January 2014


These Capital Region places are not like NYC, but if they kind of, sort of were...

Winging through upstate

Hey there, DJ Trumastr

Stuff to do this weekend

Forum calls for more school aid, Kokopellis owners criticizing TPD, some Thruway toll plazas could be totally automated

Planning a Capital Region wedding: the dress

cheese + beer

Craig and his wonderful list

So, the cows get a raise now, right?

When The Albany Bob was a tremendous craze

Troy PD releases audio & 911 transcript from Kokopellis incident, National Grid to defer hike in electric bills, new supermarket proposed for Clifton Park, Watervliet company helps the USA luge team go faster

Today's moment of winter

Trying to avoid the aporkalypse in New York

A good Capital Region spa, as a gift for a friend?

A follow-up bit on the oil rail shipment issue

What's up in the Neighborhood

An updated mobile app for riding CDTA

Troy police chief says he won't resign, Yepsen calls for more local input on potential casino, King says universal pre-k could cost $1.6 billion, Troy's first mayor gets a statue

Good spinning classes?

Why Albany is playing a major role in the transportation of oil, and why that concerns some people

Pete Seeger at SPAC for Farm Aid in 2013

Way up there in Saratoga Springs

Reaction to incident at Kokopellis in Troy, Sheehan wants to take Albany before state's restructuring board, informant headed to prison for trying to frame shop owner

The Albany Institute, Googled

The end of that chapter

An opportunity to check out the Corning Preserve Master Plan

Jack Johnson, Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros at SPAC

Talk of UAlbany football stadium expansion -- already

Neko Case at The Egg

A Grammy for the Albany Symphony Orchestra

Focus on TPD actions while breaking up nightclub incident, concerns about oil shipments, brawl after Union-RPI hockey game

The week ahead

A quick recap of the week

This week was brought to you by

Winter cooking: ancho pinto beef chili

Ansel Adams: Early Works at The Hyde Collection

Where to shop for a wedding dress?

Survey: Albany among the least "Bible-minded" cities in the country

Tickets for Book of Mormon at Proctors on sale -- everyone remain calm and we'll get through this (maybe)

Stuff to do this weekend

Cold pushing heating bills higher, Sheehan says Albany budget gap could larger than expected, century-old gravestones damaged

Suggestions for furniture repair?

Capital Region median home prices 2013

Today's moment of winter hydrology

Craig and his wonderful list

A good boxing gym?

Duncan Sheik at the Zankel Center

Pleas entered in "death ray" case, push back on Cuomo budget begins, foreclosure proceedings had begun before Villa Valenti fire

That time the Capital Region included four of the nation's 100 biggest cities

Three mayors on a "new era in city government" at Albany Law

The possibility of a local "no"

What's up in the Neighborhood

A new way of producing maple syrup: "like a sugar-filled straw stuck in the ground"

Today's moment of winter

Tax cuts and universal pre-k part of Cuomo's proposed 2014 budget, Rotterdam Square Mall sold, 11-year-old arrested for allegedly assaulting bus driver, it's cold

The Albany Bearded Gentleman's Club


A good couples therapist?

COB Pizza at Red Front

Listening to Martin Luther King Jr., half a century later

Talking about coffee culture in the Capital Region

Cuomo budget presentation today, multiple shootings but locations unclear, Albany Med interested in medical marijuana program

The week ahead

A quick recap of the week

This week was brought to you by

His girlfriend's friends' boyfriends

Cash money

Curating and curing in Hudson

Stuff to do this weekend

Two local school districts tagged as facing "significant fiscal stress," plan to reduce sewer overflows into the Hudson, communication mishap resulted in unintended release from jail

Pond hockey tournament at Spa State Park

Capital Region casino site odds

The Low Beat

Craig and his wonderful list

Not seeing eye to eye

Yep, it's flu season

Shooting on Central Ave in Albany, investigation continues in Villa Valenti fire, Cuomo sitting on $33 million, ice jams continue to cause flooding concern, kittens in prison

That's a lot of snow

Old is New sale spring/summer 2014

Casino skeptical

Mountain Jam 2014 lineup

What's up in the Neighborhood

Checking in with Nine Pin Cider Works

Fire destroys Villa Valenti, police search for Delmar bank robber, Owens won't seek re-election, more animal abuse charges on Greenfield horse farm, budget woes may cause Alive at Five cutback

Bruno Mars at the TU Center

Where to get a smoothie in Albany?

The First Prize for a casino? And how big is the prize for casinos?

How do you shake off the winter gloom?

"My parents were married in the living room of my grandparents house in Albany, NY..."

Special Front Parlor storytelling night at The Linda

A replacement for the Carrier Dome?

Dave Matthews Band back at SPAC for 2014

Snags (and progress) for the state's implementation of Obamacare, shooting in downtown Troy, Victory Mill residential conversation tax breaks approved

Today's moment of winter

Deer Tick, Bastille to swing through

Focusing on support for a possible Capital Region casino, town by town

At the stripe

Drawing: Pizza-making class for six people from DeFazio's

Ice jams continue to prompt flooding concerns, free breakfast touted as reason for surge in school attendance, variance sought for pet funeral facility

The week ahead

A quick recap of the week

This week was brought to you by

Whistling Kettle Troy

Saratogian, Record paywalls are up

Death by internal ice crystal

Hibernation TV suggestions

Stuff to do this weekend

Cold weather prompts higher natural gas prices and ice jams, Schdy schools superintendent continues push for large state aid increase, SUNY Upstate doc warns of "stupid stoners"

Discussing "The End of Cannabis Prohibition," at Saint Rose

Brewery planned for North Albany warehouse district

Drawing: Colin & Brad from Whose Line...

Your preferred dry cleaner?

The aurora could be visible here tonight. Maybe.

Around the track with The Hellions

State of the State topics include education and tax cuts, fracking protests outside SOTS but no mention inside, Clifton Park woman won't be the biggest loser

This year's Baseball Hall of Fame class: players you've actually heard of

A quick scan of State of the State 2014

Well, hello, there...

What's up in the Neighborhood

Carbon footprints, by ZIP

State of the State today, fracking and gun protests expected at SOS address, shouting and obscenities at Paul sentencing, Saratoga simmers over casinos

NYS Writers Institute visiting writers spring 2014

A quick scan of Joe Biden's appearance at the state Capitol

A rare restaurant policy

Spiced Potato with Hot Pepper and Special Pancakes at Northeast Dumplings House

"An instantly and vastly improved [snow] shoveling experience"

It's cold, Cuomo details tax cut plans, questions about oil facility proposal at Port of Albany, sheriff's office joins the 1990s

Kanye West at the TU Center

A peek at the reopening Madison Theater

The same Fran

"She Loves You -- The Beatles and New York"

Warm weather bang for your airfare buck 2014

Drawing: Wine & Dine for the Arts

Cuomo to push forward on limited medical marijuana legalization, Joe Biden to visit Albany, fatal fire on Dove Street in Albany, all that and the wrong person

The week ahead

This week was brought to you by

A quick recap of the week

The snowy scene from afar

Competitive layering

The lowest of the low

The Great Chicken Wing Hunt screening at The Spectrum

Reuters: GlobalFoundries planning to invest as much as $10 billion more at Malta site

The trip to New York City, then

Stuff to do this weekend

This just in: it's snowy and very cold, federal safety warning about crude oil shipments, McLaughlin leaning away from gubernatorial run, dog rescued from the Hudson

Ravens Head update

And a new term for the building, too?

"The hurt is there, but you learn to tolerate it ... There's no silver lining to this."

Planning a Capital Region wedding: catering

What's up in the Neighborhood

Billions and billions of apples

Best way to a NYC airport -- with luggage and a kid?

Kathy Sheehan is mayor of Albany, Troy police investigate NYE drive-by shooting, teen accused of stealing police car

Icy, Snowy Apocalypse Watch

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