August 2008

A quick recap of the week

Now we know

Stuff to do this weekend

Bark in the Park

As if sexy cycling legs weren't enough

Saratoga Trunks

Local counties won't get flood money from feds, fingers already pointed in DA race, pit bull ordred put down and another banished, horse betting on the Blackberry

Passing Fashion: Sofya's polka dots

UAlbany's walk-through fountain

Erik Laffer at the Clement Art Gallery

Diamonds are a (very large) guy's best friend

AMD still won't commit, some backstretch workers only make $5 per hour, woman hit by car while sitting in office, Schenectady has its pick of teachers, Saratoga restaurants short-handed

You didn't actually ask, but...

The Circle Museum

Stack 'em up

What's up in the Neighborhood

Yellow Blue is back... or is it?

The Churchill connection

Something stinks on the backstretch, workers overcome by fumes, schools big into bilingual, scholarship participation yanked over scuffling football coach, paying more at the dollar store

The Wiggles are coming!

Craig and his wonderful list

Checking out the Chicago-style dogs at Nipper's

Not ready for prime time?

The Spa Park gold rush of 1932

Malta clears way for AMD chip fab, infamous Schenectady B&B sold, brewery scolded for serving too-big samples, the best milk in New York, horse to get key to city

Laying an egg

A better look at the Cohoes Falls

The WEXT Top 15

Every (Freaking!) Day with Rachael Ray

Walking the Albany Rural Cemetery

Caffe Lena

Colonel John wins Travers, Democratic candidates for McNulty's nod heads, local sewer systems need help, California produce shipments to start soon, Round Lake protects its organ

A quick recap of the week

Everybody into the iPool?


A tour of the Massry Center for the Arts

Stuff to do this weekend

A modern building hidden in plain site

Who was that Travers guy anyway?

Troy prostitution sting, local synchro swimmer competing today at the Olympics, on the trail of a campaign sign thief, Mr. Subb goes upscale

Capital Region houses by the square foot

Spa State Park

Gary Vaynerchuk in Saratoga tomorrow

The last dinosaur in Clarksville

Casablanca at Proctors

Final tally on budget cuts, Troy City Hall moving, Schenectady HS pegged as dangerous, cemetery ordered to bury woman in five days, visiting frat brothers may or may not have peed on couch

The best bang for your library buck

Sgt Dunbar's drive-by Albany-ing

Watching the planes at ALB

You're a very stylish girl, can't we start this stylishly?

What's up in the Neighborhood

Saratoga is not faultless

Legislature cuts $1 billion, many in Rensselaer didn't have flood insurance, rider dies at The Track, Troy official's ability to spell questioned, adults argue over basketball hoop, OMG! Brian Stratton loves texting

Joe Igoe throws the book at them

Can the state spend hyperbole?

Washington Avenue construction

Pea shoots from Little Seed Gardens

Madam Jumel

Legislature back for special session, Clifton Park residents want dog park to themselves, charter high school opens, woman wins $1 million from scratch-off, Crazy Legs buffaloed in hot dog eating contest


Flickring through the Capital Region

The WEXT Top 15


Albany Tango Society

Soares says DWIs should lead to Alive at Five re-evaluation, charity shipments ripped off, CDTA has big plans for Schenectady, more people deciding pet care too expensive, Knicks going to Skidmore, how Marylou exercises

A quick recap of the week

Butcher blocked

Stuff to do this weekend


What your neighbors are reading

Diva de Loayza's Ghost Bike

Sagamore sold

The Trasks of Yaddo

Rensselaer flood damage adds up, Dare gets five years in prison, unemployment rate up, horse escapes from The Track, big year for mushrooms, Larkfest grows

Taste testing Rachael Ray Booscotti

Live from New York

Indigo organic salon

What's up in the Neighborhood

The double agent bartender

Paper money

Too much rain in Rensselaer, Bruno will be interfacing with officials, YouTube vigilante, tunnel found in Stockade, Curlin owner issues challenge to Big Brown

The little yellow school bus

Tips for riding CDTA

The Capital Region without a car

The graveyard of favorites

Can you fill your plate locally?

State agency commissioner's husband fired for fraud, RPI professor helping Olympic swimmers, more roundabouts planned, infamous bed and breakfast going to auction

Stabbed where?

Missing: 15 NY Governors

Raspberry oatmeal pancakes at Cafe Madison

The story behind the PRVRT graffiti art

Gideon who?

Paterson proposes $1 billion in cuts, more flooding, track season all wet, principal arrested, permits for off-leash dogs, Giants coming back

The $18 million woman

Capital Region high school graduation rates

The WEXT Top 15

Singing in the rain

The Saratoga chip

Ben Karis-Nix, Amanda Rogers at Lark Tavern

Holly & her hat

Sewer system overloaded, trans-fat ban detailed, two kids use knife to rob Crossgates kiosk, light rail for Capital Region?

A quick recap of the week

Andrew Catalon knows more about team handball than you do

Washed out

Stuff to do this weekend

Elevator Music

What's up in the Neighborhood


Albany under water in two different ways, who knows how much mercury, AMC gets money for merging computers and humans, it's like Trenton

Bad commute

Saratoga with a twist

UAlbany student charged with plotting a "velvet revolution" in his home country

The Capital Region Ice Cream Tour

It's 10 o'clock. Do you know what time it is?

Paterson says no to money for Albany, state archivist pleads guilting to ripping off artifacts, jobs and schools draw Asian-Americans to area, how not to fraudulently report your car stolen

The Philadelphia Orchestra at SPAC

How many things did Proust remember? Ha! You can't count that high!

The not so Grand Union Hotel

Drinks at The Adelphi

KT Tunstall, Martha Wainwright tonight at ESP

Meeting Mann

Soares dumps Spitzer-Bruno documents, state official recommends firing Saratoga teacher, buried in the backyard, a two million dollar horse

The Pass It On Summer Sale

Rain, rain go away...

Carmen's without Carmen

Tarts from Dutch Desserts

The Governor who saved the springs

Fall election picture coming into focus, Schenectady hopes to turn gas into savings, Saratoga cops take on hulk, Walgreen's not getting a warm welcome, million dollar horses

Arbor Hill's Tivoli Nature Preserve

Lez Zeppelin tonight in Washington Park

The WEXT Top 15

The Butterfly Station

The EPCOT of supermarket aisles

George Washington slurped here

Albany's sixth homicide of the year, July historically rainy, Tiffany's of horse sales starts tonight, Funny Cide stable looking for investors

A quick recap of the past week

Not so hot dog

Follow that horse

It's Batcheller, not Bachelor

Stuff to do this weekend

Google Transit makes a stop in the Capital Region

Who's buried where?, biz owners circle wagons over roundabout, food pantry demand up, first local Persian restaurant planned

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