June 2011

Where to see the fireworks

Latest mobile app developed locally: Undecided

A low-cost health clinic?

Frack frack frack

A tribute to tributes

Craig and his wonderful list

Good evening yoga classes?

GloFo looking for state cash for second chip fab, Mosley ladyfriend says marriage would preserve their family, alleged poker operation busted in Colonie

WEXT's 4th birthday party

Mr. Popular

What's up in the Neighborhood

An animated account of the Marriage Equality Act

Property tax cap concerns, convicted murderer wants to get married before sentencing, Gibson calls US involvement in Libya "illegitimate," one of CDTA's "best ever" drivers retires

Some shows that are coming up

Through a window at Albany

Web development/design social groups?

Pigment for sale

Wild edibles in urban Albany

Public support for same-sex marriage

Where to watch July 4th fireworks with kids?

Clerks trying to figure out start of same-sex marriage, Saratoga club was under investigation before brawl, Cuomo says he won't "fuel" speculation about 2016

Sixteen memories of summer

Tour de Habitat 2011

Graeter's at the Fresh Market

Virgin Alexander at the The Spectrum

Behind the scenes of the same-sex marriage vote

The story behind the little anti-frackers

Going in circles

My Exit: Drew Pearson

Huge brawl spills onto Caroline Street, Cuomo's national profile rising, study recommends regional garbage authority, Schenectady police getting tasers, even Jimmer's a little tired of Jimmer Mania

The week ahead

Children at Play

A quick recap of the week

This week was brought to you by

New York Senate passes Marriage Equality Act, Andrew Cuomo signs it shortly after

Pasquale's is for sale

Saratoga police chief suspended over sexting

Finally, the discount we've been waiting for


Scouting the places beyond the pines

Change at St. Rose

Same-sex marriage vote: corn-hold

Stuff to do this weekend

State Senate stalls on same-sex marriage and other major issues, pedestrian killed in Schenectady, video exposes fraud attempt, RPI experiment on last shuttle mission

Jimmer picked at #10 in NBA draft

A giant check for the Radix Center

A Fourth of July dinner for two, with a view of the fireworks, at Taste

bears > local government secrecy

Walking the beat

Craig and his wonderful list

"God knows how many hairs are on your head!"

Summer interrupted

Raining on plans

Legislative session grinds slowly ahead, CSEA reaches contract deal that includes no layoffs, rabid kitten found in Rensselaer County

Syracuse cut in half, maybe not much longer

Is same-sex marriage legal in New York, yet?

Serious eats in Hudson

Sculpture in the Streets 2011 is kinetic

From the outside, I am thinking, what were they thinking?

What's up in the Neighborhood

Not-so-urban decay in the Catskills

Elton John at SPAC

End-of-session deal but still no movement on same-sex marriage bill, questions about NYRA's books, babysitter accused of "brutal, horrific attack," fox that bit woman was rabid

And there it goes...

First in line

Marriage equality rally


Abobo all over

Galling, for bears

Baked BBQ Pork Buns at Hong Kong Bakery

NYC taxi invasion

Saratoga Jazz Festival at SPAC

Little movement on same-sex marriage, police say toddler's death was homicide, film crew setting up in Schenectady

Dairy princesses

St. Rose's new dorm

Roy McDonald: viral star

More little anti-frackers

Radical puppetry at Grand Street Arts

River Street Festival photos 2011

My Exit: Brett Groff

Same-sex marriage bill part of end-of-session rush, plans for Exit 3 are off, man allegedly rams police car with tractor, no Whitney Gala this year

The week ahead

The one-car household: a car junkie cuts back

A quick recap of the week

This week was brought to you by

Capital Region news stories that would be better as TV shows

The tiny anti-frackers have migrated

Winner takes... some

Jess Fink has created the best book about Victorian robot sex that we've ever read

Victoria Pool open early

A good eye doctor?

Stuff to do this weekend

Same-sex marriage bill stuck in Senate, GloFo bumps CEO, keghead sentenced to jail, yearbook photo girl debuts song, too many cats

New York: the least free state?

A mesmerizing video from where Troy's old city hall will soon no longer be

Pay and display in Albany

Craig and his wonderful list

10,000 at Five

Assembly speeches on same-sex marriage

Assembly passes same-sex marriage bill, alleged cocaine ring busted after anonymous letter, yearbook picture student says story is over

In the picture

Stubby Clapp

Say "Schenectady"

What's up in the Neighborhood

Oh, that's not a good sign

No TJ's for at least two years

Yarnbomb in Troy

McDonald: "let's all just live our lives," alleged police chief sexts released, Albany schools head "very disappointed" about grad rates, yellow teeth prompt SSHS admin to take scissors to yearbook

Wine-N-Diner no longer

Roy McDonald will vote yes on same-sex marriage

Where to learn web design/development?

Capital Region high school graduation rates 2010

The Egg as text

One showing to rule them all

Good spot for a bridal shower?

Same-sex marriage closer to getting enough votes, Saratoga police chief put on leave, more tax breaks for GlobalFoundries, 108-year-old woman in Saratoga County

What's up with the Albany parking permit system?

Make the auto-play music stop. Please.

Tiny protests against fracking

Capital Pride parade photos 2011

Sevendys, Sgt Dunbar, Bryan Thomas and... you?

My Exit: Tanya Amodio

Teen shot and killed in Schenectady, pressure builds on same-sex marriage, UAlbany grad student back after being imprisoned in Iran

The week ahead

Pride in Albany

A quick recap of the week

Bumper gawking

Change at the Arts Center

Andrew Cuomo would like you to pay attention to the road

Pick your own strawberry season 2011

Clucking in Washington County

Stuff to do this weekend

Cuomo proposes SUNY tuition increase, exotic dances ruled taxable, alleged one-handed bank robber nabbed

Should I text a pic of my junk?

Saratoga Springs police chief sexted from his office

Rain, rain, go away

Art on Lark 2011

Refresh Living Walls

Chalk it up, Casey

Craig and his wonderful list

A good local bakery for cookies?

Cuomo admin reportedly planning layoffs for July, driver in Troy hit-and-run pleads guilty, another bust for Elza, more trouble at Troy co-op?

For the hail of it

You can pry this incandescent light bulb from my cold, dead hand

A fast 5k around Albany

Rockstar parking

Tickets on sale for Restoration Festival 2011

What's up in the Neighborhood

Laughs on Lark 11

Kirsten Gillibrand's push for open government

It's hot, Sanders says he's sorry about fatal hit-and-run, Tedisco and Reilly at odds over MMA, police searching for alleged bank robber who's missing part of an arm

Car crashes into New World Bistro Bar

Duckling cuddle puddle

TEDxAlbany 2011

Spots for Indonesian food?

Troy Bombers

The breakfast sausage at Dan's Place Two

Tickets for Company of Thieves

Arrests in 1994 Troy murder cold case, jewelry stolen from Cinderella project, law firm falls for email scam, do androids dream of electric golf?

Albany chicken veto override vote

Fuel that smells like fries

Noted: incinerators, like stomachs, get upset when they eat too much ice cream

Music this week

Inspired hodgepodgery

Looking for presentation space

Very Important (scientific) People

My Exit: Joe Nathan McDaniel

"I just thought, oh my God, what is wrong with these people?"

The longstanding New York tradition of "investments in legislators"

Ethics deal would require legislators to disclose outside income, police officer kicked by horse, thousand turn out for Schenectady movie audition, backhoe used to rescue kitten

On the Waterfront: Troy

A quick recap of the week

This week was brought to you by

Video game Jimmer

The Karner Blue

Jason Baker

Stuff to do this weekend

Reaction to Mosley trial guilty verdict, Albany County sheriff retiring, bill would allow SUNY tuition increases, Karner Blue season

One day, 32 degrees

Portion of Albany County Rail Trail opens

St. Peters + Northeast Health + Seton Health

Mosley verdict

To: Roy McDonald, From: Bombers and Matt Baumgartner, Re: marriage equality

Where to rent a bike?

Craig and his wonderful list

Capital Region Swimming Pools 2011

Alive at Five starts this evening

Rensselaer County man shot and killed by State Police, state leaders leaning toward SUNY tuition increase, Albany charters sue school district, Clifton Park looking to put there there

Caught in between

SUNY's economic impact on the Capital District

It was in the stars

CDCG brings produce to local convenience stores

What's up in the Neighborhood

Under 600 at Five Guys?

NYS Summer Writers Institute 2011

Alleged driver in fatal hit-and-run arrested, investigation into how council president's dad got subsidized apartment, Schumer: something "rotten" about gas prices, SUNY impact pegged at $20 billion

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