitol

A beer dinner, course by course

Where to go paddleboarding?

The Brian side vs. the Mike side

Peach Jack from Harvest Spirits

Politics are Albany's first sport

Yarn bikes

More details in Schuylerville shooting, big plans for Albany riverfront park, man accused of repeatedly hitting police horse, that's a lot of toe shoes

The Tailored Tea

Buffalo's future smells like Cheerios. Or maybe it's its present. Or something.

A good general contractor?

The governor as father of the bride

Jojo's strange trip

At home with Pastor Charlie

So, how do you create a giant clog sculpture?

My Exit: Ritch Harrigan

Fatal shooting in Schuylerville, Albany County restaurant inspection posting takes effect, Saratoga brew pub aims to open this summer

The week ahead

Talking trash in Albany

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