September 2013

The Walking Red

Tournament of Pizza 2013 brackets

All Good Bakers has closed

Phantogram at Upstate Concert Hall

Drawing: Tickets to the 5th Annual Festival of Meats & Celebration of Bacon

Alongside the octogon

My Exit: Zan & Ben

Gibson one of two Republicans to vote against House bill in federal shutdown showdown, Cuomo vetoes commission for M/C raises, two Harriman campus buildings tagged for demolition

The week ahead

A quick recap of the week

This week was brought to you by

Jordan Carleo-Evangelist crossing the street

A TARDIS in Troy

Drue pleads guilty in fatal Northway crash

Albany aquarium study: there's potential demand here

"We were constantly told the sorority was special, that it was a privilege. And it is. To this day, I absolutely believe it is. That being said, I know now that I was being totally mindf-----."

Stuff to do this weekend

Guilty verdict and guilty plea in pair of fatal accidents, arrests begin in Stephentown house party case, woman says her dog found rat poison near Washington Park

Stalked by bears

Where to get pepper spray? And maybe tips for staying safe while jogging?

Jeremy Denk at Union College

"Deep back yard, great for kids, next to apple orchard..."

Craig and his wonderful list

For sale: rock climbing wall

A sampling of cooking classes, fall 2013

State budget director indicates 2014/15 spending plan will hold steady, Albany man arrested 10 times in two years, planned "adult boutique" upsetting Troy residents, last call gets earlier in Warren County

Tracing the old canal

Today's moment of autumn

"On Tuesday last his Royal Highness the Prince of Wales, and Lord Middlesex, played at Base-Ball..."

Sean Rowe at Helsinki Hudson / Phantogram on Jimmy Fallon again

What's up in the Neighborhood

Surf's up at Ecovative

"The dreams that you have... they're floating dreams"

Movie studio considered for Schenectady, Latham Circle developers get variance for supermarket, Saratoga movie theater to open in October

Um, where are my antlers?

NY attorney general's office tries to trim the astroturf

"The enemy doth surround us on every side, murdering some of our people in a most cruel & barbarous manner..."

Report: Woman stabbed bear in the Adirondacks

What I'll miss about Hoffman's Playland

No "Azalea" bloom

Drawing: Bacon Festival at City Beer Hall

Interview with grandmother accused causing grandson's death played in court, Cuomo on Wandering Dago situation, fried appliances in Scotia, forensic odontology

Gillibrand requests federal designation for the Pine Bush

Where to go horse riding?

The modern world: rest stops are "text stops"

Film Columbia 2013

Coccadotts Cup Cake Wars III

My Exit: Vincent Lane

Concern about debt collection company's foreclosures, court denies request to move Drue trial, cleanup/apology event at unauthorized party house draws few teens

The week ahead

A quick recap of the week

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Today's moment of autumn

Early season apple power rankings

A Break in the Weather

"First of all, how lame is it that someone tweeted the 518?"

Moose chillin' in Halfmoon

Stuff to do this weekend

APD looking for "community mobilization" on guns, arguments in Wandering Dago free speech case, fatal fire -- and then fatal crash -- for family, resistance to soccer complex next to cemetery

LarkFest 2013 road closures/alcohol rules

A look at the new mummy exhibit at the Albany Institute of History and Art

Varying degrees of wildness

You're bound to come across one, eventually

Capitol Hauntings Tour 2013

G.E. to close Hudson Falls plant, Kimber to be sentenced for Albany Med mercury incident,McCoy names new deputy executive

The AOA Historic Bad Boys, Broads and Bootleggers Tour 2

NYS Neighborhood Revitalization Conference in Troy


Edgar Wright at The Crandell

What's up in the Neighborhood

Contractor to fix a wet basement?

KC and DW's Pine Hills modern

Daughters testify against woman charged in death of grandson, recent Troy shootings believed connected, Halfmoon supervisor won't resign over FBI investigation, Auggie's to reopen

2013 Showcase of Homes

Milk bottle rustling

Pay up, or dry up

Mofongo de Chicharron at Casa Dominicana

Registration for "Inside the Obama Campaign" at UAlbany

Jimmy Vielkind leaving Times Union

Trial of Schenectady grandmother accused of causing her grandsons death, investigation into weekend shootings in Albany, librarian departs after reading contest controversy

Bartending classes?

What, no Niskayuna cab driver anecdote?

It was a conference like any other -- except that mystery was everywhere

Small business workshop

Drawing: Elvis Costello at Troy Music Hall

Donating hair for charity?

My Exit: Darren Shupe

Flood recovery flagging, recent rash of shootings, "smash and grab" at museum, low primary turnout in Albany, it's the not-great pumpkin crop

The week ahead

A quick recap of the week

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Sprinting across the wall on Central Ave

MADM in stereo

Sanctuary for Independent Media fall 2013

Stuff to do this weekend

Storms flood roadways, amnesia cited in manslaughter case, climber found dead in Thacher Park, puppy arrives in N. Greenbush from Afghanistan

New Phantogram song

Resurrecting a beer, and part of Albany's history

Craig and his wonderful list


Beekman Boys, Anne Rice, Richard Russo appearing in Saratoga for Northshire

Former RPI employee to face embezzlement charges, Woman charged in grandson's death slated for bench trial, absentee ballots will decide Saratoga County Sheriff primary, storms leave thousands without power

A good home inspector?


The closest darkest place

You know trailing candidates always say they don't believe the polls...

What's up in the Neighborhood

Zombie walk staggers back to Albany

A good ENT doctor?

Sheehan wins Albany primary, Rivenburgh admits to Rotterdam double murder, St. Patrick's site cleared for construction, summer for a day

Kathy Sheehan wins Democratic primary for Albany mayor

Quick-scan primary election results 2013


Operation Chicken Airlift

Touring possibilities in the Mansion District

Capital New York Politico

Dali Mamma

Where to rent a wheelchair?

It's primary day, new tenants for Kiernan Plaza, local protests against Syria military intervention, another apartment conversion proposed for Troy

Palace classic movies series 2013-2014

An Armory Show

Drawing: ValleyCats championship tickets (+ballpark food)

They're transporting blood? O-R they?

Jonathan Franzen at Skidmore

Siena poll: Sheehan has big lead on Ellis

My Exit: Case Fell

Focus on rape in New York prisons, GloFo tax credits expanding, pastor pushes back on Soares criticism, 10,000 dogs to go

The week ahead

A quick recap of the week

This week was brought to you by

Short story

Today's moment of late summer

To the moon!

Albany mayor 2013: Kathy Sheehan

Details about Tierra takeover of Madison Theatre

Stuff to do this weekend

Gibson: don't strike Syria, Drue attorneys file motion to get case moved from Saratoga County, that's what almost $400k in cash looks like

Albany mayor 2013: Corey Ellis

Roaming bands

Don't skip that letter about the STAR exemption

Craig and his wonderful list

Waterford Tugboat Roundup 2013

Troy teen arraigned again in father's death, Albany plans crackdown on visitor parking abuse, photo of the guy who stole Uncle Sam's head

Bikes on the sidewalk?

Tedisco, McLaughlin: no frequent flyer miles for state politicians and employees

What's up in the Neighborhood

How much your state legislator makes

Are you sure you want a macchiato?

Family of injured suspect wants investigation, Deputy Albany County Exec arrested on drug charges, Ellis/Sheehan spar at St. Rose, arrest connected to Uncle Rainbow decapitation

Cover people

"Forget the professions which serve critical societal needs..."

Recreating Albany Ale

EQX founder has passed away

Koozi Sham at Oasis Mediterranean Café

Win weekend passes to RestFest 2013

Albany mayoral debate

Tonko/Gibson expected to vote no on Syria strike, Trustco robbery suspect extradited from South Carolina, suspect critically injured in Spa City foot chase, attendance/handle down for Saratoga

The week ahead

My Exit: Chris Grill

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