February 2010

A quick recap of the week

This week was brought to you by...

Paterson: I'm ending my campaign

The sock guy

Music 2010

Ira Glass at Skidmore

Stuff to do this weekend

Birthday present: Complexions Spa

Paterson out?, state to withold payments, Amtrak service limited, DWI charge for snowmobiler

Happy birthday to us

The first of many?

Pitchfork on Phantogram

Toyota recall service in New York

Craig and his wonderful list

Birthday present: New World Bistro Bar

Cuomo to investigate Paterson, Bruno sentencing pushed back, guily plea for mom accused of using daughter in burglaries, big snowfall totals in spots

NYT: Paterson called woman who was seeking protection from aide

The Capital Region's "good stores"

The ethics of the shoveled parking spot

Snow emergency parking

What's up in the Neighborhood

Birthday present: Bilinski's

Snow emergencies taking effect, brake on paid parking in Saratoga, medical marijuana comes up in legislature, rabid raccoons in Rensselaer County

Where to go sledding?

Split the check


Free as in speech

Phantogram "amplified"

A year of Collar City

New York is waiting

Birthday present: Bettie's Cakes

Arrests in Schenectady shooting, Albany police chief search narrows, corporate sponsorships proposed for parks, CO detectors a hot item

Icy, Snowy Apocalypse Watch Update


AOA office memo

Appliance swap-out extended


Sgt Dunbar kickstarted for SXSW

Rewriting the bible in Columbia County

Cat abuse alleged

Icy, Snowy Apocalypse Watch

Birthday present: Uncommon Grounds

Weekend of shootings, Victoria Pool on secondary closure list, college student killed on Thruway

A quick recap of the week

Hail to the chef

Hello, WEXT

The author Sapphire coming to Sage

Book swap

Dodgeball tournament at the Wash Ave Armory

Thacher Park is on official closure list

Stuff to do this weekend

Second teen pleads guilty in Bailey case, Paterson says he gets advice from Spitzer, Murphy talks about Afghanistan trip, appeals court ruling in mall peace tshirt case

NYT Paterson, take 2

Party prep

$50k would be refreshing

Almost there

The new old Daily Gazette

Outdoor ice skating in the Capital Region

Craig and his wonderful list


APD says officers acted "appropriately" in shooting, not-so-happy ending for massage parlors, GE and EPA differ on dredging, he's best of breed

Rove/Dean at UAlbany

On2 merger with Google approved

Saratoga County is healthy

Snow no!

Snow lapse

What's up in the Neighborhood

Troy is underrated

Suspect shot during traffic stop dies, state refund checks could be delayed, scientists say don't worry about earthquakes

Is this the rumored NYT Paterson article?

Local moving company suggestions?

The fake news cycle

The campaign for Thacher Park

On board

The Puppet People of Schenectady

Albany Song!

Icy, Snowy Apocalypse Watch

Multiple shootings over the weekend, stats indicate drop in Troy crime, Tedisco calls for tougher animal laws, big research grant for Siena

Presidents Day

A quick recap of the week

This week was brought to you by...

The gentleman from Tennessee

The Balloon Room


Kickstart Sgt Dunbar to SXSW

Modern birth

The appliance swap out

Stuff to do this weekend

Racino deal stumbling, Momentive headquarters at tech park, Schenectady schools chief up for another job, crack bust in Malta, Martina Hingis to play in Albany

Ooh, Google, over here! Over here!

Foul on Binghamton

Open skate at the TU Center

David Hyde Pierce at Home Made Theater


Craig and his wonderful list

Tickets for Dan Deacon at EMPAC

Questions about racino selection, Albany police chief task force criticized, inmates clearing snow in Schenectady, that goat will need a permit

AOA Birthday Party 2

Rats officially headed south

Saratoga's Pompeia

The disingenuous lady

Monserrate's seat

What's up in the Neighborhood

Barber poll: B'yond Style

Monserrate expelled, Paterson says he'll only leave office "in a box," the center of the nanotechnology universe, horse breeders say they're leaving

The poetic enchantment of math -- and dinner

Los Angeles: so far... and sort of close

Icy, Snowy Apocalypse Watch

Eyelid Movies out today

Tickets to Spring Awakening

Paterson attacks rumors, police say listening system reported gunshots first, county sending out prescription discount cards

Raise the cup


Bourdain tonight

An ode to Siena's maestro

That was fast

A tough year for local snowmen

Great local gifts for Valentine's Day

Rumors swirl about Paterson, Bruno bacon not delivered, clerk and robber crash through window, a Schenectady gift basket for Stephen Colbert

A quick recap of the week

This week was brought to you by...

Tim Horton's

What your neighbors are watching tonight

Lights going out at RPI incubator

How many gallons per mile?

Stuff to do this weekend

Violent crime down in Albany, horse killer sentenced, State of Troy, Zankel Center opens

Poll: New Yorkers favor medical marijuana

Guilderland Five Guys

The Hold Steady back in April

Craig and his wonderful list

Finding the fashion: The Oxford files

Paterson says budget gap growing, Gillibrand asks Obama question, rabid kitten found, another escaped dog

10 for Schenectady

Capital Region +/-

Free ride

Shopping vintage in the Capital Region

What's up in the Neighborhood

No jail time for pedestrian death, RPI mansion zoning app bounced, Ford and Gillibrand race for donors, Schenectady beckons to Stephen Colbert


Exit 6 construction delays


The kimchi (and other stuff) at Kim's

Ford on the Colbert Report

Snowfall total way behind, Republicans lining up behind Lazio, shooting in north Albany, Brunomobile still parked

Tiny, frozen bubbles

Investments may lose value

It's going to be weird

MMA legalization smacked in poll

Taking flight

Meet Mr. Debbie

Listen to Eyelid Movies

Plus/minus for Minus the Bear/Phantogram

Holiday work for SPD union head, bar busted for being jammed with underage drinkers, dog granted order of protection, telethon raises $1.9 million

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I've found that anecdotes from neighbors, friends, or internet "strangers" can only take you so far. If you haven't already, I strongly recommend you get out there and visit these schools during the school year, during the school day to get a feel for things. In the last few months, my wife and I have made a series of visits to our local elementary, middle + high-school. During those visits, we had the chance to talk to multiple teachers and see the kids "in action". It was very VERY telling in a lot of ways - both good and bad.

A few bits about that big, new mural going up on the side of the Quackenbush Garage in Albany

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Fields Sculpture Park at Omi 2017

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A restaurant for regular group meetings?

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Stuff to do this weekend

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Where to get an Apple laptop fixed?

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